ESPN #1 Monday in the U.S. ITV #1 in the UK. Seven #1 in Australia.

‘It’s All About Screens.’ This is the Daily Diary of Screens. On Monday, October 19, 2015, ESPN finished #1 but CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’‘ was the top program. ITV #1 in the UK as ‘Doc Martin’ was the top program. Seven finished #1 in Australia as ‘Nine News 6:30’ was the top programs. ‘Goosebumps‘ #1 at Cinema weekend 16-18 October 2015 (Domestic) ‘Ant-Man‘ #1 International. There are 3.734 Billion Unique Mobile 68% Social Ad Clicks Are Now Mobile. Users as of this quarter, account for a 51% worldwide penetration. Direct uploads of user videos to Facebook now exceed YouTube. 88% of Twitter users are on mobile. The Google+1 button is hit 5 billion times per day. 80% of Internet users on Pinterest are female. LinkedIn has 347 million registered members. 600 million users on Whatsapp. TUESDAY AUSTRALIA OVERNIGHT TV RATINGS (*SEE BELOW)

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’.

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For Monday, October 19, 2015 (Posted on October 20, 2015)

ESPN #1 Monday

ESPN #1 Monday but CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ top program.


The Disney Sports Channel had pro football on Monday and rode it to the top spot. At 8P, ‘Monday Night Football’ featuring the Philadelphia Eagles dismantling the New York Giants, 27-7, finished with an average 13.910 million viewers and a 9.6 HH rating. But the big boost was from the world premiere of the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer. Last night’s MNF was up 13% over last week’s much tighter 24-20 win by the Pittsburgh Steelers over the San Diego Chargers. That’s the second-best result ‘MNF’ has had this season. Only the October 5 matchup that saw the Seattle Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions 13-10 top it with a 9.9. And, highlighting the smart marketing move by Disney for both its sports cable giant and returning movie franchise, the ‘MNF’ ratings peaked to 11.7 at 9:45-10 PM on Monday, approximately around the time the trailer was being shown. In the New York market, ‘MNF’ delivered a 9.4 rating on ESPN and a 4.6 on WPIX, for a combined 14.0. In Philadelphia, the game scored a 16.5 rating on ESPN and a 15.8 on WPHL, for a combined 32.3. The top 10 outside metered markets were: West Palm Beach (14.1), New Orleans (13.9), Norfolk (13.7), San Diego (13.2), Raleigh-Durham (13.1), Las Vegas (12.8), Denver (12.7), Hartford and New Haven (12.4), Washington D.C. (11.4), and Charlotte (11.2). The Giants-Eagles game also logged the third-largest audience ever for ‘Monday Night Football’ on WatchESPN, attracting an additional 214,000 average minute impressions to the TV audience, up 89% compared to last year’s Week 6 ‘MNF’ game. It also had 670,000 unique viewers watching 43,594,000 live minutes, up 96% and 85%, respectively.


The Alphabet Network finished with the big dance show of the Winter as at 8P, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finished with an average 12.50 million viewers and a 8.6/13. At 10P, ‘Castle’ finished with an average 6.67 million viewers and a 4.7/8. The plot arc of this new season has completely destroyed the fans relationship with this program as the producers for some reason have pulled the two main characters apart. Good luck restoring the luster of this once #1 program in this time slot. It finished 3rd in the ‘Broadcast Monday Battle @ 10P’.


The Peacock Network had singing and mystery. At 8P, ‘The Voice’ finished with an average 11.40 million viewers and a 7.5/11. At 10P, the top new drama of the year, ‘Blindspot’ finished with an average 7.82 million viewers and slipping to second place in the ‘Broadcast Monday Battle @ 10P’.


The Tiffany Network had the big comedy and the regular schedule on Monday. At 8P, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ finished with an average 14.68 million viewers and a 9.4/15. At 830P, ‘Life In Pieces’ finished with an average 8.47 million viewers and a 5.3/8. At 9P, ‘Scorpion’ finished with an average 9.46 million viewers. Then at 10P, in the ‘Monday Battle @ 10P’, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ finished with an average 8.77 million viewers and it finished #1 in the ‘Broadcast Monday Battle @ 10P’ for the first time this season. Chalk it up to Tony?


The Animal Network of Broadcast led off with Wayne Manor. At 8P, ‘Gotham’ finished with an average 4.19 million viewers and a 2.8/4 as young Master Wayne never appeared but was often mentioned. Then at 9P, ‘Minority Report’ finished with an average 1.82 million viewers and a 1.4/2.

The CW

The Little Network That Couldn’t brought out the girls on Monday. At 8P, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ finished with an average 790,000 viewers and a 0.6/1, up substantially over last week’s premiere. Then at 9P, ‘Jane The Virgin’ finished with an average 820,000 million viewers and a 0.7/1. Note: The CW affiliate in New York carried the ‘Monday Night Football’ telecast, so ratings for this network may be subject to greater revisions than usual in the final nationals.

For The Record

ESPN finished #1 Monday with 13.910 million viewers. But if you already didn’t know, the big news at halftime was the premiere of the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer (shown above). ABC finished with an average 10.49 million viewers and a 7.3/11, down 6% from a year ago, but still the #1 broadcast network on Monday. NBC finished with an average 10.04 million viewers and a 6.6/10, down 12% from the previous year. CBS finished with an average 9.86 million viewers and a 6.4/10, up 9% vs last year on the same comparable date. The USA Network finished with an average 3.325 million viewers. FS1 finished with 3.092 million viewers. FOX finished with an average 3.00 million viewers and a 2.1/3, down 46% from last year. The CW finished with an average 1.26 million viewers and a 0.7/1, down 36% from last year.

Today In TV History

On this date in 1957, Walter Cronkite began hosting ‘The 20th Century’ The show aired until January 4, 1970.

Mobile News
68% Social Ad Clicks Are Now Mobile
According to Kenshoo’s research, ‘Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q3 2015’ more than two-thirds are social ad clicks are now made on mobile devices. in BizReport, by Kristina Knight (101915), ‘the social ad spent targeted to mobile devices increased more than 150% from Q3 2014 to Q3 2015; mobile search spending increased 66% YoY.

“Our data shows that mobile continues to be the most exciting area of positive change in both social and search advertising,” said Rob Coyne, Kenshoo’s Managing Director for EMEA. “As consumers spend more of their time on mobile devices, marketers are developing increasingly better optimised campaigns to make the most of the opportunity. Looking ahead, we expect to see these trends continue into the 4th quarter as retailers intensify their digital marketing activity over the holiday shopping season.”

Some interesting findings from the Kenshoo report include:
• Paid social ad spending increased 112% YoY
• Mobile CPC showed a 21% increase YoY
• Mobile CTRs increased 174% YoY
• Paid search spending increased 8% YoY, with search clicks increasing 16%
• Phone clicks increased 100% YoY
• Search CPCs decreased 7% YoY

Television News
ESPN Gets Out Of British Open Coverage
ESPN is officially out of the British Open business. NBC Sports announced Monday that it has reached agreement with ESPN to acquire next year’s British Open and related events. Terms of the deal were not announced, but NBC will pay ESPN “an unknown fee” according to Sports Business Journal. The addition of next year’s tournament tacks an extra year onto NBC’s rights deal with British Open organizer the R&A, which was to begin in 2017. It also further shortens ESPN’s 2010 deal to air the event, which was originally supposed to run until 2018. The R&A opted out of the 2017 tournament as part of the agreement with NBC, and now ESPN has opted out of 2016.

Cinema News

Top Ten Box Office Weekend 16-18 October 2015 (Domestic Only)

#1 ‘Goosebumps’ $23,500,000 in 3,501 theaters
#2 ‘The Martian’ $21,500,000 in 3,701 theaters
#3 ‘Bridge of Spies’ $15,380,000 in 2,811 theaters
#4 ‘Crimson Peak’ $12,850,000 in 2,984 theaters
#5 ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ $12,250,000 in 3,533 theaters
#6 ‘Pan’ $ 5,860,000 in 3,515 theaters
#7 ‘The Intern’ $ 5,405,000 in 2,707 theaters
#8 ‘Sicario’ $ 4,500,000 in 2,130 theaters
#9 ‘Woodlawn’ $ 4,100,000 in 1,553 theaters
#10 ‘Maze Runner’ $ 2,750,000 in 1,967 theaters

Top Ten Box Office Weekend 16-18 October 2015 (International Only)

#1 ‘Ant-Man’ $43,573,000 in 3 territories
#2 ‘The Martian $37,000,000 in 75 territories
#3 ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ $30,600,000 in 66 territories
#4 ‘Goodbye Mr. Loser’ $22,000,000 in 4 territories
#5 ‘Crimson Peak’ $13,400,000 in 56 territories
#6 ‘Pan’ $14,400,000 in 53 territories
#7 ‘The Intern’ $11,300,000 in 66 territories
#8 ‘The Little Prince’ $10,000,000 in 10 territories
#9 ‘Walk’ $ 6,700,000 in 71 territories
#10 ‘Sicario’ $ 3,000,000 in 29 territories

Coming Soon

Coming November 20, 2015

Coming December

Coming For Christmas from Quentin Tarantino

‘Joy’ They’re back. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper

‘Legend’ Tom Hardy, Emily Browning

‘The Revenant’ Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy


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Across The Pond


ITV #1 Monday as 'Doc Martin' was the top program in the UK.

ITV #1 Monday as ‘Doc Martin’ was the top program in the UK.

The Independent One finished #1 Monday with a Doctor who happened to be just a bit jealous. But first at 8P, ‘Countywise’ which was watched by an average 3.1 million viewers and a 14% share. Then at 9P, ‘Doc Martin’ was the top rated program in the UK outside of soaps (‘Coronation Street’ again drew a whopping 7.3 million viewers (35%) on Monday to lead all soaps) with an average 5.8 million viewers and a 27% share of the available audience.


The Big One didn’t quite have the ammo to offset ‘Corrie & The Doc’. At 830P, ‘Panorama’ profiled China’s visiting communist leader, Xi Jinping, which finished with an average 1.8 million and a 9% share. At 9P, ‘Traffic Cops’ was watched by an average 2.5 million viewers and an 11% share.

Channel 4

The Big Four had a little bit of the Cohen Bros. and the Marines. At 9P, ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ finished with an average 1.7 million viewers and an 8% share of the available audience. Then at 10P, the second second of FX’s ‘Fargo’ finished with an average 673,000 viewers (5%). Ya betcha.


The Little Two had the third and final part of ‘The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice’ with Alice Roberts and Neil Oliver and delivered an average 1.5 million viewers (7%).

Channel 5

The Viacom Five at 9P presented ‘Benefits: Britain’s Most Shameless Mum’ which drew an average 1.1 million viewers and a 5% share.

Down Under

Seven #1 on Monday but 'Nine News 6:30' top program.

Seven #1 on Monday but ‘Nine News 6:30’ top program.


The Second Commercial Network in Australia finished #1 on Monday with a 28.8% share of the available audience. #3 was ‘Seven News’ with an average 1.037 million viewers. #4 was ‘The X Factor Australia’ which finished with an average 1.028 million viewers. #6 was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with an average 989,000 viewers.


Network Nine finished #2 with a 27.3% share. #1 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with an average 1.091 million viewers. #2 was ‘The Block’ as the top rated non-news program in the nation with an average 1.078 million viewers. #5 was ‘A Current Affair’ with an average 1.014 million viewers. #7 was ‘Nine News’ with an average 984,000 viewers.


The Alphabet Network finished a strong #3 on Monday with a 21.0% share. #8 was ‘ABC News’ with an average 905,000 viewers. #9 was ‘Four Corners’ with an average 855,000 viewers. #10 was ‘7.30’ which finished with an average 852,000 viewers.


The Third Commercial Network finished #4 with a 17.7% share of the available audience.


The Special Broadcast Service finished #5 with a 5.3% share.



Seven won again on Tuesday with a 30.2% share. #2 was ‘800 Words’ which was the top non-news program with 1.019 million viewers. #4 was ‘The X Factor’ which drew an average 1.003 million viewers. #6 was ‘Seven News’ with an average 986,000 viewers. #8, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ which finished with an average 957,000 viewers.


Network Nine finished second with a 27.7% share. And for the second night in a row, the #1 program was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with an average 1.052 million viewers. In fact it had five of the top ten programs in the nation Tuesday, all with an odd number finish as it traded off with Seven. #3 was ‘A Current Affair’ with an average 1.009 million viewers. #5 had ‘Nine News’ finish with 989,000 viewers. #7 was ‘The Block’ with 969,000 viewers. And #9 was ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with an average 905,000 viewers.


Ten finished #3 with a 18.2% share.


The Alphabet Network of Australia finished #4 with a 17.7% share. #10 was ‘ABC News’ with 802,000 viewers.


SBS finished #5 with a 5.6% share.

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