Facebook Boasts High CTRs for Educator-Targeted Ads

Ads placed in Facebook news feeds account for almost three-quarters (74.3%) of total link clicks from Facebook ads targeted towards educators, per a new study [download page] from MDR. The report explores the optimum placement, platform and time for advertisers to get through to educators online.
When it comes to reaching educators, Facebook stands out as the platform with the highest average unique click-through rate (2.6%), almost double that of Audience Network’s 1.5%. Instagram follows with an average unique click-through rate of 1.4%, and Messenger rounds out the list at 1%.
These figures are based on MDR customer campaigns delivered throughout 2019.
On Facebook alone, ad performance is heavily influenced by where an ad is placed. While the top 3 performers in terms of ad placement are the Facebook news feed, the Facebook right column and banner, and native/interstitial ads, ad performance in the news feed stands out from the rest. Accounting for a majority (51.1% share) of total impressions, news feed ads also make up 57.3% of total page engagement and a full 74.3% of total link clicks.
However, advertisers can also consider how Facebook compares to email as a top channel for getting through to educators. The report illustrates a 24-hour cycle wherein email cuts through at certain times of day, and Facebook at others. Email opens start to pick up around 7 AM, peaking at around 10 AM through 1 PM. From 2 PM email opens see a steady decline, at which time Facebook engagement slowly picks up. By 5 PM, Facebook engagement is higher than email opens, peaking at around 10 PM.
Interestingly, despite email delivery rate being far lower on the weekend than it is on weekdays, unique open rates for emails targeting educators are above average on Saturday and Sunday. Similarly, though more emails are delivered during the working day, open rate is highest at 5 AM, and from 5 PM onwards, indicating a potential link between educators’ email engagement and their busy times. It’s also worth noting that prior research found that Education emails generally had an above-average open rate in 2019.
(NOTE: About the Data: Findings are based on an analysis of “more than 6,00 email campaigns deployed more than 102 million delivered emails, more than 200 Facebook campaigns generating 13.8 million impressions, and more than 100 web advertising campaigns, resulting in 13 million impressions that ran over the course of 2019.”) #TheMoreWeKnow #cnasophis 💡
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