NBC #1 Sunday in the U.S. BBC One #1 in the UK. Seven #1 in Australia.

Nearly half of US shoppers, 121 million, plan to purchase online on Cyber Monday, a slight decrease from 126.9 million in 2014, a National Retail Federation survey reports. Almost a quarter of those surveyed say they will shop using a mobile device, up to 29.6 million from last year's 24.4 million. #c|sdigitalnote 🇺🇸💻📱

Nearly half of US shoppers, 121 million, plan to purchase online on Cyber Monday, a slight decrease from 126.9 million in 2014, a National Retail Federation survey reports. Almost a quarter of those surveyed say they will shop using a mobile device, up to 29.6 million from last year’s 24.4 million. #c|sdigitalnote 🇺🇸💻📱

‘It’s All About Screens.’ This is the Daily Diary of Screens. On Sunday, November 29, 2015, NBC finished #1 broadcast network but CBS’ ‘NFL Overrun of Seattle Seahawks defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers’‘ was the top program. BBC One #1 in the UK as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ top program. Seven finished #1 in Australia as ‘The X Factor Australia’ was the top non-news program and ‘Seven News’ was the nation’s top newscast. ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2‘ #1 on weekend 27-29 November 2015 (Domestic) ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2‘ #1 on weekend 27-29 November 2015 (International). There are 3.734 Billion Unique Mobile 68% Social Ad Clicks Are Now Mobile. Users as of this quarter, account for a 51% worldwide penetration. Direct uploads of user videos to Facebook now exceed YouTube. 88% of Twitter users are on mobile. The Google+1 button is hit 5 billion times per day. 80% of Internet users on Pinterest are female. LinkedIn has 347 million registered members. 600 million users on Whatsapp. MONDAY AUSTRALIAN OVERNIGHT TV RATINGS (*SEE BELOW)

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’.

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For Sunday, November 29, 2015 (Posted on November 30, 2015)

NBC #1 Sunday but CBS' NFL Overrun featuring the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers top program.

NBC #1 Sunday but CBS’ NFL Overrun featuring the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers top program with over 26.5 million viewers.


The Peacock Network finished #1 Sunday as ‘Sunday Night Football’ dominated the evening. At 7P, ‘Football Night In America’ finished with an average 8.69 million viewers and a 1.8/7. At 730P, ‘Football Night In America’ continued with an average 8.69 million viewers and a 2.2/3. At 8P, ‘Sunday Night Pre-Game’ finished with an average 18.03 million viewers and a 9.3/15. At 830P, ‘Sunday Night Football’ featuring the Denver Broncos defeated the previously undefeated New England Patriots in overtime, 30-24 in Denver and drew an average 22.87 million viewers and a 16.0/25.


The Tiffany Network had pro football, the biggest news magazine, a Secretary of State, a good wife and on the West Coast, a little CSI:Cyber. At 7P, ‘NFL Overrun’ featuring the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Seattle, finished with an average 26.5 million viewers and a 19.0/31. At 804P, ’60 Minutes’ delivered an average 14.06 million viewers and a 12.8/19. At 904P, ‘Madam Secretary’ finished with a real cliffhanger and an average 9.54 million viewers and a 7.7/11. At 1004P, ‘The Good Wife’ with an exceptional episode suggesting that no woman should ever touch another man’s arm while making sure a failing restauranteur should not sue a website for ethnicity issues, drew an average 7.33 million viewers and a 6.3/9. Then at 1105P, in the Mountain, Pacific and Hawaiian time zones, ‘CSI: Cyber’ finished with an average that was not available for ratings until later in the week because of the extremely late delayed start. It did however generate a 4.7 rating and a 8 share.


The Alphabet Network finished not so well this past Sunday. At 7P, a rerun of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ finished with an average 5.29 million viewers and a 3.1/5. At 8P, ‘Once Upon A Time’ finished with an average 4.32 million viewers and a 2.7/4. At 9P, ‘Blood & Oil’ finished with an average 3.18 million viewers and a 2.1/3. Then at 10P, ‘Quantico’ finished with an average 4.07 million viewers and a 3.0/5.


The Animal Network finished with a little bit of football and all the usual suspects. At 7P, the premiere of ‘Breakthrough Prize’ finished with an average 1.44 million viewers and a 1.0/2. At 8P, a rerun of ‘The Simpsons’ finished with an average 2.34 million viewers and a 1.4/2. At 830P, ‘Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special’ finished with an average 2.23 million viewers and a 1.2/2. At 9P, a rerun of ‘Family Guy’ finished with an average 2.12 million viewers and a 1.4/2. At 930P, a rerun of ‘Last Man On Earth’ finished with an average 1.8 million viewers and a 1.1/2.

For The Record

NBC finished with an average 18.72 million viewers and an 11.6/18. CBS finished with an average 14.37 million viewers and a 10.1/16. ABC finished with an average 4.21 million viewers and a 2.7/4. FOX finished with an average 1.90 million viewers and a 1.2/2. Univision finished with an average 1.70 million viewers and a 1.1/2. Telemundo finished with an average 1.30 million viewers and a 0.9/1.

Today In Communication History

On this date in 1956, CBS replayed the program ‘Douglas Edward and the News’ three hours after it was received on the West Coast. It was the world’s first broadcast via videotape.

National Geo Wild Brings Extraordinary Television

During ‘Big Cat Week’, National Geo Wild is bringing ‘Safari Live’ to the world several times during the day. If you have never been on a safari in Africa, this is the program for you. You can join in the Twitter discussions @wildsafari

It’s getting cluttered out there. 5,740,000,000 Google searches are made each day. #c|sdigitalnote 🇺🇸💻📱
It’s getting more cluttered out there. 782,651,327 tweets were made today. #c|sdigitalnote 🇺🇸💻📱

Cinema News
Top Ten Box Office 27-29 November 2015 Weekend (Domestic Only)

#1 ‘HungerGames:Mockingjay2’$51.60 in 4,175 theaters
#2 ‘The Good Dinosaur’ $39.19 in 3,749 theaters
#3 ‘Creed’ $30.12 in 3,404 theaters
#4 ‘Spectre’ $12.80 in 2,940 theaters (Critique:https://www.facebook.com/cinemacritique/)
#5 ‘The Peanuts Movie’ $ 9.70 in 3,089 theaters
#6 ‘The Night Before’ $ 8.20 in 2,960 theaters
#7 ‘Secret in their Eyes’ $ 4.50 in 2,392 theaters
#8 ‘Spotlight’ $ 4.50 in 897 theaters
#9 ‘Brooklyn’ $ 3.83 in 845 theaters
#10 ‘The Martian’ $ 3.30 in 1,420 theaters

International Box Office
#1 ‘The Hunger Games’ $63.00 million in 93 territories
#2 ‘The Martian’ $ 51.35 million in 19 territories
#3 ‘Spectre’ $ 30.40 million in 94 territories (Critique:https://www.facebook.com/cinemacritique/)
#4 ‘The Good Dinosaur’ $ 28.70 million in 40 territories
#5 ‘Our Times’ $ 13.00 million in 8 territories
#6 ‘Victor Frankenstein’ $ 10.00 million in 34 territories
#7 ‘Inside Men’ $ 9.70 million in 1 territory
#8 ‘Bridge of Spies’ $ 7.00 million in 45 territories (Critique:https://www.facebook.com/cinemacritique/)
#9 ‘The Vanished Murderer’$ 6.00 million in 1 territory
#10 ‘Spanish Affair 2’ $ 5.70 million in 1 territory

Coming Soon

Coming December

Coming For Christmas from Quentin Tarantino

‘Joy’ They’re back. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper

‘Legend’ Tom Hardy, Emily Browning

‘The Revenant’ Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy


Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia the former Yugoslave Republic, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, State of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Zambia, United Republic of Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvadore, Belize, Curaçao, Aruba, St. Lucia, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Martinique, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Puerto Rico (144). We are thankful to all of you with more than 35,000 views.
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w03Baird Television Picture from 1926 by John L. Baird. Many historians credit Baird with being the first to produce a live, moving, greyscale television image from reflected light.

Across The Pond

BBC One #1 Sunday as 'Strictly Come Dancing' top program.

BBC One #1 Sunday as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ top program with over 10 million viewers.


The Big One finished #1 Sunday in the UK. At 620P, ‘Countryfile’ began the evening with 7.4 million (36.0%) viewers watched as Ellie Harrison met a man who painted birds. At 720P, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ produced the weekend’s biggest audience, bringing in 10.5 million viewers and a 43% share. At 8P, ‘Antiques Roadshow’ finished with 5.7 million viewers and a 24% share. Then at 9P, ‘The Hunt’ which finished with 3.8/16.


The Independent One couldn’t quite have enough to do it on Sunday. At 8P, ‘The X Factor’ Results Show drew 6.5 million viewers and a 27% as Celine collapsed for the second time in the competition. Then at 9P, ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’, finished with a 8.7 million viewers and a 38% share.

Down Under

Seven #1 Sunday in Australia as 'The X Factor' to non-news program & Seven News #1 newscast

Seven #1 Sunday in Australia as ‘The X Factor’ to non-news program & Seven News #1 newscast

Top Non-News TV Programs In Australia Sunday

#1 The X Factor Seven 1.506 million viewers
#2 Peter Allen—Not The Boy Next Door Part 1 Seven 1.333 million viewers
#3 The Block Nine 1.037 million viewers
#4 60 Minutes Nine 738,000 viewers
#5 Grand Designs ABC 706,000 viewers
#6 Rugby League FinalSeries Nine 672,000 viewers
#7 Seven’s AFL: Sunday Afternoon Football Finals Seven 668,000 viewers
#8 TBL: Families Ten 646,000 viewers

Top Newscasts In Australia Sunday
#1 Seven News Seven 1.382 million viewers
#2 Nine News Sunday Nine 1.278 million viewers
#3 ABC News Sunday ABC 808,000 viewers


Seven #1 in Australia Monday as Nine's 'A Current Affair' top non-news program & 'Seven News' top newscast

Seven #1 in Australia Monday as Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’ top non-news program & ‘Seven News’ top newscast


The Second Commercial Network in Australia finished #1 for the second night in a row as it finished with a 26.7% share of the available audience. The #1 newscast in the nation was ‘Seven News’ with an average 1.065 million viewers. Its top non-news program was ‘Home & Away’ with an average 735,000 viewers.


Network Nine finished #2 in Australia on Monday with a 25.7% share. #1 non-new programming was ‘A Current Affair’ which finished with 919,000 viewers. The network’s top newscast on Monday was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with 1.007 million viewers.


The Alphabet Network in Australia finished #3 with a 20.5% share of the available audience. The network’s top non-news program was ‘7.30’ which finished with an average 861,000 viewers.


The Third Commercial Network in Australia finished #4 with a 18.9% share. The network’s top non-news program was ‘TBL Families’ with an average 653,000 viewers. Its top newscast was ‘Ten Eyewitness News @ Five’ which finished with an average 493,000 viewers.


The Special Broadcast Service in Australia finished #5 with a 8.1% share of the available audience

Top Ten Non-News Programming In Australia Monday
#1 A CURRENT AFFAIR Nine 919,000 viewers #1 in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane
#2 7.30 ABC 861,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#3 BACK ROADS ABC 844,000 viewers #1 in Adelaide & Perth
#4 HOME AND AWAY Seven 735,000 viewers Sydney top market
HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD ABC 702,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#6 TBL FAMILIES TEN 653,000 viewers Sydney top market
#7 THE CHASE AUSTRALIA Seven 644,000 viewers Sydney top market
#8 THE PROJECT 7PM TEN 628,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#9 THE EMBASSY Nine 550,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#10 FAMILY FEUD TEN 537,000 viewers Sydney top market

Top Newscast In Australia Monday
#1 SEVEN NEWS Seven 1,065,000 viewers #1 in Adelaide & Perth
#2 SEVEN NEWS/TODAYTonightSeven 1,044,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#3 NINE NEWS 6:30 Nine 1,007,000 viewers #1 in Sydney & Melbourne
#4 NINE NEWS Nine 975,000 viewers #1 in Brisbane
#5 ABC NEWS ABC 839,000 viewers Melbourne top market
#6 TEN EYEWITNESS NEWS @5 TEN 493,000 viewers Melbourne top market

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Today’s featured ‘Music To Read overtheshouldermedia By’ down at the bottom of the page

The Best-Selling Single of All Time
For most of us, the music and lyrics of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” are inseparable from Bing Crosby’s famous version of the tune, which perfectly captures a sense of longing for an old-fashioned Christmas “…just like the ones I used to know”. It’s a seemingly magical place where everyone, regardless of the actual location of their birth, or particular childhood experience, fondly remembers a scene “where treetops glisten, and children listen, to hear sleigh bells in the snow.” The mental imagery produced by the Berlin’s music and Crosby’s soothing baritone voice is simply that strong.

Crosby’s original recording of the song was made in May 1942, and was released in July as part of a collection of songs featured in the film Holiday Inn. Perhaps because it was released during the middle of Summer, the single didn’t begin to generate much interest until October, when it finally climbed to the top of the charts. In the midst of the Christmas season of 1942, the song took on a special significance for millions of American soldiers longing for the comforts of home while stationed overseas during World War II, as well as for the families of those men, wishing for their safe return.

Irving Berlin wrote “White Christmas” in 1940, possibly intending it to be used as part of a musical revue in a Broadway production featuring his original compositions. The little known opening verse of the song, not used in Crosby’s rendition, has caused some confusion about Berlin’s actual whereabouts while writing the lyric; “The sun is shining, the grass is green, the orange and palm tree sway, there’s never been such a day, in Beverly Hills, LA.” Even though the composer had spent time working in Hollywood and writing music for various productions in the late 1930s, recent research suggests that he almost certainly wrote the tune during the holiday break at his home in New York City, where he spent the Winter of 1939-40.

In any case, the undeniable popularity of the song owes much to the convergence of the talents of one of American’s most popular composers, the most beloved singer of the day, and to the circumstances of millions of American G.I.’s and their families during the war. In the more than 70 years since its initial release, no other Christmas song has captured the imagination of the public in quite the same way, and it will almost certainly continue to be a part of our collective holiday dreams, real or imagined, 70 years from now.

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