CBS Powers To #1 on Thursday in the U.S. BBC One #1 in the UK. Seven Again #1 in Australia.

CBS #1 on Thursday in the U.S. BBC One #1 in the UK. Seven #1 in Australia.

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’.

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For Thursday, February 19, 2015 (Posted on February 20, 2015)

CBS #1 on Thursday as 'The Big Bang Theory' draws over 17 million viewers.

CBS #1 on Thursday as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ draws over 17 million viewers.


The Tiffany Network said goodbye to one of its strongest comedies as the twelve-year journey ended and Charlie was a no-show. At 8P, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ again finished as the #1 program in the world as it brought in 17.489 million viewers and a 10.7/17. At 830P, the premiere of ‘The Odd Couple’, starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon, was hilarious as it got off to a roaring start with 13.573 million viewers and an 8.1/13 . At 9P, the long-awaited finale of the one television leading comedy, ‘2 and 1/2 Men’ brought down the house with 13.515 million viewers and an 8.6/13. It was Must See TV ON DEMAND episode which was a fitting way to end this crazy program, the longest running comedy in the history of CBS (2nd longest running live action sitcom historically–tied with ‘My Three Sons’). With a host of guest stars who had appeared throughout the years, Chuck Lorre had his final say and final shots at his former lead star, Charlie Sheen, and it ended with a bang. At 10P, ‘Elementary’ drew an average of 8.215 million viewers and a 5.4/9. It was quite an evening for Paley’s Pals before ‘Elementary’ so rudely interrupted the flow.


The Alphabet Network couldn’t match the finale and intro of new programs at Les’ World. At 8P, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ drew 8.128 million viewers and a 6.2/9. At 9P, last week’s #1 on Thursday, ‘Scandal’, finished with 9.624 million viewers and a 7.2/11. Then at 10P, ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ finished #1 in the time slot with 8.856 million viewers and a 6.5/11.


The Animal Network of Broadcast set the platform for a great season of singing with one and a critical success in another. At 8P, the final 12 of the final 24 were presented on ‘American Idol’ and it drew 8.981 million viewers and a 6.5/10. This group is way above other years and it should prove to be a power once again. At 9P, however, ‘Backstrom’ pulled off one of the best mystery episodes of the year as it could only draw 3.541 million viewers and a 2.5/4. But, it was Must See TV ON DEMAND and this program really needs to be watched to see if it can do this week after week. Superb episode. Kudos to the writers.


The Peacock Network had a disappointing night. At 8P, ‘The Slap, led off with 3.964 million viewers and a 2.9/5. At 9P, ‘The Blacklist’ had one of the darkest episodes in its history. And this was not an omen for recreating the genie this program had last year and early on this season before it was shifted to Thursday in the middle of the programming schedule. It drew 7.713 million viewers and a 5.7/8, 11% below last week and finishing in third place in its time slot. At 10P, ‘Alliegance’ drew 3.320 million viewers and a 2.3/4. So much for the revised, revamped new Thursday night on NBC. It is a disaster.


The #1 Hispanic Network in America had an average evening. At 8P, ‘Noche de Estrellas’ finished with 3.276 million viewers. And at 9P, ‘Premio Lo Nuestro 2015’ finished #4 with 4.552 million viewers, beating FOX and The CW in this time slot. Locally, ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ made Univision the #1 broadcast station during the time period, among Total Viewers 2+ in Los Angeles and Miami. Digital/Mobile Note: ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ was the #2 program on Twitter across all broadcast and cable networks, regardless of language, in terms of Tweets. Additionally, on the day of the telecast, Univision was #1 on Twitter, across all broadcast and cable networks, regardless of language, in terms of Tweets per unique author. In fact, Univision’s telecast of ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ generated more Tweets per unique author than the ‘Golden Globe Awards’ on NBC and the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ on CBS. From the ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ nomination announcement to the evening of the event, Univision kept its audience digitally-engaged and delivered 44 million page views. This represents a 94% growth in page views when compared to last year’s event. Mobile consumption played a critical role in this year’s ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’. In fact, 79% of visits to the ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ experience came through a mobile device.

The CW

The Little Network That Couldn’t absolutely didn’t on Thursday. At 8P, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ drew 1.413 million viewers and a 1.2/2. Then at 9P, ‘Reign’ drew 1.032 million viewers and a 0.7/1. What a waste of air time.

For The Record

CBS finished #1 on Thursday with an average of 12.206 million viewers and a strong 7.8/13. ABC, last week’s Thursday winner, finished #2 as it drew an average of 8.813 million viewers and a 6.6/11. FOX finished #3 with an average of 6.191 million viewers and a 4.5/7. NBC finished a disappointing average of 4.936 million viewers and a 3.4/6. Univision finished with 4.153 and a 2.0/3. The CW finished with an average of 1.220 million viewers and a 1.0/2. Telemundo finished with an 0.7/1.

Today In TV History


On this date in 1964, the 200th episode of ‘Perry Mason’ ran on CBS with an episode titled ‘”The Case of the Fifty-Millionth Frenchman’ starring David McCallum. Today, he stars in CBS’ ‘NCIS’ as ‘Ducky’.

Cable TV News

Top Ten Thursday Cable Programs in Prime Time

#1 ‘NASCAR Sprint Cup’ FS1 3.018 million viewers @ 7P
#2 ‘Vikings’ HIST 2.802 million viewers @ 10P
#3 ‘Pawn Stars HIST 2.683 million viewers @ 930P
#4 ‘WWE Smackdown’ SYFY 2.403 million viewers @ 8P
#5 ‘Pawn Stars HIST 2.399 million viewers @ 9P
#6 ‘American Dad’ ADSM 2.158 million viewers @ 1030P
#7 ‘Mulan’ DSNY 2.140 million viewers @ 8P
#8 ‘American Dad’ ADSM 2.137 million viewers @ 10P
#9 ‘FOX Sports Live’ FS1 2.045 million viewers @ 1035P
#10 ‘NBA Basketball TNT 1.759 million viewers @ 815P

Digital/Mobile News


Smartphone Penetration Rising in All Age and Income Demos As It Hits 75% of the US Mobile Market

Three of every 4 US mobile subscribers aged 13 and older owned a smartphone during the 3-month period ending in December 2014 (Q4 2014), reveals comScore in its latest market update. Data provided to MarketingCharts by comScore indicates that while penetration remains highest among youth and higher-income consumers, smartphone adoption has been growing quickly among lower-income and older Americans. As of December 2014, almost 9 in 10 (88.9% of) mobile subscribers aged 25-34 owned a smartphone, with those aged 18-24 (88.6%) right on their heels. These two groups have maintained the highest adoption rates going at least as far back as January 2013, when penetration stood at 73.5% and 72.2%, respectively.

(Of note, a recent survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that 9 in 10 Millennial mothers – aged 18-32 – in the US now own a smartphone, up from 65% in 2012. This represents the first time that smartphone ownership has outpaced laptop and desktop penetration, with the survey also noting that this segment spends 35% more time online with their smartphones than online via laptop or desktop.)


In both relative and absolute terms, though, it’s been the youngest and oldest groups that have driven the uptick in smartphone penetration. Remembering that these percentage figures are among mobile subscribers, consider that:

As of December 2014, 83.7% of teens (13-17) owned a smartphone, up from 58.9% in January 2013;
The percentage of 55-64-year-old mobile subscribers with a smartphone grew from 40.4% to 61.5% during that timeframe, passing the majority threshold in January of last year; and
Almost half (46.6% of) mobile subscribers aged 65 and older owned a smartphone in December 2014, almost double the share (24.5%) from January 2013.
It bears noting that, according to a recent Rocket Fuel study [download page], almost half of internet-using adults with a child under 18 in the household plan to buy their child a mobile phone by the time they turn 13.

Looking at income-related trends, the comScore data demonstrates that smartphone penetration correlates with household income, with adoption trending higher alongside each income bracket. Indeed, more than 8 in 10 mobile subscribers who hail from households with pre-tax income of at least $75,000 per year now own smartphones, including 84.3% of those with household income of at least $100,000 per year.


Over the past couple of years, though, smartphone penetration has crossed the majority threshold for lower-income groups. Indeed, the latest figures indicate that 61.3% of mobile subscribers from low-income households (<$25k/year) now own a smartphone, representing an almost 50% increase from the January 2013 figure (42.9%). Among those in the $25-50k/year bracket, 7 in 10 now own a smartphone, up from 48.1% at the beginning of 2013.

For more age- and income-related media usage data, see the MarketingCharts Debrief, US Media Audience Demographics, which examines the demographic composition of a host of media channels.

During the 3-month average ending in December 2014, Apple remained the top smartphone OEM with 41.6% share of smartphone subscribers aged 13 and older, per comScore’s figures. That market share is up by almost 4 points from 37.8% in January 2013. Samsung, the second-ranked OEM, has experienced a bigger uptick in market share during that period, from 21.4% to 29.7%.

In terms of smartphone platforms, Android’s majority 53.1% share in December 2014 is up only slightly from 52.3% share in January 2013. The big loser over that time span has been BlackBerry, down from 5.8% to 1.8% market share.
Facebook ranked as the top smartphone application again in December 2014, reaching 70.2% of the “app audience” (smartphone mobile media users aged 18 and older on iOS and Android platforms).


Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia the former Yugoslave Republic, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, State of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, United Republic of Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvadore, Belize, Aruba, St. Lucia, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Martinique, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Puerto Rico (138). We are thankful to all of you with more than 21,500 views.

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Think sunshine. #thinksunshine

Across The Pond

BBC One again was #1 in the UK on Thursday. At 8P, ‘EastEnders’ powered through by delivering 10 million viewers for both episodes. At 9P, ‘Death in Paradise’ enjoyed a ratings boost on EastEnders’ anniversary night and the drama brought in 7.08 million viewers (29.7%), to be the most watched show behind ‘EastEnders’. Later in the evening, at 1045P, ‘Question Time’ interested 3.01 million viewers (26.9%).

ITV at 745P presented the coverage of the ‘Europa League’ match between Liverpool and Besiktas and it averaged 3.31 million viewers (13.9%).

BBC Two finished third on Thursday as at 8P it had ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ continued with 2.13 million viewers (8.8%). At 9P, ‘Reinventing the Royals’ appealed to 1.78 million Royalists (7.3%). At 10P, ‘Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe’ gathered 960,000 viewers (5.1%).

Channel 4 at 8P had the latest installment of ‘Location, Location, Location’ as it drew 1.23 million viewers (5.1%). At 9P, ‘Cucumber’ lost 200,000 viewers from last week to have only 350,000 viewers (1.5%). At 10P, ‘My Tattoo Addiction’ doubled the audience to 710,000 viewers (4.2%).

Channel 5 at 8P had ‘Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole’ and it attracted 697,000 viewers (2.9%). At 9P, ‘Britain’s Biggest Primary School’ was nearly beaten by BBC Three as only 642,000 viewers watched (2.6%). At 10P, the new season of CBS’ ‘The Mentalist’ brought in 627,000 viewers (3.6%). You do not want to miss the final episode of this series which will air in about 11 weeks from now. It is Must See TV ON DEMAND.

BBC Three, at 9P, presented ‘Bangkok Airport’ brought in 640,000 viewers (2.6%).

Sky Atlantic at 9P had ‘Fortitude’ and it rose to 449,000 viewers (1.8%) from last week.

E4 at 9P, presented ‘Banana’ and it produced a blip on the television screens in the UK on Thursday as it probably matched the audience for the test pattern at 3A, as it drew 58,000 viewers (0.3%).

Down Under

Seven #1 Again On Thursday as 'My Kitchen Rules' tops again.

Seven #1 Again On Thursday as ‘My Kitchen Rules’ tops again.

Seven #1 again with 35.5% share, down slightly from Wednesday. #1 again was ‘My Kitchen Rules’ with 1.373 million viewers. #4 was ‘Seven News’ with 972,000 viewers. #5 was ‘Seven News/today Tonight’ with 971,000 viewers.#7, ‘Home and Away’ finished with 838,000 viewers.

Network Nine finished #2 again on Thursday, this time with a 25.0% share, a decrease of 4.3% from Wednesday. #2 was the top newscast in the nation as ‘Nine News’ drew 1,062,000 viewers. #3 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with 1,024,000 viewers. #8 was ‘A Current Affair’ with 822,000 viewers. @9, ‘Open House’ finished with 664,000 viewers.

ABC finished #3 with a 17.5% share, a slight increase over Wednesday. #6 was ‘ABC Evening News’ with 861,000 viewers. #10, ‘7.30’ drew 655,000 viewers.

Ten finished #4 with a 17.1% share, a slight increase from Wednesday.

SBS finished #5 with 4.5% share of the available audience, well below Wednesday’s share.

Friday Australian TV Overnight Ratings

Seven wins yet again in Australian television on Friday with a strong 32.4% share of the available audience. Yet it didn’t have the #1 program nor top newscast. But #2 belonged to ‘Seven News’ which drew 968,000 viewers. #4 was ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ with 893,000 viewers. #6, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ drew 851,000 viewers. #9 was the movie, ‘The Sapphires’ which drew 643,000 viewers.

Network Nine finished #2 with a 24.6% share. The #1 program and the #1 newscast in the nation belonged to ‘Nine News’ which was the only program in the nation to draw more than 1 million viewers as it had 1,040,000 viewers on Friday. #3 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with 955,000 viewers. #8 was ‘A Current Affair’ which drew 694,000 viewers. And, #10, ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’ pulled in 607,000 viewers.

ABC finished #3 with 21.2% share. It had the top non-news program in the nation on Friday as at #5, ‘The Doctor Blake Mysteries’ pulled in 888,000 viewers. #7 was ‘ABC Evening News’ with 724,000 viewers.

Ten finished #4 with 17.1% share

SBS finished fifth with a weak 4.7% share of the available audience.

CBS’ ‘2 Broke Girls’ Under Fire Down Under

Racisim? Social media explodes in Australia over U.S. sitcom.

Racisim? Social media explodes in Australia over U.S. sitcom.

An episode of ‘Two Broke Girls’ has attracted headlines after a punchline was deemed ‘casual racism’ towards Aboriginals. The episode ‘And the Fun Factory’, included a male character chatting up an Australian woman online before explaining, “She’s part Aboriginal but has a great personality”, to a friend. It aired in Australia on Tuesday night. Social media sites criticised the line, which has now attracted media headlines.

As you can see, no matter where you live, people are…

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