CBS #1 Monday in the U.S. ITV #1 in the UK. Seven #1 in Australia.

‘It’s All About Screens.’ This is the Daily Diary of Screens. On Monday, October 26, 2015, CBS finished #1 as ‘Big Bang Theory’‘ was the top program. ITV finished #1 in the UK as ‘Doc Martin’ was the top program. Seven finished #1 in Australia but ABC’s ‘Australian Story’ was the top program; ‘Nine News‘ top newscast. ‘The Martian‘ #1 at Cinema weekend 23-25 October 2015 (Domestic) ‘The Martian‘ #1 International. There are 3.734 Billion Unique Mobile 68% Social Ad Clicks Are Now Mobile. Users as of this quarter, account for a 51% worldwide penetration. Direct uploads of user videos to Facebook now exceed YouTube. 88% of Twitter users are on mobile. The Google+1 button is hit 5 billion times per day. 80% of Internet users on Pinterest are female. LinkedIn has 347 million registered members. 600 million users on Whatsapp.TUESDAY AUSTRALIAN OVERNIGHT TV RATINGS (*SEE BELOW)

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’.

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For Monday, October 26, 2015 (Posted on October 27, 2015)

ESPN #1 Monday but CBS' The Big Bang Theory' top program.

CBS #1 Monday as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ top program.


The Tiffany Network debuted a long anticipated program and powered to top all broadcast networks on Monday. At 8P, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ finished with an average 16.32 million viewers and a 10.3/16. At 820P, the debut of ‘Supergirl’ finished with an average 12.96 million viewers and a 7.9/12. At 930P, a special 1 & 1/2 hour episode of ‘Scorpion’ finished with an average 9.69 million viewers and a 6.4/10. Compared to last year on the same comparable date, CBS finished up, +3 million viewers Monday.


Walt’s Sports Network finished #1 on Monday night as pro football again finished on top of the ratings. At 8P, ‘Monday Night Football’ featuring the Arizona Cardinals victory at home over the Baltimore Ravens finished with 12.204 million viewers and a 9.0 overnight rating, up 3% from Steelers/Texans last year (8.7) but down 5% from Vikings/Giants in 2013 (9.5). Overnights peaked at 10.5 from 945P-10P ET. The Cardinals’ win ranks as the third-lowest rated MNF telecast of the season in the metered markets (eight telecasts), but the third of the past four to have a year-over-year increase. It was also the first of the three all-AFC matchups on ESPN to have an increase. ESPN’s telecast had a 12.9 in Phoenix and a 12.5 in Baltimore. It was simulcast on local affiliates in both markets, earning a 13.2 on Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV and an 18.7 on Baltimore NBC affiliate WBAL. New Orleans was the top neutral market (13.4), with Las Vegas (12.3) and Norfolk (11.9) rounding out the top five. Overall, it finished as the third most popular program on the evening behind CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and CBS’ ‘Supergirl’.


The Peacock Network finished 6% behind Black Rock on Monday. At 8P, ‘The Voice’ finished with an average 11.88 million viewers and an 8.1/12. At 10P, ‘Blindspot’ finished with an average 7.91 million viewers and a 5.2/9. On the same comparable date last year, NBC finished down -900,000 viewers.


The Alphabet Network tried but couldn’t quite keep up. At 8P, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finished with an average 11.86 million viewers and a 8.1/12. At 10P, for some reason, the programmers at Disneyville decided to rerun an old episode of ‘Castle’ and as expected, it died with an average 4.47 million viewers and a 3.0/5. ABC on the same comparable date last year finished down, -2.3 million viewers.


The Animal Network of Broadcast didn’t have the programming to move up in ratings on Monday. At 8P, a tremendous episode of ‘Gotham’ finished with an average 4.25 million viewers and a 3.1/5. At 9P, ‘Minority Report’ simply died with lack of interest as it drew an average 2.05 million viewers and a 1.4/2. FOX on the same comparable date last year finished down, -2.1 million viewers.

The CW

The Little Network That Couldn’t didn’t. At 8P, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ finished with an average 670,000 viewers and a 0.6/1. At 9P, ‘Jane the Virgin’ finished with an average 940,000 viewers and a 0.7/1. Compared to last year on the same comparable date, The CW finished down, -300,000 viewers.

For The Record

CBS finished as the #1 broadcast network Monday with an average 11.78 million viewers and a 7.6/12. It was the only network to finish better than last year on the same comparable date. ESPN finished as the #1 cable network with an average 11.354 million viewers and a 9.0 HH rating. NBC finished #3 with an average 10.60 million viewers and a 7.2/11. ABC finished #4 with an average 9.71 million viewers and a 6.4/10. USA Network finished #5 with 3.354 million viewers. FOX finished with an average 3.15 million viewers and a 2.2/3. VH1 finished with an average 1.931 million viewers. Univision finished with an average 1.70 million viewers and a 1.2/2. Discovery Network finished with an average 1.377 million viewers. Telemundo finished with an average 1.30 million viewers and a 0.9/2. The CW finished with an average 810,000 viewers and a 0.7/1.

Today In TV History

On this date in 1945, U.S. President Harry S. Truman made his first live television appearance.

Integrated Marketing Research
Millennials Are Cautious, Tech-Savvy Savers
Recovering from the Great Recession has been tough for many, and 57% of Americans reported feeling like they were still in a recession as of the second quarter. According to Nielsen Research, Millennials have been hit particularly hard by the recent turbulence in the economy, but roughly 70% believe their personal finances will be either good or excellent in the next year. They’ve also got their eyes on the future, as they’re most likely to put extra money into savings after they cover their living expenses.

Millennials, defined by Nielsen as consumers born between 1977 and 1995, now account for 24% of the U.S. population. The group is 77 million strong, define themselves by their use of technology, and many have adopted a DIY approach to managing their finances. And when we look at the striations within the Millennial generation, upscale Millennials (those earning more than $75,000/year) represent a notable pocket of opportunity for financial services providers.
discretionary spend
Roughly 27% of Millennials fall into the upscale subset, and 15% of them actually earn more than $100,000 per year. In addition to their high incomes, upscale Millennials have amassed significantly more wealth than the overall generation. In fact, the median liquid wealth value (income producing assets) among upscale Millennials is $157,000, which is more than 11 times that of the generation as a whole.

Upscale Millennials are actively engaged in saving for the future. According to Nielsen Financial Track, these consumers are more than twice as likely as the average consumer to have variable-rate interest money market accounts and CD accounts. They’re also actively saving for retirement, as they’re 60% more likely than the average consumer to have an IRA and 87% more likely than the average consumer to have a 401(k) plan.

It’s also no secret that Millennials are active technology users. About 92% of Millennials own smartphones and roughly 61% own tablets. And because of their connection with technology, Millennials are more likely than the average consumer to bank on their PCs, smartphones and tablets, especially when making trades, opening new accounts, conducting research and making remote deposits. Upscale Millennials are even more engaged with tech for their financial needs, as they’re even more likely than their generation as a whole to conduct their primary banking activities online.

Cinema News
Box Office Top Ten Films 23-25 October 2015 (Domestic Only)

#1 The Martian $15,900,000
#2 Goosebumps $15,500,000
#3 Bridge Of Spies $11,365,000 (See critique:
#4 Last Witch Hunter $10,825,000
#5 Hotel Transylvania2 $ 9,000,000
#6 Paranormal Activity $ 8,200,000
#7 Steve Jobs $ 7,267,095
#8 Crimson Peak $ 5,563,260
#9 The Intern $ 3,855,000
#10 Pan $ 2,540,000

Box Office Top Ten Films 23-25 October 2015 (International Only)

#1 The Martian $30,000,000
#2 Ant-Man $22,000,000
#3 Paranormal Activity $18,000,000
#4 Last Witch Hunter $13,400,000
#5 Pan $12,300,000
#6 Hotel Transylvania2 $ 9,000,000
#7T Shaandaar $ 8,000,000
#7T Nouvelles aventures $ 8,000,000
#9T Crimson Peak $ 7,800,000
#9T The Intern $ 7,800,000

Coming Soon

Coming November 20, 2015

Coming December

Coming For Christmas from Quentin Tarantino

‘Joy’ They’re back. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper

‘Legend’ Tom Hardy, Emily Browning

‘The Revenant’ Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy


Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia the former Yugoslave Republic, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, State of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Zambia, United Republic of Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvadore, Belize, Curaçao, Aruba, St. Lucia, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Martinique, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Puerto Rico (144). We are thankful to all of you with more than 35,000 views.

Across The Pond

ITV #1 Monday in the UK as 'Doc Martin' top program

ITV #1 Monday in the UK as ‘Doc Martin’ top program


The Independent One finished #1 Monday led by ‘Doc Martin’ and a guest star. At 9P, Sigourney Weaver helped propel ‘Doc Martin’ to the #1 program in the UK on Monday with an average 6.0 million viewers (30.0%).


The Big One did not fare as well on Monday. At 830P, ‘Britain’s Mental Health Crisis’ brought in an average 2.1 million viewers and a 10% share. At 9P presented ‘Traffic Cops’ as it finished with an average 2.3 million viewers (11.0%)
Channel Four

Channel 4

The Big Four finished in the middle of the pack on Monday. At 8P, ‘How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls’ was watched by 1.8 million viewers and an 8% share. At 9P, ‘SAS:Who Dares Wins’ and it finished with an average 1.7 million viewers (7.0%).

Channel 5

The Viacom Network At 9P had ‘On Benefits: The Millionaire Thief’ which drew 1.1 million viewers (5.0%).

Down Under
Today, for the first time, we are going to measure prime time television programming in Australia, which will NOT include the newscasts. They will be rated separately. This is a measurement of news and entertainment in prime time. Prime time in Australia is officially from 6P to Midnight, following Australian Eastern Standard Time, with the highest ratings normally achieved between 6P to 9P. We will measure the period outside of the newscast windows.


The Second Commercial Network in Australia finished #1 with a 30.1% share of the available audience.


Network Nine finished #2 on Monday in Australia as it delivered a 26.1% share.

The Alphabet Network in Australia finished #3 on Monday with a 20.5% share of the available audience.


The Third Commercial Network in Australia finished #4 with an a 17.8% share on Monday.


The Special Broadcast Service in Australia finished #5 with a 5.6% share of the available audience on Monday.
Monday’s Top Ten non-news Programming in Prime Time
#1 Australian Story ABC 1,027,000 viewers
#2 A Current Affair Nine 1,021,000 viewers
#3 The Block Nine 1,016,000 viewers
#4 The X Factor Seven 1,003,000 viewers
#5 7.30 ABC 935,000 viewers
#6 Home And Away Seven 767,000 viewers
#7 Four Corners ABC 726,000 viewers
#8 You’vePaying Attention? TEN 686,000 viewers
#9 The Big Bang Theory Seven 681,000 viewers
#10 Media Watch ABC 633,000 viewers

Australian Newscast Ranking Monday
#1 Nine News finished with an average 1.095 million viewers. #1 in Melbourne & Brisbane
#2 Nine News 6:30 drew an average 1.073 million viewers. Top Sydney newscast
#3 Seven News finished with an average 1.028 million viewers. Top Adelaide & Perth newscast.
#4 Seven News/Today Tonight finished with an average 1.014 million viewers. Melbourne top mkt
#5 ABC News finished with an average 916,000 viewers. Melbourne top market.


Seven #1 Tuesday in Australia as '800 words' #1 program. Network Nine top newscast.

Seven #1 Tuesday in Australia as ‘800 words’ #1 program. Network Nine top newscast.


The Second Commercial Network in Australia finished #1 with a 31.0% share of the available audience.


Network Nine finished #2 with a 29.4% share.


The Third Commercial network in Australia finished #3 with a 18.6% share.


The Alphabet Network in Australia finished #4 with a 16.1% share.


The Special Broadcast Service in Australia finished #5 with a 5.0% share.

Top Ten Programs on Tuesday in Australia
#1 800 WORDS Seven 1,027,000 viewers
#2 THE BLOCK Nine 983,000 viewers
#3 A CURRENT AFFAIR Nine 978,000 viewers
#4 THE X FACTOR-TUE Seven 965,000 viewers
#5 THE BIG BANG THEORY Nine 938,000 viewers
#6 HOME AND AWAY Seven 762,000 viewers
#7 7.30 ABC 746,000 viewers
#8 THE BIG BANG THEORY-RPT Nine 709,000 viewers
#9 TBL FAMILIES TEN 628,000 viewers
#10 THE CHASE AUSTRALIA Seven 619,000 viewers

Top Newscasts in Australia on Tuesday
#1 NINE NEWS Nine 1,068,000 viewers
#2 NINE NEWS 6:30 Nine 1,044,000 viewers
#3 SEVEN NEWS Seven 1,008,000 viewers
#4 SEVEN NEWS/TODAY TONIGHT Seven 946,000 viewers
#5 ABC NEWS ABC 841,000 viewers
#6 TEN EYEWITNESS NEWS @ 5 TEN 542,000 viewers

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