FOX Wins Week With Sports. Facebook Ad Metric Changes.








FOX dominated this past week with sports, averaging over 11.9 million viewers in the five weekdays.


Net                Millions

ESPN 9975 (NFL Football Top Program)

NBC   6640 (The Voice Top non-sport program)

CBS   5958

ABC   5280

FOX   5824

FNC   3186

TLC    2805

MSNBC 2352

USA   2133

CNN 1003

CW        615


Net                Millions

FOX           15424 (World Series Gm#6 Top Program)

NBC 6620 (NCIS-Rerun Top non-sport program)

CBS 6376 

ABC 3517

FNC 2886

MSNBC 2432

CW 1121

CNN 1059


Net                Millions

FOX           23013 (World Series Nat’s v Astros Gm#7 Top Program)

NBC 7231 (Chicago Med Top non-sport program)

CBS 4734

ABC 3174

FNC 2817

MSNBC 2215

CNN   977

CW   712


Net                Millions

FOX           13025 (NFL Football (SF v AZ) Top Program)

ABC 4106

CBS 3548 (Young Sheldon-Rerun Top non-sport program)

FNC 3304

NBC 3045

MSNBC 2371

NFL 2095

ESPN 1126

CNN 1083

CW   756


Net                Millions

CBS 6966 (Blue Bloods Top program)

NBC 3656

ABC 3163

FOX 2543

CW   527

For The Week (Oct 28-Nov 1, 2019)






For The Week (Oct 28-Nov 1, 2019)

Net                Millions

FOX           11966

CBS 5516

NBC 5438

ABC 3848

CW   824


Facebook Announced Changes to Ad Metrics, Including Removal of 10-Second Video Views.
Facebook is removing its 10-second video view metrics, which includes ’10-Second Video Views’, ‘Cost per 10-Second Video View’. For more, go to:
#csnote #Facebook 📱💻💡
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