CBS Rules Monday In The U.S. ITV #1 In The UK. Network Nine Tops In Australia.

Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, but online and mobile are where the growth is. From fourth quarter 2012 to fourth-quarter 2013, the hours consumers spent watching online video grew 30%. When managed together, TV/digital/mobile hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. After all, ‘It’s all about screens’.

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Monday, August 11, 2014 (Posted 08.12.14)

CBS with 'Under The Dome' were #1 on Monday.

CBS with ‘Under The Dome’ were #1 on Monday.


The Tiffany Network won Monday, not a usual occurrence as opposing networks have filled their schedule with reality programming to counteract the comedy lineup at Black Rock. At 8P, ‘2 Broke Girls’ delivered 4.71 million viewers and a 3.2rating and a 5 share. At 830P, ‘Mom’ drew 4.50 million viewers and a 3.0/5. At 9P, the always reliable, ‘Mike & Molly’ boosted the audience with 5.13 million viewers and a 3.6/6. At 930P, ‘Two and a Half Men’ had 4.99 million viewers and a 3.5/5. At 10P, ‘Under the Dome’ had the network’s high water mark for the evening and the evening’s top program with 6.86 million viewers and a 4.6/8 for top spot in its time slot.


The Alphabet Network began the evening with its usual fluff reality, at 8P, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ which drew 5.10 million viewers and a 3.8/6 which was equal to last year on this comparable date. At 10P, Mistresses’ pulled in 3.50 million viewers and a 2.5/4. T & A. T & A. That’s the Disney Broadcast Way.


The Animal Network of Broadcast presented its Gordon Ramsay night. At 8P, ‘MasterChef’ drew 5.22 million viewers and a 4.0/7. At 9P, ‘Hotel Hell’ drew 3.82 million viewers and a 2.8/4, which was an improvement over a rerun sitcom telecasts on the year-ago evening. Ramsay’s ranting and raving is wearing thin as the heat of August bares down on all of us.


The Peacock Network has a perfect program for the summer. At 8P, ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ delivered 4.60 million viewers and a 3.1/5 and was 15% above the 2.7/5 one week ago. That might have had something to do with Channing Tatum as the guest. At 9P was a clips edition of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ which fell 26% from last week as it drew 4.30 million viewers and a 2.5/4.


The #1 Hispanic Network in America at 8P, ‘Mi Corazon es Tuyo’ finished with a 1.3 A18-49 rating. At 9P, ‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robo’ pulled in an amazing first place 1.6 A18-49 rating in the time period on broadcast. At 10P, ‘Que Pobres Tan Ricos’ finished with 1.2 A18-49 rating.

The CW

The Little Network That Couldn’t led off with comedy and two episodes, an original and rerun at 8P with ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ which delivered 1.91 million viewers and at 830P, it delivered 1.85 million viewers and a 1.3/2. ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ produced a 150% increase over ‘Hart of Dixie’ a year ago on this same comparable evening (8/12/13) which drew a 0.5/1. At 9P, a rerun of ‘Arrow’ drew 700,000 viewers.

For The Record

CBS win Monday with 5.507 million viewers and a 3.8/6. ABC finished second with 4.558 million viewers and a 3.4/6. FOX came in third with 4.523 million viewers and a 3.4/6. NBC had 4.414 million viewers and a 2.7/4. Univision finished with 3.5 million viewers and a 1.8/3. The CW finished the evening with 1.29 million viewers and a 0.9/1. Telemundo finished with 1.3 million viewers and a 0.8/1.

Today In TV History

On this date in 2004, Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams received stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Television News

Sunday Cable Top Ten Programs
#1 The Last Ship TNT 4.607 million viewers @ 9P
#2 Shark Of Darkness:Wrath DISC 3.825 million viewers @ 9P
#3 True Blood HBO 3.343 million viewers @ 903P
#4 Air Jaws: Fin Of Fury DISC 3.298 million viewers @ 8P
#5 Mountain Men HIST 3.037 million viewers @ 9P
#6 NCIS USA 2.993 million viewers @ 8P
#7 NCIS USA 2.624 million viewers @ 9P
#8 Falling Skies TNT 2.506 million viewers @ 1001P
#9 Food Network Star 10 FOOD 2.441 million viewers @ 9P
#10 NCIS USA 2.264 million viewers @ 10P

This Coming Season

A look at the CBS Fall Program Preview as the nation’s #1 television network with the #1 comedy, the #1 drama, the #1 Sunday news program and the overall leader in viewership, advances with just a few new programs. This plus ‘Thursday Night Football’. It’s all on CBS.


Lauren Bacall Passes After Brilliant Career and a long life. She became an overnight star via a memorable film debut at age 19 opposite Humphrey Bogart in Howard Hawks’ ‘To Have and Have Not’. She passed on Tuesday at her home of a suspected stroke. She was 89.

Social Media News


Facebook Making Strong Pitch To TV Networks and Their Advertisers

Most believe that social media and TV make a good pair, but there have been hiccups, and the relationship isn’t always solid, according to a new eMarketer report, “Social TV: Marketers’ Enthusiasm Cools a Bit, but Experimentation Continues.”

These TV-related conversations are fragmenting across platforms. Twitter, which has gotten the most attention for its TV tie-ins, is experiencing renewed competition from Facebook, for example. Facebook has put more effort into surfacing trending topics, which often relate to TV. The social service has also emphasized metrics showing the amount of discussion about TV shows on Facebook. The idea is to show how marketers and programmers can better tap into interactions, even if they are not directly about TV but happen to be occurring while the TV is on. Facebook’s aggressive push also includes redoubled efforts to work with TV networks and producers. The company has increased the size of its team that works on such partnerships.

One result is a new feature on NBC’s “TODAY” show that showcases what’s trending on Facebook. Another product enhancement that has implications for social TV is a content recognition feature that can detect what music a Facebook user is listening to or what show he or she is watching. The user must opt in to the feature when composing a status update. For TV shows, Facebook can automatically generate a thumbnail image of the show, information on what episode is being watched, as well as provide a link to the show’s Facebook page. One key area where Facebook lags is in ad products that take advantage of real-time TV interactions. Twitter is actively focused on creating such products. Even so, marketers surveyed by Advertising Age and RBC were more likely to use only Facebook than they were to use only Twitter to advertise in conjunction with a TV campaign. While 12% of respondents said they had done so on both Twitter and Facebook, 7% used just Facebook, and 2% used just Twitter.

The Online Revolution Bypasses Nearly One-Fifth of Homes in France


There’s no doubt that France has made great strides in internet provision during the past decade. Nine years ago, 65.6% of homes had no connection to the web, according to Médiamétrie, and even five years back—in Q2 2009—39.0% were not online. Since then, that proportion has halved. But even today, 19.3% of homes—nearly 5.4 million—remain without internet access in this leading Western European nation, according to Médiamétrie’s July 2014 “Home Devices” report. This incorporates data on the full range of multimedia devices in households in France, obtained through 40,000 telephone and online interviews each year.

Predictably, seniors often featured in these nonconnected premises. In more than half (55.4%) of such homes, the head of household was 65 or older. Where the main occupant was younger than 65, most lived alone and had no children under age 15. Location was a key factor in some cases: 25.9% of homes without the web were in rural areas. Just 15.7% were in or around Paris, according to Médiamétrie.

Another determinant was low income. In many homes without the net, the occupants were economically inactive (through retirement or joblessness) or relatively low-income consumers whose resources didn’t stretch to extra telecoms services. Arguably, advertisers have little interest in consumers without much disposable income. On the other hand, government agencies, health providers and other local organizations stand to benefit from major cost and efficiency gains the more people are online.

Residents in non-internet homes were also less familiar with new technologies generally. For example, nonwired homes had far fewer screens than others—an average of 2.8 screens, compared with an average 6.3 for all households in the country and 7.1 screens in connected homes.

Researchers did find evidence that a minority of people in nonwired homes hoped to get online in the future. A computer, the primary access route to the internet, was at least present in 17.7% of these households—though that fell far short of the 95.3% penetration rate in connected homes. About one in 10 people living without internet access said they planned to buy or refurbish a computer in the next six months.

The latest results from Médiamétrie confirm a digital divide already well documented by other research firms. For example, data released in December 2013, based on polling of more than 2,200 consumers ages 12 and older by the Centre de Recherche pour l’Étude et l’Observation des Conditions de Vie (CRÉDOC) for the Autorité de Régulation des Communications électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP) and Conseil général de l’économie, de l’industrie, de l’énergie et des technologies (CGEIET), revealed significantly lower internet usage among France’s seniors (ages 70 and older in this case) and among the least affluent residents.

Advertising Note

Research shows consumers choose brands that engage their passions 1.5x more than those that just urge them to buy.



Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Kenya, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Martinique and Puerto Rico (94). We are thankful to all of you with more than 11,000 views.

Across The Pond

ITV on Sunday was #1 in the UK as ‘Long Lost Family’ won the 9P time slot with 4.69 million viewers and a 21.7% share of the available audience.

BBC One had at 830P, a rerun of ‘Miranda’ and 2.48 million watched (11.6%). At 9P, a rerun of ‘Death In Paradise’ draw 2.54 million viewers (11.7%).

BBC Two at 8P presented ‘University Challenge’ and it was competitive with 2.39 million viewers (11.5%). At 9P, Kate Adie’s ‘Women of WWI’ interested slightly less as 1.55 million viewers watched (7.1%).

Channel 4 at 9P, ‘Royal Marines Commando School’ brought in 1.99 million recruits (9.2%). It was followed at 10P with ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ with 783,000 viewers (5.0%).

Channel 5 at 8P presented ‘Police Interceptors’ and it drew only 828,000 viewers (3.9%). At 9P, the latest ‘Big Brother’ upped the ante to 1.06 million viewers (4.9%). At 10P, it was followed by ’70 Stone: The Man Who Couldn’t Be Saved’ with 1.12 million viewers (7.1%).

BBC Three at 9P had ‘Football Fight Club’ and 592,000 ardent fans watched (2.7%).

E4 at 9P had ‘The 100’ and it continued with 740,000 viewers (3.4%).

Down Under

Nine took Monday with a 31.1% share of the available audience and had the top program to lead the way as #1, The Block Glasshouse drew 1,231,000 viewers. It also had the #2 program and the #1 newscast, ‘Nine News’ which drew 1,223,000 viewers and the #3 program, ‘Nine News 6:30’ which pulled in 158,000 viewers. #7 was ‘A Current Affair’ with an above average total of 1,057,000 viewers and #9, ‘House Husbands’ with 902,000 viewers.

Seven with 28.5% share, had only four programs in the Top Ten, leading with the #4 program on Monday, ‘The X Factor Results’ with 1,107,000 viewers. #5 was ‘Seven News’ with 1,085,000 viewers. And, #6 was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 1,065,000 viewers. #8 was ‘Home and Away’ with 958,000 viewers.

ABC1 had 19.6% share and it had one program in the Top Ten, #10, ‘Australian Story’ which drew 859,000 viewers.

Ten finished fourth with 16.5% share.

SBS came in fifth with a low 4.5% share.

So you can see, no matter where people were watching television, they were…

Switching Channels!

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