FACEBOOK Shops: What Shops Could Spell for the Future of Social Commerce

Social commerce is already a serious business but Facebook’s announcement that it is launching Facebook Shops, supported by a string of other e-commerce features, means it just got seriously serious, as Sam Bird writes in The Drum Network (061020).
What is Facebook Shops?
Shops will give businesses the ability to display and sell products directly from Facebook apps in a significant step-up of its e-commerce services. Unlike its existing Marketplace, which offers peer to peer selling, Shops will allow businesses to set up free online stores accessible via Facebook and Instagram. People will be able to browse products, save them in a basket and place an order without leaving the App.
Facebook Shops will seek to bring many of their existing, and future, e-commerce solutions together as they look to develop a broader ecosystem across Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp – perhaps something more akin to WeChat’s in-app commerce functionality.
Along with Shops, Facebook has announced an integrated messaging solution to allow shoppers to contact businesses directly and eventually make payments directly through chat. They will also be rolling out live shopping to enable purchasing in real-time, a new ‘shop’ button to the explore section of Instagram and the ability to connect loyalty programs to Facebook accounts.
As with most of its services, Shops will be free for businesses to use with Facebook, hoping to boost consumer engagement and connect the impact of advertising on the platform through the funnel. Ultimately, Facebook has long had the ambition to reduce reliance on third parties to prove the effectiveness of its activity and in-app commerce helps achieve this as well as capturing further purchasing and geographic data on their audience.
What does it mean for the e-commerce landscape?
It’s a move that will be seen by many as a clear challenge to Amazon, eBay and other online retailers and one that may add further pressure to bricks and mortar stores. However, it is unlikely to pose any significant threat to Amazon due to its warehouse and fulfilment capabilities.
Facebook has positioned Shops as a solution for small, independent retail stores reeling from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to retail, Zuckerberg’s response directly referenced restaurants which are likely to turn the heads of the major takeaway delivery such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats. In fact, given the difference in the Facebook Shops model to Amazon from a fulfilment perspective, it may well be that businesses with an established delivery model in place benefit most from these new services.
Unlike Amazon and other search-based e-commerce channels, Facebook Shops will be better suited to the product discovery space where it’s ecosystem can become a digital window-shopping experience for users to browse. In those more impulsive moments, a seamless purchasing experience is vital to capitalise on the immediate consumer intent.
What do Facebook Shops mean for businesses?
As Facebook Shops seeks to give small independent stores the ability to scale through the continued digitisation of local products and services, you can see its role in an omnichannel approach for businesses large and small. Through the greater access to geographic data or localisation of experiences, brands could begin to redefine the role of stores in the consumer experience.
Allowing sales through Facebook Shop may lead to the ‘digital shelf’ moving further from the immediate control of businesses. This is a decision that will need to be weighed against a potential upturn in sales. Whatever the possible negatives, there’s a huge amount to be said for a frictionless sales experience on a platform where most audiences already are. An opportunity brands will be wise to consider.
This move will bring social media and eCommerce closer together, however, it is important that brands don’t forget the ‘social’ in social commerce. This could have a significant impact on the approach required to product imagery, live video, and the tone taken in messaging apps be it bot-driven or human.
With shoppers already shifting online before the pandemic, social distancing measures have accelerated consumers switching to eCommerce. It is a switch that is likely to remain even as lockdown measures relax. If Facebook Shops can deliver a seamless purchase experience, it could be well placed to seriously capitalise on these changing consumer behaviours. Which begs the questions, is it time you got serious about social commerce too?#TheMoreWeKnow #cnasophis #Facebook
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Social Media Marketers Up Their Use of Instagram Video

Last year, consumers spent an average of 84 minutes per day watching videos online. And, with time spent consuming online video expected to increase in the next two years, not to mention the reported increase in video consumption during the current COVID-19 pandemic, marketers have a clear opportunity to reach potential consumers through video marketing. Indeed, 85% of social media marketers surveyed for the latest annual report from Social Media Examiner are using video. Here’s a look at which platforms they’re using and plan to double down on in the near future.

YouTube continues to be the most widely used platform by social media marketers, with 55% reporting its use this year.
YouTube is followed by Facebook video (49%). However, while YouTube is used by more respondents, both YouTube and Facebook video are considered the most important video channel by a similar share of marketers (24% and 25%, respectively).

On the other hand, Instagram Stories is only cited as the most important video channel by 14% of marketers. Nonetheless, it is the third most-used video platform, with 46% of respondents using it this year. What’s more, its use has grown considerably over 2019, more than doubling the 22% from last year’s study.

While LinkedIn is being used by 6 in 10 (59%) social media marketers, it is lagging behind other platforms in terms of video use and importance. The video capabilities of the business-oriented social network are used by only 16% of respondents, and a mere 5% considered it to be the most important social video channel. That said, LinkedIn video use does skew more towards B2B than B2C companies, with 27% of B2B respondents saying they used the platform compared to 10% of their B2C counterparts.

Use of Live Video Low

Recent research by Sprout Social reveals that more than half (56%) of the marketers surveyed are planning to try live video this year. Social Media Examiner’s survey shows that there’s plenty of room for growth, as a majority (54%) said they’re not using live video – surprisingly up from last year (44%).

Overall, Facebook Live (38%) is the most popular live video platform, followed by Instagram Live (17%), YouTube Live (8%) and LinkedIn Live (8%). And, when respondents were asked which live video channel was most important to them, the majority (64% share) cited Facebook Live, while fewer preferred Instagram Live (19%), YouTube Live (10%) and LinkedIn Live (5%).

It should be noted that Social Media Examiner’s survey was fielded in January 2020. As such, it does not take into account the unexpected cancellation of many in-person events. This will have forced marketers to find viable alternatives, including the use of live video, and has prompted LinkedIn to release its LinkedIn Virtual Events tool.

Future Plans For Video Marketing

So, what does the future hold for video marketing? The majority of marketers say that, in the near future, they intend to increase their use of the big 3 platforms, YouTube (69%), Facebook Video (66%) and Instagram Video (70%), with another 46% saying they plan to increase their use of LinkedIn Video.

The increased use of these platforms, along with the majority of marketers choosing not to explore the use of newer video options such as TikTok (74%) or Twitch (87%), indicates that most marketers are preferring to stick with the tried-and-true video platforms. #TheMoreWeKnow #cnasophis 💡

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There’s no short-selling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global media industry, and the wide-reaching ramifications will exist for the foreseeable future. Despite the epic fragmentation, certain indicators offer guidance about what the future will look like. Advertising, particularly local advertising, is one of them, given that local businesses are the lifeblood that fuels the thousands of communities across the U.S. And importantly, a new Nielsen analysis indicates that spot advertising in local markets appears to be starting to turn the corner after declining in some areas by as much as 35% at the end of March.

According to Nielsenven in tough times, there’s a need and place for advertising. In more recent weeks, local spot TV ad units are coming back faster, rising 5% during the week of April 27, 2020. Unlike national and cable TV ads, which most TV viewers in the U.S. see regardless of location, local spot ads appear in specific markets and clusters of markets. As such, monitoring local ad spot trends provides insight into the future health of our local media markets.

Notably, the pandemic and resulting shelter-in-place restrictions hit local businesses particularly hard. With 49 U.S. states now at least partially re-open, local businesses can actively use local advertising to re-engage consumers seeking to get back to life away from their homes. Many advertisers are already activating, as we’ve seen an uptrend and leveling of ad units following the local ad spot low during the week of March 30, 2020.

Not all markets are on the upswing from a local spot ad perspective, but a majority are, indicating a strengthening business environment for many regions. For the week ended April 27, 2020, ad units in 101 out of  the top 132 markets increased. While the average increase was 5%, some ad units in some markets are up by double-digits. Ad units in Lansing, Mich., Portland, Maine, Flint, Mich., Harlingen, Texas, Boise, Idaho, and Honolulu, Hawaii, for example, were up more than 20%.

Importantly, aggregate and regional trends don’t highlight insights around specific ad categories. So, to better understand ad category trends at the local level, we examined ad unit changes across all local markets and bucketed the categories into three groups: reduced, resilient and rebound.

Businesses in the reduced bucket include those most affected by business closures during the height of shelter-in-place restrictions, such as gyms, restaurants and salons. These businesses reduced advertising the most and ad units in this bucket remain low.

Businesses and organizations in the resilient bucket include those that were somewhat insulated from the shelter-in-place restrictions and have stayed the course over the past few months. Examples include direct response, engineering and government. In the local ad market, ad units from this grouping increased from just under 25% to almost 36%.

Businesses and organizations in the rebound bucket are the ones to watch going forward, as they are largely connected to the communities in which they operate. Retail stores are the most prominent in this bucket, as they account for more than 10% of local spot ads. Ad units in the rebound bucket dropped 32% between March 9 and March 30, but then increased 8% by April 27. Auto advertising, like retail, is a key business health indicator for a local market, and share of all spot TV ads began trending up during the week of April 27 (up to almost 6%) after dropping just under 5% in late March. Other rebounding sectors include communications and public utilities, and hotels/resorts.

Looking more closely at the auto realm, the dealership and dealer association sub-genres have posted an even stronger rebound in certain markets. Salt Lake City, for example, benefited from statewide eased restrictions for dining, gym and salon businesses on May 1. The market saw almost 300 more ad units in the week of April 27 than in the week of March 9. Dealership ad units were also up more than 100 in nine of the top gaining markets. Fresno, Ft. Myers and Columbus, Ohio, led the way with gains of more 260 units over the same period.


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Which TV Shows Have Been Renewed, Which Have Been Canceled and Which Are We Waiting to Hear About?

Since mid-March, the coronavirus pandemic has upended every aspect of life in the United States, causing stay-at-home mandates in most states in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19.

As a consequence, the entertainment industry, per Kate Arthur, Variety 052120, a multi-billion-dollar global business, has come to a grinding halt, with every television show and movie indefinitely shut down, putting most of the tens of thousands of people employed by those productions out of work. The shutterings hit the broadcast networks — Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The CW — toward the end of the traditional TV season, so some shows had already completed production before the summer hiatus. Others — such as ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” which had shot 21 episodes of its 25-episode order — simply had to adjust accordingly, concluding its season early on April 9.

The bigger concern for the networks is what to do with their fall 2020 schedules, which under normal circumstances would have been unveiled to advertisers, the press and the public during the broadcasters’ flashy upfront presentations in mid-May. As the scope of the coronavirus emergency became clear, the networks all announced in mid-March that they would stream their upfronts instead of doing them at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Center and Lincoln Center.

Now, according to a report in AdWeek, the entire upfronts process is in flux, with NBCUniversal delaying their presentation, and ad buyers expressing doubt that their clients will be ready to spend money. After all, pilot season, when the networks typically produce shows that will vie for places on the fall and midseason schedule, simply did not happen this year, and no one knows when it will be safe to begin filming again. On top of everything else, a global recession looms.

So everything is guesswork right now, with the most likely scenario being that the networks’ 2019/20 shows will mostly be renewed, even marginal performers — and their most promising pilots on paper will receive straight-to-series orders. That plan, however, is predicated on the so-far unsubstantiated notion that the pandemic will have abated by July, and some semblance of normal life will be able to resume.

Truly, who knows?

What is certain is in the coming months, the broadcast networks will renew some shows, and cancel others. And Variety will continuously update this post as those decisions are made.


“America’s Got Talent” (premieres May 26), “American Ninja Warrior” (summer premiere, maybe), “The Blacklist,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Chicago Fire” (for three more seasons!), “Chicago Med” (for three more seasons!), “Chicago P.D.” (for three more seasons!), “Ellen’s Game of Games,” “Good Girls,” “Law & Order: SVU” (for three more seasons!), “Making It,” “New Amsterdam” (for three more seasons!), “Songland” (summer premiere), “Superstore,” “This Is Us” (for two more seasons!), “The Wall”

“The InBetween,” “Sunnyside”

Awaiting news
“America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” “Bluff City Law,” “Council of Dads,” “Indebted,” “Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector,” “Little Big Shots,” “Manifest,” “Perfect Harmony,” “The Voice,” “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”

Hasn’t premiered/returned yet
“The Titan Games” (May 25), “World of Dance” (May 26)

Moving to Peacock
“A.P. Bio”

“Blindspot,” “The Good Place,” “Will & Grace”


“The $100,000 Pyramid,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “American Housewife,” “American Idol,” “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” (pushed to fall), “Bachelor in Paradise” (not happening), “Black-ish,” “Card Sharks,” “Celebrity Family Feud,” “The Conners,” “The Goldbergs,” “The Good Doctor,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Holey Moley,” “Match Game,” “A Million Little Things,” “Mixed-ish,” “Press Your Luck,” “The Rookie,” “Shark Tank,” “Station 19,” “Stumptown,” “To Tell the Truth,” “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”

“Bless this Mess,” “Emergence,” “Grand Hotel,” “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” “Reef Break,” “Schooled,” “Single Parents”

Awaiting news
“The Baker and the Beauty,” “Family Food Fight,” “For Life”

Hasn’t premiered yet
“United We Fall” (premiere date TBA)

“Fresh Off the Boat,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” “Modern Family”


“All Rise,” “Big Brother” (summer premiere, maybe), “Blue Bloods,” “Bob Hearts Abishola,” “Blood & Treasure” (summer premiere), “Bull,” “Evil,” “FBI,” “FBI: Most Wanted,” “Love Island” (summer premiere, maybe), “MacGyver,” “Magnum P.I.,” “Mom,” “NCIS,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “The Neighborhood,” “SEAL Team,” “Survivor,” “S.W.A.T.,” “Undercover Boss,” “The Unicorn,” “Young Sheldon”

“Broke,” “Carol’s Second Act,” “God Friended Me,” “Man With a Plan,” “Tommy”

Awaiting news
“Big Brother: Celebrity Edition”

Hasn’t premiered/returned yet
“The Amazing Race” (premiere date TBA — was May 20), “Game On” (May 20), “Tough as Nails” (July 8)

“Criminal Minds,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Madam Secretary”


“9-1-1,” “9-1-1: Lone Star,” “Beat Shazam,” “Bless the Harts,” “Bob’s Burgers,” “Duncanville,” “Family Guy,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Last Man Standing,” “The Masked Singer,” “MasterChef Junior,” “Prodigal Son,” “The Resident,” “The Simpsons,” “So You Think You Can Dance” (scheduled for a summer premiere, but who knows)

“Almost Family,” “BH90210,” “Deputy,” “Outmatched”

Awaiting news
“Flirty Dancing,” “MasterChef,” “LEGO Masters”

Hasn’t premiered/returned yet
“Filthy Rich” (premiere date moved to fall), “The Great North” (premiere date midseason 2020/21), “Mental Samurai” (had to shut down production, so premiere date TBA), “NeXt” (premiere date moved to fall), “Ultimate Tag” (premiere date TBA)

Moved to Hulu
“The Orville”


The CW

“All American,” “Batwoman,” “Black Lightning,” “Burden of Truth” (summer premiere), “Charmed,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “Dynasty,” “The Flash,” “In the Dark,” “Legacies,” “Nancy Drew,” “The Outpost” (summer premiere), “Pandora” (summer premiere), “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” “Riverdale,” “Roswell, New Mexico,” “Supergirl,” “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”
Nothing yet!

Awaiting news
“Katy Keene”


“The 100,” “Arrow,” “Supernatural”

CBS, the #1 TV Broadcast Network in 2020 Presents the 2020-21 schedule (all times EDT/PDT):


“The Neighborhood,” 8 p.m.

“Bob Hearts Abishola,” 8:30 p.m. 

“All Rise,” 9 p.m.

“Bull,” 10 p.m.


“NCIS,” 8 p.m.

“FBI,” 9 p.m. 

“FBI: Most Wanted,” 10 p.m. 


“Survivor,” 8 p.m. 

“The Amazing Race,” 9 p.m.

“Seal Team,” 10 p.m.


“Young Sheldon,” 8 p.m. 

“B Positive,” 8:30 p.m.

“Mom,” 9 p.m. 

“The Unicorn,” 9:30 p.m. 

“Evil,” 10 p.m.


“MacGyver,” 8 p.m.

“Magnum P.I.,” 9 p.m. 

“Blue Bloods,” 10 p.m. 


“48 Hours,” 10 p.m. 


“60 Minutes” 7 p.m.

“The Equalizer,” 8 p.m. 

“NCIS: Los Angeles,” 9 p.m. 

“NCIS: New Orleans,” 10 p.m. 

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CBS #1 Network For Week Of 11.04.19




CBS Powers To The Top This Past Week with an average of 6.354 million viewers, led by Tuesday with ‘NCIS’ and the dominating Friday led by ‘Hawaii Five-0’ & ‘Blue Bloods’.


Net Millions

ESPN13.440 (#1 program ‘Monday Night Football’)

NBC 6.320 (#1 non-sport program ‘Voice’)

ABC 5.823

CBS 5.527

FOX 4.606

FNC 2.984

MSN 2.284

USA 2.136

CNN 0.920

CW 0.337


Net Millions

CBS 8.679 (#1 program ‘NCIS’ 10.880)

NBC 7.196

ABC 7.145

FNC 3.233 (#1 cable program ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’)

FOX 2.943

MSN 2.709

ESPN 2.480

CW 0.903

FX 0.840


Net Millions

NBC 7.404 (#1 program ‘Chicago Med’ 8.089)

FOX 7.105

CBS 5.060

ABC 3.267

FNC 3.169

MSN 2.641 (#1 cable program ‘Rachel Maddow Show’)

ESPN 1.423

CW 0.686


Net Millions

FOX   13.074 (#1 program ‘NFL Thursday Night Football OAK v LAC)

CBS 5.486 (#1 non-sport program ‘Young Sheldon 8.832)

ABC 4,274

FNC 3.382

NBC 2.656

MSN 2.599 

ESPN 2.389

NFL 2.120

CNN 1.045

CW 0.945


Net Millions 

CBS  7.020 (#1 program ‘Blue Bloods’ )

NBC 3.655  

FOX 2.618

ABC 2.588

CW 0.497

For The Week Of 11/04-11/08/2019

Net Millions (Average)

CBS 6.354

FOX 6.069

NBC 5.446

ABC 4.619

CW 0.674

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FOX Wins Week With Sports. Facebook Ad Metric Changes.








FOX dominated this past week with sports, averaging over 11.9 million viewers in the five weekdays.


Net                Millions

ESPN 9975 (NFL Football Top Program)

NBC   6640 (The Voice Top non-sport program)

CBS   5958

ABC   5280

FOX   5824

FNC   3186

TLC    2805

MSNBC 2352

USA   2133

CNN 1003

CW        615


Net                Millions

FOX           15424 (World Series Gm#6 Top Program)

NBC 6620 (NCIS-Rerun Top non-sport program)

CBS 6376 

ABC 3517

FNC 2886

MSNBC 2432

CW 1121

CNN 1059


Net                Millions

FOX           23013 (World Series Nat’s v Astros Gm#7 Top Program)

NBC 7231 (Chicago Med Top non-sport program)

CBS 4734

ABC 3174

FNC 2817

MSNBC 2215

CNN   977

CW   712


Net                Millions

FOX           13025 (NFL Football (SF v AZ) Top Program)

ABC 4106

CBS 3548 (Young Sheldon-Rerun Top non-sport program)

FNC 3304

NBC 3045

MSNBC 2371

NFL 2095

ESPN 1126

CNN 1083

CW   756


Net                Millions

CBS 6966 (Blue Bloods Top program)

NBC 3656

ABC 3163

FOX 2543

CW   527

For The Week (Oct 28-Nov 1, 2019)






For The Week (Oct 28-Nov 1, 2019)

Net                Millions

FOX           11966

CBS 5516

NBC 5438

ABC 3848

CW   824


Facebook Announced Changes to Ad Metrics, Including Removal of 10-Second Video Views.
Facebook is removing its 10-second video view metrics, which includes ’10-Second Video Views’, ‘Cost per 10-Second Video View’. For more, go to:https://www.facebook.com/CNASophis/
#csnote #Facebook 📱💻💡
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Washington Nationals World Championship Win Dominates TV Wednesday

The deciding game of this year’s World Series pulled in huge numbers for FOX in the Wednesday primetime ratings.

The network’s Game 7 broadcast won the night with over 23,013 million viewers, with a 5.6 average rating in adults 18-49.

That makes it, by a wide margin, the highest-rated and most-watched game of the 2019 series.

It finished well ahead of the 4.6 rating and 17.63 million viewer audience that last year’s World Series closer scored.

The Nationals’ title-clinching win, peaked with 27.06 million viewers from 11-11:15 PM (EDT).

Game 7 ranks as the seventh-most watched Major League Baseball game in the past 15 years, and is tied as the eighth-highest rated.

It also ranks as the top non-football sporting event of the year, topping the previous marks of 11.6 and 19.63 million for the Virginia-Texas Tech men’s college basketball national championship. The World Series has delivered the top non-football audience in three of four years, each for a Game #7.

Locally, Game #7 averaged a 42.7 rating and 63 share in Houston — down 9% from Astros-Dodgers in ’17 (47.1).

In victorious Washington D.C., it averaged a 31.8/53, the market’s highest for any MLB telecast since at least 1998. The local rating, which peaked at a 39.2/74 from 11:45 PM (EDT) through Midnight, exceeded the Capitals’ Stanley Cup Final clincher last year (25.2).

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Baseball Tops Football On Saturday In Prime Time. FOX Leads The Way.

The two power teams of the American League faced off against each other for the first game of the NLCS in Houston, TX, Saturday evening, and the New York Yankees demolished the home Astros 7-0 as Tanaka pitches a gem and Torres sets records hitting. This gave FOX the #1 spot on Saturday evening in prime time with an average 5,694 million viewers.

#1 FOX Baseball Yankees vs Astros 5.694 million viewers.                                                             #2 ABC Football Penn State vs Iowa 3.557 million viewers.                                                           #3 NBC Football USC vs Notre Dame 3.043 million viewers.                                                              #4 CBS Reruns (NCIS & All Rise) & 48 Hours 3.027 million viewers

Broadcast prime time on Saturday drew 15.321 million viewers.

Social Media Note








The Rise Of Social Commerce For Your Brand. The biggest movement in retail is social commerce…the use of social networking sites as a vehicle to sell your product and/or services. Considering over half of all shippers follow brands on social media to view new products, there is no denying the potential for social feeds to drive sales. It is critical for your business.http://bit.ly/2M9DcNr #cnasophis



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ABC Top Broadcast Network in the U.S. on Saturday. How Many People Use Facebook Messenger?

ABC won its first night in prime time of the new television season on Saturday with an average 5.544 million viewers who watched the Ohio State vs Nebraska Big Ten football game from Lincoln, NE. It was twice as large as any of the other networks for this evening.

CBS finished #1 with an average 2.593 million viewers with ’48 Hours’ as their top program drawing 3.288 million viewers. It was the top ‘non-sport’ program on Saturday.

NBC had a complete evening of reruns and finished with an average 2.509 million viewers.

FOX, presented the Chicago Cubs victory over the St. Louis Cardinals and drew an average 1.778 million viewers.

Overall, the broadcast networks finished with 12.423 million viewers in prime time on Saturday evening.

Late Night

Season 45 premiere of ‘Saturday Night Live’ drew a 4.1 rating in metered-market households. That is near the audience with “SNL’s” season finale in May. It is down from last year’s season 44 premiere.

Media Note

According to eMarketer, the number of US Facebook Messenger users in 2020 will be 117.6 million users. WhatsApp users will approximate 68.1 million. #cnasophis 💡📱📰

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CBS Top Broadcast Network on Friday in the U.S. Hawaii Blue Rules. Which Social Media Platform Generates the Most Return Visitors to Online Media Sites?

CBS was the top overall and broadcast network Friday as the two Hawaii based shows, ‘Hawaii Five-O’, ‘Magnum P.I.’ and the top rated show of the evening, ‘Blue Bloods’ drew an average 6,692 million viewers in prime time.

‘Blue Bloods’ topped all programs on television with an average 7,818 million viewers.

#1  CBS  6,692 million viewers

#2 NBC  3,307 million viewers

#3  ABC  3,135 million viewers

#4  FOX  1,328 million viewers

#5  The CW  801,000 viewers

Note: Cable network and program ratings for Friday will not be available until Monday.

The average Broadcast Network reach, Monday thru Friday for the first week of the season averaged 24,456 per evening in prime time.

For the week:

FOX 6,989 million viewers on average per day in prime time (M-F) Won Wednesday & Thursday

CBS  6,633 million viewers on average per day in prime time (M-F) Won Tuesday & Friday

NBC  5,634 million viewers on average per day in prime time (M-F) Won Monday

ABC 4,526 million viewers on average per day in prime time (M-F)

The CW 647,000 viewers on average per day in prime time (M-F)

Broadcast Television Audience for the Week (M-F)

Monday  26,486 million viewers in prime time.

Tuesday 25,045 million viewers in prime time.

Wednesday 24,882 million viewers in prime time.

Thursday 30,357 million viewers in prime time.

Friday 15,311 million viewers in prime time.

Which Social Media Platform Generates the Most Return Visitors to Online Media Sites? Facebook, of course. And what about the rest? http://bit.ly/2lX8f4T 💡


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