CBS Shocks NBC To Win On Sunday

NBC with 12.608 million average viewers did not win on the second Sunday of the new television season with ‘Sunday Night Football’, as it drew only 14.97 million viewers. That program finished some 4 million less than last week’s game. Perhaps the lure of San Francisco 49ers is waning or Houston Texans aren’t as big of a draw as other teams. the program was down 8.06% vs a year previous. Regardless, the powerful CBS’ veteran lineup gave NBC all it could handle as the Peacock Network dropped 2.1 million viewers compared to the comparable previous year’s numbers on this second Sunday of the television season.

CBS, which had a 44 minute overrun of its amazing national NFL game between the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys pulled in 26.88 million fans at the 7PM timeslot, dwarfing the NBC numbers. That audience stuck around for the beginning of ’60 Minutes’ which became the biggest show of the evening in prime time with 20.890 million viewers. Through the balance of the evening, ‘The Amazing Race’ (11.122 million), ‘The Good Wife’ (9.583 million up 11.76% from last season’s similar time period ) and ‘The Mentalist’ (9.046 million viewers, all of whom are sick and tired of the boring and never ending ‘Red John’ arc) all drew big numbers. CBS shocked NBC with a huge win on Sunday with a 15.156 million average viewers. The Tiffany Network finished 2.6 million ahead of last year’s comparable.

ABC (5.298 million viewers on average) had a disappointing evening as it began with a very weak rerun of ‘Once Upon A Time’ (2.88 million) but bounced back with a new episode of that program and drew a nightly high for the Alphabet Network with 7.65 million viewers. From that point it went straight down. ‘Revenge’ drew only 6.69 million at 9P and ‘Betrayal’ finished off of the map with only 3.97 million viewers. Suffice to say, not a lot of people want to see ‘Betrayal’. ABC finished 2 million viewers below last year’s numbers.

FOX (4.597 million average viewers) with ‘The Simpsons’ (which was renewed for a 26 season through next year) drew 6.31 million at 8P; ‘Bob’s Burgers’ dropped to 4.22 million at 830P, down 17.39% compared to a year ago; ‘Family Guy’ bounced up to 5.21 million at 9P while ‘American Dad’ dropped to 4.42 million viewers at 930P. FOX finished 800,000 below last year for the night.

Univision averaged 2.95 million and Telemundo brought in 918,000 viewers for the evening.

There is really no way of making this sound good. NBC combined with ABC and FOX drop 4.9 million viewers. CBS could only pick up 2 million of that total on broadcast. Oh, nearly forgot, over on TBS the Atlanta Braves lost the NLDS Game #3 to the Los Angeles Dodgers who, drew over 3.362 million viewers, clearly picked up an audience 800,000 viewers larger than the previous year. In Los Angeles, the game drew a 9.6 rating, the best rating for a Dodgers game  since Game #4 of the 2009 NLCS. The game also had a 7.3 rating in Atlanta.  Overall, cable programming drew over 28.3 million at 8P on Sunday. While there were a lot of people viewing television Sunday evening, it was clear, people were…

Switching Channels!

Flipping across the Pond: In the UK, Sunday night attracted a crowd. ‘Homeland’ launched their third series attracting 2.2 million viewers on Channel 4. But it was far in the rearview mirror of ‘Downton Abbey’ as it pulled in 9.2 million (37.6% share) in ITV1. Earlier, the ‘X Factor’ on ITV pulled in 8.4 million (34.3% share). Simon Cowell’s program finished just ahead of BBC1’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ as it finished with 8.2 million viewers (33.2% share), as Tony Jacklin, the former British golfing great, was the first celebrity to leave the show.

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