Ohio State/Northwestern Power ABC On Saturday

The matchup was much anticipated. The underdog Northwestern University Wildcats, dubbed ‘Chicago’s Big 10 Team’, hosted the mighty Ohio State Buckeyes and the victor was ABC which took the evening with 6.601 million viewers. 

CBS drew 3.612 with reruns and an original of ’48 Hours’ which drew 4.891 million for that networks top program. 

NBC finished #3 with 3.240 million viewers with their Notre Dame vs Arizona state football game. 

FOX finished last with 2.330 million viewers watching their TCU vs Oklahoma football game.

In late night, ‘Saturday Night Live’ on NBC, after a 27 minute delay due to the overrun of the football game, drew 4.5 rating and 13 share for #1 in late night. It matched last year’s performance despite the delay.

For the evening, ABC finished 1.6 million ahead of last year’s second Saturday of the new season. CBS was down 200,000 compared to last year’s programming schedule; NBC was down slightly less than 200,000 compared to last year while FOX dropped 2 million viewers  versus a year ago. Seems like, people are 

Switching Channels!

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