NBC #1 Tuesday in the U.S. BBC One #1 in the UK. Seven #1 in AU.

‘It’s All About Screens.’ This is the Daily Diary of Screens. Tuesday, March 8, 2016.
NBC finished #1 broadcast network as ‘The Voice‘ was the top program on television.
In the UK, ‘BBC One‘ finished #1 as season finale of ‘Happy Valley‘ was the top program and ‘EastEnders‘ top soap.
Seven finished #1 in Australia as ‘Seven News‘ was #1 newscast and ‘My Kitchen Rules‘ was the top non-news program.
Zootopia‘ #1 box office in the U.S. weekend 4-6 March 2016.
Ip Man 3‘ #1 at the International box office weekend 4-6 March 2016.
There are 3.734 Billion Unique Mobile 68% Social Ad Clicks Are Now Mobile. Users as of this quarter, account for a 51% worldwide penetration. Direct uploads of user videos to Facebook now exceed YouTube. Facebook has 1.59 billion monthly users. Instagram has 77.6 million users. 88% of Twitter users are on mobile. An average of 500 million tweets are sent every day. The Google+1 button is hit 5 billion times per day. 80% of Internet users on Pinterest are female. Pinterest has 54.6 million users. LinkedIn has 347 million registered members. Weibo has 100 million daily users. 600 million users on Whatsapp. Facebook has 1.55 billion monthly active users. Netflix now has 75 million streaming subscribers. Cliptomize continues to grow as it has 57,723 users and 80,962 clipbooks with 407,224 visitors. WEDNESDAY AUSTRALIAN OVERNIGHT TV RATINGS (*SEE BELOW)

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’. See ‘The Death Of Television Is Under-Exaggerated‘ @ http://bit.ly/DeathofTelevision.

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For Tuesday, March 8, 2016 (Posted on March 9, 2016)

NBC #1 Tuesday as 'The Voice' was the top program.

NBC #1 Tuesday as ‘The Voice’ was the top program.

The Peacock Network ran out its big reality show for the second straight night.

8P ‘The Voice‘ finished with an average 13.427 million viewers and an 8.4/13.
10P ‘Little Big Shots‘ series premiere finished with an average 12.663 million viewers and a 7.7/13.

The Tiffany Network decided to hold back and rerun its two biggest dramas with expected results.

8P ‘NCIS:New Orleans‘ rerun finished with an average 8.368 million viewers and a 5.3/8.
9P ‘NCIS‘ rerun finished with an average 8.079 million viewers and a 5.2/8.
10P ‘Limitless‘ (‘Close Encounters’) finished with an average 5.419 million viewers and a 3.5/6.

The Alphabet Network had another middle of the road evening.

8P ‘Fresh Off The Boat‘ finished with an average 4.925 million viewers and a 3.3/5.
830P ‘The Real O’Neals‘ finished with an average 4.009 million viewers and a 2.7/4.
9P ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD‘ finished with an average 3.514 million viewers and a 2.4/4.
10P ‘Of Kings and Prophets‘ (‘Offerings of Blood’) finished with an average 3.322 million viewers and a 2.3/4.

The Animal Network of Broadcast had a problem on Wednesday with its all-comedy evening. It wasn’t funny.

8P ‘New Girl‘ finished with an average 2.679 million viewers and a 2.0/3.
830P ‘Grandfathered‘ finished with an average 1.962 million viewers and a 1.5/2.
9P ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘ finished with an average 1.428 million viewers and a 1.0/2.
930P ‘The Grinder‘ finished with an average 1.273 million viewers and a 1.0/1.

The CW
The Little Network That Couldn’t reran into complete failure.

8P ‘The Flash‘ rerun finished with an average 1.198 million viewers and a 0.9/1.
9P ‘iZombie‘ rerun finished with an average 744,000 viewers and a 0.4/1.

Late Night
1135P NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ rerun finished with a 2.9/8.

1135P CBS’ ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ finished with a 1.9/5.

1135P ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ finished with a 1.8/5.

1235A NBC’s ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ rerun finished with a 1.4/5.
1235A ABC’s ‘Nightline’ finished with a 1.3/5.
1235A CBS’ ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’ finished with a 0.9/3.

For The Record

NBC finished #1 Tuesday in prime time with an average 13.172 million viewers and a 8.2 rating/13 share, UP 1.483 million viewers (+12.7%) vs 11.689 million viewers SD 2015.
CBS finished #2 with an average 7.289 million viewers and a 4.6/7, DOWN -4.869 million viewers (-40.0%) vs 12.158 million viewers SD 2015.
ABC finished #3 with an average 3.768 million viewers and a 2.5/4, UP 88,000 viewers (+2.4%) vs 3.678 million viewers SD 2015.
FOXNC finished #1 cable network and #4 overall with an average 3.668 million viewers.
CNN finished #5 with an average 2.680 million viewers.
HGTV finished #6 with an average 2.351 million viewers.
UNI finished #7 with an average 2.050 million viewers and a 1.2/2.
FOX finished #8 with an average 1.836 million viewers and a 1.3/2, DOWN -751,000 viewers (-29.5%) vs 2.547 SD 2015.
ADSM finished #9 with an average 1.935 million viewers.
TNT finished #10 with an average 1.898 million viewers.
MSNBC finished #11 with an average 1.564 million viewers.
Discovery finished #12 with an average 1.391 million viewers.
FX finished #13 with an average 1.363 million viewers.
TEL finished #14 with an average 1.300 million viewers and a 0.8/1.
The CW finished #15 with an average 971,000 viewers and a 0.6/1, DOWN -77,000 viewers (-7.3%) vs 1.048 million viewers SD 2015.
USA finished #16 with an average 967,000 viewers.

Total Viewers watching television Tuesday in prime time averaged 56.450 million viewers.
Broadcast (English Speaking) Networks finished Tuesday in prime time with an average 27.035 million viewers, DOWN -4.086 million viewers (-13.1%) vs 31.121 million viewers SD 2015.
Cable (Top 150 Program Average) Networks finished Tuesday in prime time with an average 29.415 million viewers or 52.1% of the viewing audience. Cable viewership peaked at 930P with an average 39.765 million viewers.

Today In Communication History

On this date in 1954, WNBT-TV (now WNBC-TV), in New York, broadcast the first local color television commercials. The ad was Castro Decorators of New York City. There was some dispute about this as it was also reported that it was first telecast on Aug. 6. 1953.

NOTE: We have entered a new era in screen ratings. Nielsen is expanding its sample of TV viewers to include new
homes with meters that record the channel being watched—but not the demographics of the people watching. That will be estimated using data modeling and an algorithm Nielsen has developed, and added to the current sample that does include people meters that measure demos. The Panel Expansion (NPX), in which 12,900 households have been added to the national sample, is at the center of this change. The household ratings in these homes are measured by meters on each television in the home, while the demographic ratings in these homes will be assigned by Nielsen using a statistical algorithm. This is the first time since 1987 that homes in the national sample are not equipped with PeopleMeters, which measure both the program viewed and the people watching it.

Quote of the Day
‘The starting point of all achievement is desire’
Napoleon Hill

United States tourists have overtaken China to become the fastest source of foreign sales of UK luxury goods. http://www.luxurydaily.com/continental-europe-north-america-responsible-for-50pc-of-uk-luxury-brand-revenue-report/

Radio Screen
How Do You Listen To The Radio?
With 93% of US adults listening to radio on a weekly basis, radio is a good reach platform. So when and where do different demographic groups tune in, and which formats are their favorites? The Nielsen study analyzes consumption trends among various generations, also looking at Hispanic and African-American engagement. Among the generations, Millennials represent the largest generation of radio listeners in terms of sheer size, with 66.5 million tuning in each week, according to Nielsen’s study. Radio’s reach is highest among Gen Xers (95%), though, while Boomers spend the most time each week with radio, at more than 15 hours.
Interestingly, the top daypart for listening varies by generation, with Gen Xers most engaged during the morning drive (6AM-10AM), Boomers during the mid day (10AM-3PM) and Gen Xers during the evening drive (3PM-7PM). Not surprisingly, the majority of listening takes place out of the home, though this doesn’t necessarily relate to employment status. For example, while Millennials are on par with Gen Xers in terms of the share of listening that takes place out of the home (75% in each case), Gen X listeners are considerably more likely to be employed full-time than Millennial listeners (72% and 55%, respectively). Interestingly, Millennial listeners who are employed full-time spend more time listening to the radio (12 hours per week) than the Millennial listeners overall (11 hours and 9 minutes). Also of note, country is the top format across generations, and captured 14.4% share of all radio listening in 2015. News/talk (10.7% share) and pop contemporary radio (8%) were the next-largest formats by share of total listening last year.

When looking at race and ethnicity (12+ population), the study indicates that:
Radio’s reach is greater among Hispanics (97%) than African Americans (92%); though
African-American listeners spend slightly more time on a weekly basis (20 minutes) than Hispanic listeners.
In contrast to Hispanics and American adults across generations, African-Americans are the only group analyzed to have a female listener skew, as a slight majority (52%) of listeners aged 12 and older are female.

Social Media News
Facebook Bidding On NFL Live Streaming
Live TV streaming may be next on Facebook’s list of ambitions – and if so, the company ain’t starting small. According to Re/code, the social media giant is interested in nabbing the live-streaming rights to the NFL’s Thursday Night Football broadcasts, starting this coming season. Other companies, including Amazon and Verizon, are interested as well. The NFL is said to be nearing a decision as to which company will win the bidding war.

© Lance Hanish 2016 All rights reserved

© Lance Hanish 2016 All rights reserved

Baseball players Get One-off Pass To Use Snapchat Live
Snapchat and Major League Baseball have signed a deal that will allow players to post live from the dugout during March 11 training games. Players are normally forbidden from using social media during games.

Marketing Research
How Do “Overlooked” Gen Xers Feel About Advertising?
The middle child of demographics has a different outlook on life. Gen X is the most influential generation, says Yahoo in a new study. Citing data showing that Gen X has the highest median income and controls close to one-third of total income dollars, Yahoo jumped into the media behaviors and attitudes of what it says are “influential but overlooked” consumers. Based on a survey of more than 2,000 adults, including more than 850 Gen Xers (35-54), the report indicates that 51% of Gen Xers feel that they are part of the “vanishing” middle class. As parents, almost half worry that their kids are spoiled, while more than 8 in 10 feel that it’s important that they instill some sense of financial understanding in their children. Two-thirds of Gen Xers feel that they work a lot harder than the Millennial generation, while only 38% of Millennials (18-34) surveyed feel that their generation works harder than older generations. Perhaps that’s not too surprising in light of other research showing how dim a view Millennials have of their own generation.
Gen Xers (13%) were only half as likely as Millennials (26%) to say they increased the amount of time they worked after having kids. Indeed, 81% of Gen X parents say that a work-life balance is important.

Turning to technology and content engagement, the report demonstrates that Gen Xers tend to multitask more than Millennials during prime time, but that it stunts their emotional response to content more so than for Millennials. When it comes to content, the idea of Gen X as the middle child emerges: they’re in between Millennials and Boomers (55-64) in terms of their likelihood to consume their top categories of content, ranging from news, to weather, music, food and cooking and technology. The only categories in which they’re the most likely to consume content are sports and travel (each by only a small margin). Gen Xers appear to be avid consumers of content online, though. Three-quarters do so when on social media, and almost one in 3 consume content posted by brands or companies. Meanwhile, close to 8 in 10 researched products online in the month prior to the survey, with the most commonly-researched products being clothing or apparel (37%), electronics (32%), entertainment items (26%) and food or beverages (26%).

The Yahoo study finds some interesting results in analyzing adults’ receptiveness to advertising. While one-quarter of Gen Xers agree that they feel like their generation is often forgotten about by advertisers, an almost equal share of Millennials (24%) feel the same way. Given the extreme amounts of attention paid to Millennials by marketers, this is surprising to say the least. Just as notable: Boomers (21%) were the least likely to agree that their generation is often forgotten about by advertisers. That runs counter to MarketingCharts research on advertising to Baby Boomers, which has found older Americans feeling ignored by advertisers despite controlling the vast majority of disposable income in the US.

In a similar question, roughly one-third of respondents to the Yahoo survey from each generation agreed that “it’s about time advertisers recognized that my generation shops too”. Here again the lack of differences between younger and older generations is surprising.

In other advertising-related attitudes, the study notes that:
◎ 30% of Gen Xers are more likely to click on an ad aimed specifically at their generation, compared to 37% of Millennials and 23% of Boomers; and
◎ 27% of Gen Xers are more likely to purchase a product from a brand whose ad is targeted specifically at their generation, compared to 27% of Millennials and 17% of Boomers.
◎ The study notes that in each of the attitudinal statements about advertising, agreement was higher among Gen X parents than among Gen Xers overall.

Recommendations for creative strategy and messaging include:
◉ Indulging Gen Xers’ “kick my feet up” fantasies;
◉ Kid/tech dilemmas and bonding moments;
◉ Nostalgia with a deeper purpose; and
◉ Chin-up inspiration.

Out-Of-Home Research
Smart Billboards
Something everyone who is in advertising wanted to have is more in-depth measurement of outdoor billboards. Obviously, they want to know more than just how many people are seeing their advertisements. They want to know who exactly those people are, where they go, who they engage with, and what they buy. After all, this is the 21st Century.

According to Diego Vasquez, writing in MediaLife Magazine 030116, billboard owners see an opportunity in fulfilling that desire. They hope that by providing more information on who’s seeing their boards, they can gain more advertisers. A number of them have been testing beacons and other devices that will help track this information. Last week, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas became one of the first to roll out the data to a broad audience.

The company has partnered with several companies on a new program called Radar, which will track travel patterns, behavior and other information of interest to advertisers by arming billboards with devices that tap into the data on mobile phones of passersby. Now advertisers can better target their campaigns, whether by finding the best location or tailoring the creative in a certain manner. It’s a step beyond the basic demographic data currently offered by TAB ratings, and it comes at a time when measurement companies are under pressure to deliver better, more relevant information amid a sudden flood of big data availability. “We’ve been advocating for the last several years how important this is,” says Mark Boidman, managing director at Peter J. Solomon and an expert in OOH media. “In the world of online they can track you with cookies, they know where you’ve been and where you’re going next. It’s almost the same thing in real life.” Boidman says that over the past 18 months, a number of companies have been testing similar systems. CCO will likely be one of many to roll it out. “They all have the technology in place and are continuing to test and are seeing very positive results,” he says. “With the technology, whether it’s beacons or wifi tracking, you can see how many times somebody stands in front of a display.”

That’s the sort of in-depth information media people can use to plan campaigns. If someone keeps coming back to your display, you know it’s working. But if you’re seeing no returning traffic, you know you need to tweak it. CCO will partner with AT&T Data Patterns, which collects subscriber information, PlaceIQ, which data mines devices to determine behavior patterns, and Placed, which can track ad exposure and purchases and link them together. The ultimate aim is to be able to target consumers with ads for products they are most likely to buy. So if Radar has data showing that a consumer has cats and shops at a particular pet store, they may be shown an ad for cat litter on a billboard near that store.

Of course, this has the potential to inflame privacy advocates, who hate tracking of any type. CCO says the information is all anonymous and does not use any personal identifications. But Boidman says the potential upside for advertisers far outweighs any potential drawbacks. He notes that they’ve gotten used to the same thing online. “From a privacy standpoint, people are willing to give up information about themselves, as long as it’s aggregated and anonymous,” he says. “They’re very comfortable [doing so] in order to get valuable information in return that’s going to help them. Our view is it’s the same thing online. Some people find it okay that they’re being tracked and certain targeted ads head their way.” Radar is available now in CCO’s top 11 markets. The company plans to add other cities as the year progresses.’

Box Office Weekend 4-6 March 2016 (Domestic)

#1 ‘Zootopia’ $ 73.70 million in 3,827 theaters
#2 ‘London Has Fallen’ $ 21.74 million in 3,490 theaters
#3 ‘Deadpool’ $ 16.40 million in 3,624 theaters
#4 ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ $ 7.60 million in 2,374 theaters
#5 ‘Gods of Egypt’ $ 5.00 million in 3,117 theaters
#6 ‘Risen’ $ 3.89 million in 2,507 theaters
#7 ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ $ 3.53 million in 2,700 theaters
#8 ‘The Revenant’ $ 3.33 million in 1,488 theaters
#9 ‘Eddie the Eagle’ $ 3.10 million in 2,044 theaters
#10 ‘The Witch’ $ 2.51 million in 1,715 theaters

Box Office Weekend 4-6 March 2016 (International)

#1 ‘Ip Man 3 $ 75.0 million in 3 territories*
#2 ‘Zootopia’ $ 63.4 million in 46 territories
#3 ‘Deadpool’ $ 21.2 million in 74 territories
#4 ‘Gods of Egypt’ $ 15.7 million in 74 territories
#5 ‘The Revenant’ $ 12.5 million in 48 territories
#6 ‘London Has Fallen’ $ 12.0 million in 22 territories
#7 ‘Mei Ren Yu’ $ 10.5 million in 8 territories
#8 ‘Hail Ceasar’ $ 5.0 million in 41 territories
#9 ‘Spotlight’ $ 4.7 million in 37 territories
#10 ‘How To Be Single’ $ 4.5 million in 50 territories
*NOTE: ‘Ip Man 3’ total is questionable. Rumors abound that rookie distributor Dayinmu Film colluded with several cinema chains to pad ‘Ip Man 3’s final weekend box office tally.

Coming Soon

‘Jason Bourne’ starring Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander, Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Cassel.


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Across The Pond

BBC One #1 Tuesday in the UK as 'Happy Valley' top program.

BBC One #1 Tuesday in the UK as ‘Happy Valley’ top program.

The Big One

730P ‘EastEnders‘ finished with an average 6.5 million viewers and a 32% share.
8P ‘Holby City‘ finished with an average 4.8 million viewers and a 23% share.
9P ‘Happy Valley‘ finished with an average 6.4 million viewers and a 30% share.

The Independent One

7P ‘Emmerdale‘ finished with an average 5.7 million viewers and a 30% share.
8P ‘It’s Not Rocket Science‘ finished with an average 1.4 million viewers and a 7% share.
9P ‘Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera‘ season finale finished with an average 1.7 million viewers and an 8% share.

The Little Two

8P ‘Back in Time for the Weekend‘ finished with an average 2.0 million viewers and a 10% share.
9P ‘Who’s the Boss?‘ finished with an average 611,000 viewers and a 3% share.

Channel 4
The Big Four

8P ‘The Secret Life of the Zoo‘ (8pm) finished with an average 1.8 million viewers and a 9% share.
9P ‘Born to Be Different‘ finished with an average 1.0 million viewers and a 5% share.

Channel 5
The Viacom Five

8P ‘Britain’s Horror Homes‘ finished with an average 881,000 viewers and a 4% share.
9P ‘Benefits by the Sea: Jaywick‘ finished with 1.0 million viewers and a 5% share.

Down Under

Seven #1 Tuesday in Australia as 'Seven News' & 'My Kitchen Rules' top programs.

Seven #1 Tuesday in Australia as ‘Seven News’ & ‘My Kitchen Rules’ top programs.

Seven finished #1 Tuesday in Australia with a 33.8% share of the available audience.
Nine finished #2 with a 25.0% share.
Ten finished #3 with a 19.2% share of the available audience.
ABC finished #4 with a 15.5% share.
SBS finished #5 Tuesday in Australia with a 6.5% share of the available audience.

Top ten Non-Newscast Programs In Australia Tuesday
#1 MY KITCHEN RULES – TUE Seven 1,513,000 viewers #1 in all markets

#2 WANTED Seven 872,000 viewers Sydney top market

#3 HOME AND AWAY Seven 862,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#4 A CURRENT AFFAIR Nine 853,000 viewers Sydney top market

#5 WANTED-EP.2 Seven 764,000 viewers Sydney top market
#6 THE BIG BANG THEORY-TUE Nine 757,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#7 I’M A CELEBRITY…Elimination
GET ME OUT OF HERE! TEN 742,000 viewers Melbourne top market
GET ME OUT OF HERE! TEN 712,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#9 7.30 ABC 710,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#10 THE BIG BANG THEORY (R) Nine 674,000 viewers Melbourne top market

Top Newscasts In Australia Tuesday
#1 SEVEN NEWS Seven 1,067,000 viewers #1 in Adelaide & Perth

#2 SEVEN News/TodayTonight Seven 1,009,000 viewers Melbourne top market

#3 NINE NEWS Nine 966,000 viewers #1 in Melbourne & Brisbane

#4 NINE NEWS 6:30 Nine 947,000 viewers #1 in Sydney

#5 ABC NEWS ABC 829,000 viewers Melbourne top market


Seven finished #1 Wednesday in Australia with a 34.0% share of the available audience.
Nine finished #2 with a 23.3% share.
Ten finished #3 with a 18.4% share of the available audience.
ABC finished #4 Wednesday in Australia with a 16.7% share.
SBS finished #5 Wednesday in Australia with a 7.5% share of the available audience.

Top Ten Non-Newscast Programs in Australia Wednesday
#1 MY KITCHEN RULES – WED Seven 1,494,000 viewers #1 in all markets

#2 A CURRENT AFFAIR Nine 806,000 viewers Sydney top market

GET ME OUT OF HERE! WED TEN 797,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#4 HOME AND AWAY Seven 796,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#5 I’M A CELEBRITY…Elimination
GET ME OUT OF HERE! WED TEN 775,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#6 FIRST DATES Seven 754,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#7 7.30 ABC 711,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#8 ZEMIRO’S HOME DELIVERY ABC 651,000 viewers Sydney top market
#9 WEEKLY c CH.PICKERING ABC 600,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#10 THE PROJECT 7PM Network TEN 573,000 viewers Sydney & Melbourne top markets

Top Newscasts In Australia Wednesday
#1 NINE NEWS Nine 1,009,000 viewers #1 in Sydney & Melbourne

#2 SEVEN NEWS Seven 986,000 viewers #1 in Adelaide & Perth

#3 NINE NEWS 6:30 Nine 974,000 viewers #1 in Brisbane

#4 SEVEN News/TodayTonight Seven 937,000 viewers Melbourne top market

#5 ABC NEWS ABC 829,000 viewers Melbourne top market

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The Beatles ‘Yesterday’ in honor of George Martin who joined John & George.

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