On Friday, It Was All Disney. The Disney Channel Topped All. ABC Finished Ahead Of All Broadcast Networks In The U.S. BBC One Was #1 In The UK. Seven Topped All in Australia.

Friday, 06.27.14 (Posted 06.28.14)

ABC Won On Friday But CBS' 'Blue Bloods' Was The #1 Program.

ABC Won On Friday But CBS’ ‘Blue Bloods’ Was The #1 Program.

Disney Channel


The Wonderful World of Disney, The Disney Channel at 8P presented the original movie ‘Zapped’, starring Disney Channel Zendaya and Spencer Boldman, delivered 5.7 million total viewers. At 945P, the highly-anticipated premiere of the comedy series ‘Girl Meets World’ delivered 5.2 million total viewers. With ESPN (another Disney owned network) delivering big numbers for the ‘2014 World Cup’ and delivering the top numbers on some of the evenings (at least as long as the USA Team is still in the tournament), the ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ was never brighter.



The Alphabet Network began the evening at 8P with a rerun of ‘Shark Tank’ and it drew 4.76 million viewers. At 9P, ‘What Would You Do’ with an original episode drew 4.47 million viewers, winning both half hours in its time slot. At 930P, a rerun of ‘What Would You Do?’ drew slightly less with 4.442 million viewers. At 10P, ’20/20′ drew 6.19 million viewers.



The Tiffany Network with another evening with every hour filled with reruns finished second. The loss was easy to figure out at 8P, a rerun of ‘Undercover Boss’ could not match ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ and finished third in the time slot with 3.37 million viewers. At 9P, another rerun of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ drew 5.15 million viewers. At 10P, ‘Blue Bloods’, the cornerstone of Black Rock on Fridays, finished #1 with 6.29 million viewers. It the network had a stronger 8P program, it would have finished its customary first on Friday.



The Peacock Network had another poor Friday evening and with all original programming. From 8-10P, it ran ‘A Leap of Faith: A Meredith Vieira Special’ and it drew 3.82 million viewers. At 10P, with a weak lead in, ‘Crossbones’ drew 2.85 million viewers, finishing last in its time slot. It appears the time for pirate watching has passed us a long time ago.



The Animal Network of Broadcast brought us an evening filled with reruns. First at 8P, a rerun of ‘MasterChef’ drew 1.755 million viewers. And that led into the rerun of the series finale of ‘Rake’ which could only draw 1.32 million viewers. Starring Greg Kinnear in a brilliant performance was wasted on a network that can’t get out-of-the-way of a good program.

The CW


The Little Network That Couldn’t didn’t. At 8P, a rerun of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway”‘ drew 1.18 million viewers. And at 830, another rerun of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ drew 1.10 million. At 9P, a rerun of ‘Hart of Dixie’ last half the audience and pulled in 585,000 viewers. Yikes!

Late Night
Ratings will be posted when available.

For The Record


Disney Channel was not only the top cable network on the evening but beat its broadcast parent, ABC, for the top network on all of television Friday with 5.33 million viewers. ABC won the broadcast portion on Friday with 5.13 million viewers. CBS finished #3 on Friday with 4.94 viewers. NBC came in fourth with 3.31 million viewers. FOX finished next with 1.54 million viewers. The CW finished last with 856,000 viewers.

Today In TV History

On this date in 1959, ABC aired ‘The Record Years’ hosted by Dick Clark. It was the first broadcast of a tribute to the recording industry. The guests were Johnny Mathis, Fabian, the McGuire Sisters, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Fats Domino.

New update on The Millennium Report can be found at http://bit.ly/1ljkQXc.

Advertising Note

Research shows consumers choose brands that engage their passions 1.5x more than those that just urge them to buy.


Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Kenya, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Across The Pond

BBC One with Wimbledon and Andy Murray are #1 in the UK on Friday.

BBC One with Wimbledon and Andy Murray are #1 in the UK on Friday.

BBC One at 805P had Wimbledon and Andy Murray’s comfortable third round victory vs Bautista Agut which drew a peak of 6.86 million viewers and 33.5% share of the available audience on Friday. It was the top program in the UK.

BBC 2 at 7P presented ‘The One Show’ live from Glastonbury, which had moved to BBC2 because of the tennis, drew 1.66 million viewers (9.1%).

Down Under

Seven was #1 in Australia on Friday but ABC1's 'Old School' was the top drama.

Seven was #1 in Australia on Friday but ABC1’s ‘Old School’ was the top drama.

Seven regained the top network ranking on Friday with 32.8% share of the available audience on Friday in Australia. #3 was ‘Seven News’ with 1,047,000 viewers (tops in Adelaide with 99,000 more viewers and #1 in Perth with more than 85,00 viewers). #4 was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 935,000 viewers. #5 was ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ with 839,000 viewers.

Nine, which finished second with a 29.9% share and five of the Top Ten programs, had the #1 program and the #1 newscast in the nation with ‘Nine News’ which drew 1,123,000 viewers as it was top in both Sydney (by more than 117,000 viewers), Melbourne (with an 82,000 viewer margin over its rival, ‘Seven News’) and Brisbane (with 61,000 more viewers than on ‘Seven News’). #2 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ which drew 1,059,000 viewers. #6 was ‘A Current Affair’ with 811,000 viewers. #8 was ‘Friday Night NRL LIVE’ which drew 630,000 fans. And, #10 was ‘Hot Seat’ with 613,000 viewers.

Ten finished third with 16.9% share and no program in the Top Ten on Friday. Its top program was #11, ‘Ten Eyewitness News’ which drew 608,000 viewers.

ABC1 came in fourth with 16.2% share and finished with 2 programs in the Top Ten. #7 was ‘ABC News’ with 731,000 viewers and #9, ‘Old School’ which finished as the top drama of the evening with 618,000 viewers.

SBS was fifth with 4.3% share.

As you can see, no matter where in the world you were watching television, people were…

Switching Channels!

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