NBC #1 Monday in the U.S. BBC One #1 in the UK. Nine #1 in Australia.

4 August 2015 overtheshouldermedia
‘It’s All About Screens.’ This is the Daily Diary of Screens. On Monday, August 3, 2015, NBC finished #1 as ‘‘American Ninja Warrior’‘ was the top program. BBC One was #1 in the UK as ‘The Housing Enforcers’ was the top program. Nine finished #1 in Australia as ‘‘Nine News’ was the top program. TUESDAY AUSTRALIAN OVERNIGHT TV RATINGS (*SEE BELOW)

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’.

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For Monday, August 3, 2015 (Posted on August 4, 2015)

NBC #1 Monday as 'American Ninja Warrior' top program

NBC #1 Monday as ‘American Ninja Warrior’ top program


The Peacock Network finished #1 on Monday. At 8P, ‘American Ninja Warrior’, without competition from ‘The Bachelorette’ rose to its highest overnight rating since the beginning of June, with an average 6.32 million viewers and a 3.9 rating/7 share of the available audience. At 10P, ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’ finished with an average 4.06 million viewers and a 2.3/4.


The Tiffany Network finished with an all rerun evening once again. And at 8P, ‘2 Broke Girls’ finished with an average 4.92 million viewers and a 3.0/5. At 830P, a rerun of ‘The Odd Couple’ finished with an average 4.21 million viewers and a 2.6/4. At 9P, a rerun of ‘Scorpion’ rose with an average 4.76 million viewers and a 3.2/5. Finally at 10P, the network continued to rise, much to the joy of its affiliates with ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, which finished #1 in its time slot with an average 5.98 million viewers and a 4.0/7.


The Alphabet Network finished without the girl as it brought out a new guy. At 8P, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ opened with an average 4.72 million viewers and a 3.7/6. Next at 9P, something called ‘Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise’ dropped like a rock as it finished with an average 3.13 million viewers and a 2.4/4. Then at 10P, the network affiliates cried as ‘The Whispers’ finished the network’s prime time schedule on Monday with a series-low 2.74 million viewers and a 1.8/3. That’s called a PT Slide.


The Animal Network of Broadcast finished as expected. At 8P, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ finished with an average 3.11 million viewers and a 2.6/4. What can one say? It is dancing in the summer.

The CW

The Little Network That Couldn’t didn’t. Again. At 8P, ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’ was the top program on the network Monday as it finished with an average 2.09 million viewers and a 1.5/3. At 9P, ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ finished with an average 1.40 million viewers and a 1.1/2. Then at 930P, the premiere of ‘Significant Mother’ wasn’t significant at all as it finished with an average 870,000 viewers and a 0.6/1.

For The Record

NBC finished #1 on Monday with an average 5.528 million viewers and a 3.4/6. CBS finished second on Monday with an average 5.100 million viewers and a 3.3/6. USA finished #3 on Monday with an average 3.702 million viewers. ABC finished with an average 3.528 million viewers and a 2.6/5. FOX finished with an average 3.111 million viewers and a 2.6/4. TNT finished with an average 2.781 million viewers. Univision finished with an average 1.915 million viewers and a 1.1/2. The CW finished with an average 1.610 million viewers and a 1.2/2. Telemundo finished with an average 1.300 million viewers and a 0.9/2.

Today In TV History

On this date in 1987, The Fairness Doctrine was rescinded by the Federal Communications Commission. The doctrine had required that radio and TV stations present controversial issues in a balanced fashion.

Cable Top Ten Programs on Monday in Prime Time

#1 Major Crimes TNT 4.574 million viewers @ 9P
#2 WWE Entertainment USA 3.739 million viewers @8P
#3 WWE Entertainment USA 3.695 million viewers @ 9P
#4 WWE Entertainment USA 3.671 million viewers @ 10P
#5 The O’Reilly Factor FOXNC 3.048 million viewers @ 8P
#6 Love & Hip Hop ATL VH1 2.799 million viewers @ 8P
#7 The Kelly File FOXNC 2.640 million viewers @ 9P
#8 Murder In The First TNT 2.100 million viewers @ 10P
#9 LHH ATL Afterparty VH1 1.939 million viewers @ 9P
#10 House Hunters Int’l HGTV 1.798 million viewers @ 1030P

Mobile News
Mobile To Drive Huge 20% Increase In Online Video Viewing in 2016
How much more content can we watch? New findings from ZenithOptimedia suggest the average amount time people will spend consuming online video each day will increase by 23.3% in 2015 and by a further 19.8% in 2016. The growth in video consumption is being driven by the rapid rise of smartphone and tablet penetration across the globe, together with the resulting changes in consumer behaviour. Video consumption on mobile devices is forecast to grow by 43.9% in 2015 and 34.8% in 2016. Meanwhile, video consumption on non-mobile devices will continue to grow, though at more moderate rates, increasing by 9.5% in 2015 and 6.5% in 2016.

ZenithOptimedia expects mobile to become the main platform for viewing online video next year. In 2012 mobile devices accounted for 22.9% of time spend watching online video worldwide. By 2014, this proportion had risen to 40.1%, and Zenith expects it to reach 52.7% in 2016 and 58.1% in 2017.

ZenithOptimedia also predicts that the number of people regularly watching traditional, linear TV will peak this year, and will start to decline for the first time in 2016. The report states that the number of regular linear TV viewers will rise 3.1% in 2015 but then shrink by 1.9% in 2016 and 0.9% in 2017.

TV Campaigns Extend Reach Via Facebook Ads
Facebook has seen success with video ad placements, and recent research indicates that TV advertisers are leveraging the social network to stretch the reach of their campaigns. According to March 2015 research by Nielsen for Facebook IQ, Facebook helps advertisers running television campaigns target younger age segments that are harder to reach on TV. Facebook-only entertainment ad campaigns in the US reached 13.4% of the 18-to-24 targeted age group, or nearly a quarter of overall reach among the demographic. Cross-platform campaigns delivered an average reach of 15.5%, or almost 27% of the total. Meanwhile, among those ages 25 to 34, cross-platform ads reached 14.0% of the targeted age group and Facebook-only campaigns about 10%, representing 22.3% and nearly 15% of total campaign reach, respectively. The boosts are particularly significant when one considers that nearly seven in 10 people reached on Facebook of all ages fell in the 18-to-34 range, vs. 26% share of those on TV, emphasizing the huge reach advertisers can gain among these younger demographics by going beyond television.

Video continues to expand its share of both mobile and total Facebook ad dollars. According to research from Nanigans, video increased its share of overall Facebook ad spending worldwide by 23% between Q1 2015 and Q2 2015, from 13% to 16%. Growth was even more impressive when it came to mobile ads, where video’s portion of spending rose by 40% quarter over quarter, from 15% to 21%.

According to Kinetic Social, video’s share of Facebook ad dollars is larger in the US, where the format accounted for almost 27% of advertiser spend on the social network in Q2 2015. While this was slightly lower than its 28.0% share in Q1 2015, it was nearly double the portion it grabbed in Q4 2014 and more than triple that in Q2 2014. Overall, eMarketer estimated in April 2015 that Facebook ad spending worldwide would jump nearly 35% this year to reach $15.50 billion. At the same time, we forecast that Facebook mobile internet ad revenues would hit $11.01 billion globally in 2015, up 48.4% year over year.

Cinema News

Top Ten Box Office for Weekend 31 July-2 August 2015 (Domestic Only)
#1 Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation $56,400,000 in 3,956 theaters
#2 Vacation $14,850,000 in 3,411 theaters
#3 Ant-Man $12,619,000 in 3,322 theaters
#4 Minions $12,200,000 in 3,575 theaters
#5 Pixels $10,400,000 in 3,723 theaters
#6 Trainwreck $ 9,700,000 in 2,690 theaters
#7 Southpaw $ 7,519,000 in 2,772 theaters
#8 Paper Towns $ 4,600,000 in 3,031 theaters
#9 Inside Out $ 4,517,000 in 1,904 theaters
#10 Jurassic World $ 3,800,000 in 1,912 theaters

Top Ten Box Office for Weekend 31 July-2 August 2015 (International)
#1 Mission: Impossible …$65,000,000 in 41 territories
#2 Minions $39,100,000 in 63 territories
#3 Monster Hunt$27,000,000 in 6 territories
#4 Ant-Man $20,000,000 in 51 territories
#5 Pixels $19,800,000 in 75 territories
#6 Inside Out $17,800,000 in 52 territories
#7 Vacation $14,850,000 in 1 territory
#8 Assassination $12,700,000 in 1 territory
#9 Dynasty Woman: Yang … $9,000,000 in 1 territory
#10 Wild City $8,500,000 in 1 territory

Coming Soon

Coming November 20, 2015

Coming December

Coming For Christmas from Quentin Tarantino

‘Joy’ They’re back. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper


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Across The Pond


The Big One finished #1 on Monday in the UK. At 7P, ‘The Housing Enforcers’ was the night’s most-watched program outside of the soaps, with an average 3.35 million viewers (18.2%). At 830P, ‘Panorama’ drew an average 1.56 million viewers (7.6%). Then at 9P, ‘Britain at the Bookies’ finished with an average 1.86 million viewers (9.8%).


The Independent One brought out something new on Monday. First, at 8P, ‘Vet School’ continued with an average 2.53 million viewers (12.6%). Then at 9P, ITV’s new series ‘Travel Guides’ got off to a strong start, as the first episode of four was seen by 2.66 million viewers (14.1%).


The Little Two at 730P presented ‘Great British Menu’ as it brought in 1.36 million viewers (7.1%). At 8P, ‘University Challenge’ brought in a much larger audience as it finished #1 on the network on Monday with an average 2.71 million viewers (13.6%). At 830P, ‘Only Connect’ slipped to an average 2.23 million viewers (10.8%). At 9P, ‘Life in Squares’ continued with an average 1.06 million viewers (5.6%).

Channel 4

The Big Four finished fourth on Monday as at 8P, ‘Flying to the Ends of the Earth’ drew in an average 1.20 million viewers (5.9%). At 9P, ’24 Hours in Police Custody’ increased the audience to 1.78 million viewers (9.4%). At 10P, ‘A Very British Brothel’ finished with an average 1.49 million viewers (9.8%).

Channel 5

The Viacom Five was not a factor on Monday. At 9P, ‘Ben Fogle: Lives in the Wild’ finished as the top program on the network with an average 1.65 million viewers (8.7%). At 10P, CBS’ ‘Under the Dome’ finished with an average 543,000 viewers (3.5%).

Sky Atlantic

Murdoch’s Bird at 9P presented HBO’s ‘True Detective’ and it was seen by 89,000 viewers (0.5%).

Down Under

Network Nine #1 on Monday as 'Nine News' top program

Network Nine #1 on Monday as ‘Nine News’ top program


The National Nine Network finished #1 again on Monday with a leading 25.0% share of the available audience. The #1 program is ‘Nine News’ which finished as the top newscast in the nation with an average 1.236 million viewers. #2 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ which finished with an average 1.217 million viewers. #4 was ‘A Current Affair’ which drew 1,059,000 viewers. #6 was ‘The Hotplate’ which finished with 944,000 viewers.


The Second Commercial Network in Australia finished second again Monday with a 24.5% share. #3 was ‘Seven News’ with an average 1.062 million viewers. #5, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ finished with an average 1,040,000 viewers. #9, ‘Home and Away’ finished with an average 793,000 viewers.


The Third Commercial Network in Australia finished #3 with a 21.9% share of the available audience. The #7 program was the launch of ‘The Great Australian Spelling Bee’ which finished with an average 921,000 viewers.


The Alphabet Network finished fourth with a 21.8% share. #8 was ‘ABC News’ which finished with 879,000 viewers. #10 was ‘Media Watch’ which drew 779,000 viewers.


The Special Broadcast Service in Australia finished #5 with an average 6.8% share of the available audience.


Network Nine #1 on Tuesday as 'Nine News' top program again.

Network Nine #1 on Tuesday as ‘Nine News’ top program again.


The National Nine Network in Australia finished #1 again on Tuesday with a resounding 27.9% share of the available audience. And again, the #1 program was ‘Nine News’ with a 1.159 million viewers. #2 was ‘Nine News 630P’ with an average 1,117,000 viewers. #5 was ‘A Current Affair’ finished with an average 965,000 viewers. #6 was the legally entangled (see below) ‘The Hotplate’ with 942,000 viewers.


The Second Commercial Network in Australia finished second with a 25.8% share. #3 was ‘Seven News’ with 1,047,000 viewers. #4, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ finished with 977,000 viewers. And, #10 was ‘Home and Away’ with an average 762,000 viewers.


The Third Commercial Network in Australia finished #3 with a 21.0% share of the available audience. #8 was ‘The Great Australian Spelling Bee’ with an average 801,000 viewers.


The Alphabet Network in Australia finished fourth with a 18.2% share. #7 was ‘ABC News’ with 816,000 viewers. #9 was ‘Kevin McCloud’s Escape to the Wild’ with an average 763,000 viewers.


The Special Broadcast Service finished #5 with a 7.1% share of the available audience.

Seven & Nine Battle In Court
Seven and Nine have appeared in court today over similarities between reality cooking programs ‘My Kitchen Rules’ and ‘The Hotplate’, as Seven looks to have its rival removed from air.

In proceedings at the federal court today, Seven claimed Nine’s The Hotplate was identical to its My Kitchen Rules show in editing that created dramatic tension and its use of stereotype couples from states, according to reports from The Australian. The paper is also reporting that Seven lawyers said The Hotplate was an attempt by Nine to undo its copyright over the My Kitchen Rules format. “The very thing it is intended to do is destroy and appropriate the format which My Kitchen Rules has controlled for six years,” lawyers for Seven said.

The proceedings come as ‘The Hotplate’ begins to pick up speed with TV audiences reaching its highest audience last night with a metro viewership of 944,000 according to overnight OzTam figures. Meanwhile Seven’s latest reality launch, ‘Restaurant Revolution’ has dropped to 522,000 viewers last night, since its launch audience of 676,000 last week.

Yesterday a spokesperson from Seven pointed to the similarities in format as to why it was brining the matter to court. “Channel Nine’s on-air promotions for its program had a strange sense of deja vu,” a spokesperson said. “We then saw it. We believe Nine has appropriated Seven’s ‘My Kitchen Rules’ original format and related production elements, and contravened copyright. That’s why we’re in court.”

As you can see, in or out of court, people were ‘Switching Channels’.

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