ABC #1 on Monday in the U.S. ITV#1 in the UK. Seven #1 in Australia.

This is the Daily Diary of Screens. On Monday, May 4, 2015, the eleventh day of the May Sweeps Period, ABC was the #1 network in the U.S. as ‘Dancing With The Stars’ was the top program. ITV was #1 in the UK led by ‘Safe House’ was the top program. Seven finished #1 in Australia as ‘My Kitchen Rules’ was the top program. TUESDAY AUSTRALIAN OVERNIGHT TV RATINGS (SEE BELOW)

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’.

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For Monday, May 4, 2015 (Posted on May 5, 2015)

ABC was #1 on Monday as 'Dancing With The Stars' topped all programming.

ABC was #1 on Monday as ‘Dancing With The Stars’ topped all programming.


The Alphabet Network began with a bang as the top dancing show powered victory on Monday. At 8P, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finished with an average 12.25 million viewers. Then at 10P, ‘Castle’ with a fun episode of who shot a late night TV producer wrapped around and around and drew an average 8.38 million viewers. Note: On this comparable day last year, ABC drew 11.471 million viewers. That represents a loss of 500,000+ viewers.


The Peacock Network has a problem. At 8P, one time powerhouse, ‘The Voice’ drew an average 9.70 million viewers. While it may seem like a lot of folks, it finished #2 in the time slot and was in fact, down 12% and finished with a Monday low.At 10P, ‘Night Shift’ stayed steady with an average 5.63 million viewers. However, consider this: last year on this same comparative day, ‘The Voice’ drew 10.765 million viewers and ‘The Blacklist’ had an average 10.613 million viewers. The average for the evening on NBC was 10.714 million viewers. This year, 8.375 million viewers. That is a drop of 2.4 million for the night. Time to rethink this entire schedule.


The Tiffany Network did not have one of its better nights. At 8P, ‘2 Broke Girls’ is not the powerhouse lead off hitter a network needs to compete for the #1 position. It drew an average 6.45 million viewers. At 830P, ‘Mike & Molly’ picked it up a bit with 6.72 million viewers. At 9P, a rerun of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ drew an average 7.15 million viewers. And then at 930P, ‘David Letterman: A Life in Television’ drew an evening high on the network as it brought in an average 8.08 million viewers. Note: Last year on this comparable day, CBS pulled in 5.069 million viewers. That is an increase of 2.3+ million viewers.


The Animal Network of Broadcast had at 8P one of the best new programs on television. ‘Gotham’ provided tremendous fun and excitement all season long but few would have expected what happened in the season finale as it drew an 4.86 average million viewers, up 13% from last week. Blessed with one of the best cast of characters anyone has ever assembled, now as a few less to worry about next year. But the presumed loss of ‘Fish Mooney’ is a great loss for the program as she provided some of the most delicious scenes in television history. Absolutely Must See TV ON DEMAND episode. At 9P, ‘The Following’ once again delivered an average 3.25 million viewers. Note: On this comparable day last year, the network drew 7.976 million viewers which means it lost nearly 50% of its audience on this night. The premiere ’24: Live Another Day’ was the big draw.

The CW

The Little Network That Couldn’t didn’t. At 8P, ‘The Originals’ finished with an average 1.14 million viewers. At 9P, ‘Jane the Virgin’ finished with an average 1.03 million viewers. Note: This represented a slight increase over last year on this comparable day as it increased approximately 50,000 viewers this season.

Late Night

CBS’ ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ finished #1 in late night television on Monday as it drew a 3.5 rating and a strong 9 share of the available audience, as the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was the guest along with a special appearance of Will Ferrell as Harry Carrey. NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; finished a distant #2 with a 2.5/6. ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ finished with a 2.2/6.

At 1235A, CBS’ ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’, which has surprised nearly everyone, finished #1 on Monday as it drew a 1.5/5, as Arnold Schwarzenegger along with were guests. And watch out for May 14th as ‘One Direction’ is the guest. ABC’ ‘Nightline’ also finished in a tied for #1 in its time slot as it also averaged a 1.5/5. NBC’s ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ finished last with a 1.2/4. At 135A, NBC’s ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ averaged a 0.7/3 in metered-market households.

For The Record

ABC finished #1 on Monday with an average 10.958 million viewers. NBC came in #2 with an average 8.375 million viewers. CBS finished #3 with an average 7.428 million viewers. FOX finished #4 with an average 4.055 million viewers. Univision finished #4 with an average 2.610 million viewers. Telemundo finished with an average 1.6 million viewers. The CW finished with an average 1.1 million viewers.

Today In TV History

On this date in 1988, Michael Jackson became the first non-Soviet to be featured while advertising a product on Russian television.

Cable TV News

Top Ten Cable Programs On Monday

#1 NBA PLAYOFFS TNT 4.661 million viewers @ 940P
#2 NBA PLAYOFFS TNT 4.594 million viewers @ 7P
#3 WWE Entertainment USA 3.709 million viewers @ 9P
#4 WWE Entertainment USA 3.588 million viewers @ 10P
#5 WWE Entertainment USA 3.422 million viewers @ 8P
#6 Love & Hip Hop ATL VH1 2.650 million viewers @ 8P
#7 The O’Reilly Factor FOXNC 2.585 million viewers @ 8P
#8 The Kelly File FOXNC 2.210 million viewers @ 9P
#9 American Dad ADSM 2.068 million viewers @ 1030P
#10 Swamp People HIST 2.054 million viewers @ 9P

Cinema News

Domestic Top Ten Box Office For Weekend of May 1-3, 2015

#1 ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ $191.3 million domestic $631 million worldwide (12 days)
#2 ‘The Age Of Adaline’ $ 6.2 million
#3 ‘Furious 7’ $ 6.1 million
#4 ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2’ $ 5.5 million
#5 ‘Home’ $ 3.3 million
#6 ‘Cinderella’ $ 2.4 million
#7 ‘Ex Machina’ $ 2.2 million
#8 ‘Unfriended’ $ 2.0 million
#9T ‘The Longest Ride’ $ 1.7 million
#9T ‘Woman In Gold’ $ 1.7 million (see review

Coming Soon

Steve & Catherine. Coming back together again. Watch for 'Hawaii Five-0' reunion all fans have been waiting for.

Steve & Catherine. Coming back together again. Watch for ‘Hawaii Five-0’ reunion, next Friday, all fans have been waiting for. Grace Park (Kono) said she was “completely shocked” when she learned that Catherine would reappear, and she hopes that the character can stick around for as long as possible. Don’t we all.


Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia the former Yugoslave Republic, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, State of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Zambia, United Republic of Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvadore, Belize, Curaçao, Aruba, St. Lucia, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Martinique, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Puerto Rico (142). We are thankful to all of you with more than 23,000 views.

For The World Who Needs A Little


Think Sunshine. #thinksunshine

Across The Pond


The Independent One finished #1 on Monday began the evening at 8P with ‘Wild Ireland’ as it drew an average 2.68 million viewers (11.5%). Then at 9P, Christopher Eccleston’s ‘Safe House’ topped the ratings outside of soaps on Bank Holiday Monday (May 4) as the penultimate episode of the four-part drama brought in an average 4.18 million viewers and a strong 16.7% share of the available audience.


The Little Two beat The Big One as from 7P-11P presented ‘World Championship Snooker’ coverage and drew an average audience of 3.31 million viewers (16.0%).


The Big One, at 730P, brought on a rerun of ‘Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers’ had an average 2.35 million viewers (10.9%). Then at 830P, ‘VE Day: Remembering Victory’ was watched by 2.82 million viewers (11.9%).

Channel 4

The Big Four at 8P, ‘Food Unwrapped’ had an average 1.24 million viewers (5.3%). At 9P, ‘Stranger on the Bridge’ was seen by an average 1.43 million viewers (6.1%).

Channel 5

The Viacom Five at 8P had ‘Police Interceptors’ and it drew an average 778,000 viewers (3.3%). At 9P, FOX’s ‘Gotham’ drew a network high with an average 945,000 viewers (4.0%). Then at 10P, CBS’ ‘Person of Interest’ brought an average 599,000 viewers (3.4%).

Sky Atlantic at 9P brought the latest episode of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ and it finished with an average 1.0 million viewers (4.3%).

E4 had at 9P, ‘Made in Chelsea’ and it delivered an average 465,000 viewers (2.0%).

Down Under


The Second Commercial Network in Australia absolutely thrashed the competition as it won the night on Monday with an overwhelming 40.5% share of the available audience. And it was led by the #1 program on the night, the Grand Finals of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ which drew a season high of an average 2.082 million viewers. #2 was ‘My Kitchen Rules-Winner Announcement’ which drew 2,039,000 viewers. Now that leads to a question? Why would anyone watch the entire program and not watch the winner announced, unless the losers had 43,000 friends and family. #4 was ‘Seven News’ which drew 1,100,000 viewers. #5, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ had an average of 1,078,000 viewers. #7 was ‘Home and Away’ with an average 954,000 viewers.

Network Nine

The National Nine Network finished a distant second with a 20.0% share, drawing less than half Seven’s total audience share. But it did have the #1 newscast in the nation as the #3 program was ‘Nine News’ which drew an average 1,118,000 viewers. #6 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with an average of 1,076,000 viewers. Then at #10, ‘A Current Affair’ which drew what it usually does with an average of 914,000 viewers.


The Alphabet Network in Australia finished with a 19.6% share. It had two program finishing in the Top Ten as #8 was ‘ABC News’ with 944,000 viewers and #9, ‘Four Corners’ finished with an average 922,000 viewers.


The Third Commercial Network in Australia finished #4 Monday with an average share of 14.1%.


The Special Broadcast Service in Australia finished #5 with 4.8% share.


Three straight days…three different networks in the #1 position. And none was more of a shocker than on Tuesday as Ten won the evening.

Ten #1 in Australia on Tuesday.

Ten #1 in Australia on Tuesday.


The Third Commercial Network in Australia stunned its television rivals as it finished #1 on Tuesday with a 278.4% share of the available audience. And it did it with the power of the #1 program, ‘MasterChef Australia’ launch with a powerful 1.231 million viewers. 342,000 watched the initial episode in Sydney; a strong 422,000 viewers watched in Melbourne; 181,000 viewers in Brisbane; 135,000 viewers in Adelaide and 150,000 in Perth. As shocking as this was, it was the only program for Ten in the Top Ten on Tuesday.

Network Nine

The National Nine Network in Australia finished #2 with a 26.5% share. #2 was ‘Nine News’, which was the top newscast in the nation, with 1,087,000 viewers. #5 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ which drew 968,000 viewers. #6 was ‘Love Child’ with 920,000 viewers. #8 was the premiere episode of ‘Reno Rumble’ and it drew 873,000 viewers. #9 was ‘A Current Affair’ which drew an average 868,000 viewers.


The Second Commercial Network finished #3 with a 22.1% share. It had three programs in the Top Ten as #3 was ‘Seven news’ with 1.079 million viewers; #4, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 1.064 million viewers and #7, ‘Home and Away’ with 883,000 viewers.


The Alphabet Network of Australia finished #4 with a 17.7% share. #10 was ‘ABC News’ which delivered an average 859,000 viewers.


The Special Broadcast Service in Australia finished #5 with 6.3% share which was 1.5% share above Monday evening.

As you can see, all over the world, viewers were:

Switching Channels!

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