On Saturday It Was CBS In The U.S. BBC One Again Tops In The UK. Seven Wins In Australia.

Saturday, 06.21.14 (Posted 06.22.14)

CBS was the #1 network on Saturday as '48 Hours' was the #1 program.

CBS was the #1 network on Saturday as ’48 Hours’ was the #1 program.


The Tiffany Network took Saturday as at 8P it began the evening with a rerun (now that’s unusual for this network) ‘Blue Bloods’ and it drew 2.97 million viewers. At 9P, another rerun of ’48 Hours’ pulled in 4.225 million viewers. Finally, at 10P, for the first time in nearly a week, Black Rock pulled in an original episode of a program, this time it was ’48 Hours’ and it drew 5.26 million viewers, peaking at 5.48 million at 1030P, and being the #1 television program on broadcast for the evening.



The Peacock Network began the evening at 8P with an episode of ‘Crisis and drew 2.72 million viewers. At 9P, that was followed by the series finale of ‘Crisis’ and it drew 3.035 million viewers which was the top program on the network on Saturday. At 10P, a rerun of the Monday night thriller, ‘The Blacklist’ drew 2.29 million viewers on a Saturday night.



The Animal Network of Broadcast at 8P ran ‘Major League Baseball’ featuring the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim defeating the Texas Rangers 3-2 in the 10th inning and it drew 2.13 million viewers, which peaked in its last half hour at 930P with 2.41 million viewers.



The Alphabet Network began the evening at 8P with ‘Bet on Your Baby’ and it drew 1.915 million viewers. At 9P, ‘The Assets’ which drew 1.20 million viewers, a low for any broadcast program on the evening. At 10P, ‘Nightline Prime’ pulled in 2.115 million viewers.

For The Record


CBS won Saturday with 4.15 million viewers. NBC came in second with 2.69 million viewers. FOX finished next with 2.13 million viewers. ABC came in last with 1.70 million viewers.

Today In TV History


On this date in 1939, the first actual telecast of beauty contest took place from Flushing Meadows at the New York’s World’s Fair at 7P on W2XBS which would become, WNBC-TV. An estimated 1,000 people viewed the telecast on about 200 television sets scattered throughout the New York area. It was titled the ‘Miss Television’ Beauty Contest. A New York Times article stated, “The problem with television is that people must sit and keep their eyes glued on a screen; the average American family hasn’t time for it.” The same article, however, captured some of television’s power: “Radio can flow on like a brook while people listen and go about their household duties and routine. Television, on the other hand, is no brook; it is more of a Niagara, a spectacle for the eye.”

Confidence In News Media Remains Low With Americans


Americans’ faith in each of three major news media platforms, television news, newspapers and news on the Internet, is at or tied with record lows in Gallup’s long-standing confidence in institutions trend. This continues a decades-long decline in the share of Americans say-ing they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers or TV news, while trust in Internet news remains low since the one prior measure in 1999.


Confidence in newspapers has declined by more than half since its 1979 peak of 51%, while TV news has seen confidence ebb from its high of 46% in 1993, the first year that Gallup asked this question. Gallup’s only previous measure of Internet news was in 1999, when confidence was 21%, little different from today. Slightly less than one-fifth of self-identified conservatives (15%) say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in newspapers, tied with the 10-year low. In the past decade, the percentage of conservatives expressing a strong degree of confidence in newspapers has fallen by nearly half. Liberals are far more likely than conservatives, to be confident in newspapers (34%). Nearly a quarter of moderates (24%), meanwhile, have confidence in newspapers.


Over the past year, the Internet has seen the acceleration of website-only news sources that focus on empirical, data-driven analysis, including Ezra Klein’s Vox website or the relaunching of Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site. But this quantitative approach to telling the news has not, in of itself, persuaded the major ideologies to express strong confidence in news from the Internet. More than a fifth of liberals (22%) and moderates (22%) say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in news from the Internet, while slightly fewer conservatives (17%) say this.

The field of news media has changed dramatically since Gallup first began measuring the confidence the public held in newspapers or TV news decades ago. The circulation of newspapers continues to shrink to the point that University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for the Digital Future estimates that most print newspapers will not exist in five years. Television news continues to see a proliferation of new cable news networks, including the launch of Al-Jazeera America in August 2013. Meanwhile, news from the Internet now figures prominently in the average American’s news diet, whereas not so long ago this mode did not even exist. Amid this rapid change, Americans hold all news media platforms in low confidence. How these platforms can restore confidence with the American public is not clear, especially as editorial standards change and most outlets lack the broad reach once available to major newspapers and broadcasters.

New update on The Millennium Report can be found at http://bit.ly/1ljkQXc.

Advertising Note

Research shows consumers choose brands that engage their passions 1.5x more than those that just urge them to buy.


Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Kenya, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Across The Pond

BBC One and the '2014 World Cup' featuring Germany's draw with Ghana was #1 in the UK on Saturday.

BBC One and the ‘2014 World Cup’ featuring Germany’s draw with Ghana was #1 in the UK on Saturday.

BBC One’s coverage of the ‘2014 World Cup’ match featuring Germany and Ghana, which ended in a 2-2 draw, dominated the evening while averaging 5.81 million viewers and a 33.6% share of the available audience.

Channel 4 moved up to second on the evening first at 8P with ‘The Restoration Man’ which was watched by a smallish 531,000 viewers (3.8%). But it was followed by ‘Grand Designs’ which nearly doubled the audience with 908,000 viewers (5.5%). Then at 9P, an airing of Jennifer Lawrence movie ‘The Hunger Games’ blew the lid off the evening with 2.21 million non football viewers (13.4%).

ITV at 830P ran a feature-length documentary ‘Our Queen’ and it drew 1.64 million viewers (8.8%).

ITV3 had its biggest hit at 8P, ‘Doc Martin’ and it drew 759,000 viewers (4.6%).

BBC Two at 8P had ‘The Culture Show’ and drew 784,000 viewers (4.7%). It was followed by ‘I Love 1996’ and it fell to 665,000 viewers (3.4%). Afterwards as part of ’90s sitcom night were ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ 742,000 viewers (4.2%), ‘The Mrs Merton Show’ 620,000 viewers (4.1%) and ‘Game On’ 398,000 viewers (3.2%).

Channel 5 at At 8P presented ‘The ABBA Years’ and it drew 587,000 viewers. At 9P it ran the latest ‘Big Brother Highlights Show’ and managed 861,000 viewers.

BBC Four at 9P, ran the series finale of ‘Wallander’ and the crime drama took 541,000 viewers (2.9%).

Down Under

Seven won on Saturday as ‘Seven News Saturday’ was the #1 program in Australia.

Seven won on Saturday as ‘Seven News Saturday’ was the #1 program in Australia.

Seven crushed the competition with a big 30.2% share of the available audience. And once again, it had the #1 program in the nation as ‘Seven News Saturday’ pulled in 1,025,000 viewers.

Nine came in second with 25.2% share and it had the #2 program, ‘Nine News Saturday’ with 999,000 viewers. #6 was ‘Getaway’ with 562,000 viewers. It also have the #9 program in the Top Ten on Saturday with the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ which drew 505,000 viewers.

ABC1 finished third with 20.4% share and five of the Top Ten programs as #3, a rerun of ‘New Tricks’ drew 809,000 viewers. #4 was ‘ABC News Saturday’ with 802,000 viewers. #5 was ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ and the #8 program was ‘Gardening Australia’ with 514,000 viewers. Finally, #10 was a rerun of ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ which drew 480,000 viewers.

Ten came in fourth on Saturday with an 18.7% share as it had one program in the Top Ten which was #7, the movie ‘We Bought A Zoo’ and it drew 545,000 viewers.

SBS finished fifth with 5.6% share on Saturday.

Sunday Australian TV Ratings

Seven Was the top network in Australia on Sunday, but Nine's 'The Voice Kids Australia' was #1program.

Seven Was the top network in Australia on Sunday, but Nine’s ‘The Voice Kids Australia’ was #1program.

Seven wins for the third straight night as on Sunday it pulled in 34.0% share of the available audience, a dominating factor. It had the #2 show, ‘House Rules’ as it pulled in 1,515,000 viewers. It also had the top newscast of the evening as the #3 program was ‘Seven News Sunday’ and drew 1,378,000 viewers. #5 was ‘Sunday Night’ which drew 1,246,000 viewers and #7, ‘A Place To Call Home’ which drew 918,000 viewers.

Nine came in second with 28.2% share and it had three programs in the Top Ten on Sunday. #1 was ‘The Voice Kids Australia’ which drew 1,652,000 viewers with 586,000 viewers in Sydney; 454,000 in Melbourne, 279,000 in Brisbane, 171,000 in Adelaide and 162,000 in Perth. #4 was ‘Nine News Sunday’ and it drew 1,298,000 viewers. #6 was ’60 Minutes’ which pulled in 1,018,000 viewers.

Ten came in third with 18.1% share and it had one program in the Top Ten as ‘MasterChef Australia’ drew 863,000 viewers.

ABC1 came in fourth with two program in the Top Ten and finished with a 15.6% share of the available audience. #8 was ‘Grand Designs’ which had 912,000 viewers. #10 was ‘ABC News Sunday’ which drew 848,000 viewers.

As you can see, no matter where in the world you were watching television, people were…

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