ESPN Top Network On Monday. NBC #1 Broadcast Network on Monday in the U.S.

ESPN with ‘Monday Night Football’ was the top cable and overall network winner on Monday as the new television season for 2019-2020 began. It drew an average 9,541 million viewers from 8P-11P (EDT).

NBC, behind ‘The Voice’, was the top Broadcast network on Monday as it averaged 7,466 million viewers.

In review:

#1 ESPN 9,541 million viewers

#2 NBC  7,466 million viewers

#3 ABC  6,620 million viewers

#4 CBS  6,037 million viewers

#5 FOX  5,568 million viewers

#6 FNC  2,617 million viewers

#6 USA  2,210 million viewers

#7 MSNBC 1,983 million viewers

#8 HGTV  1,075 million viewers

#9 CNN  891,000 viewers

#10 The CW 801,000 viewers

NOTE: L+3 Day Ratings Update:

In first Monday L+3 day lift, #THENEIGHBORHOOD and #bobheartsabishola added over +1m viewers, #AllRise added +1.7m and #BULL added +3.4m.


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