Tuesday Belonged To ABC In The U.S. BBC One Tops In The UK. Nine Wins In Australia.

ABC & 'Dancing With the Stars' finale #1 on Tuesday.

ABC & ‘Dancing With the Stars’ finale #1 on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 05.20.14 (Posted 05.21.14)

The Battle of Reality began to conclude its seasons as all the big reality shows on Tuesday and today face each other for supremacy. ABC finished on top on the final Tuesday of the traditional (September to May) television season and the May Sweeps period. At 8P, ‘Dancing With the Stars: The Road to the Finals’ drew 11.64 million viewers and a 7.8/13. From 9-11P, the two-hour season-finale of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ dominated not only their time period but the evening with 15.07 million viewers and a 10.3 rating and a 16 share of the available audience in the households. It was down 4% from the 10.7/17 compared to the same day a year ago. It still finished 47% ahead of its chief rival, ‘The Voice’ and the Alphabet Network execs were chest puffing.

NBC began the evening at 8P with ‘The Voice’ Recap and it pulled in 7.52 million viewers and a 4.5/8. Then at 9P, ‘The Voice’ season finale drew 11.69 million viewers and a 7.0/11. This represented a big drop from the comparable season finale a year ago as it did 9.6/16 on 06.18.13. This was down 27%. Note to the Peacock Network execs: spin will not help. The Peacock got beat. Without the Super Bowl and the Olympics, this was a DOA season.

FOX brought out its big reality gun at 8P with ‘American Idol’ as the final two battled it out despite the fact they will date each other for Prom next week. It drew 6.76 million viewers and a 4.7/8. Then at 9P, that lovable Animal Network of Broadcast, jumped into the reality game as everyone was getting out. In the series premiere, the reality competition ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ was DOA with 1.91 million viewers and a 1.5/2.

CBS just rested as it had already won the ratings battle for the season. With many of its programming already completed and winning the eyeball war, America’s #1 broadcast television network began the evening at 8P with a very unusual programming ploy. It brought out daytime’s #1 programming show, ‘Judge Judy’ and with ‘Judge Judy Primetime’ finished fourth with 5.57 million viewers and a 4.3/7. At 9P, the Tiffany Network presented ‘ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute to the Troops’ which drew 4.45 million viewers and a 3.0/5. It was like CBS was already marching at the head of the parade as all the others were still fighting for the scraps at the dinner table.

The CW
The CW had an all-supernatural night as at 8P, a rerun of ‘Supernatural’ pulled in 1.11 million viewers and a 0.8/1. At 9P, the season finale of ‘Supernatural’ pulled in 2.30 million viewers and a 1.5/2. The Little Network That Could at least battled FOX’s entry in this time period.

Late Night
‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ finished #1 with 3.2/8; ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ was #2 with 2.6/7. ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ was #3 with 2.0/5. At 1235A, ‘Nightline’ again was #1 with 1.6/5. ‘Seth Meyers’ finished #2 again with 1.4/5. Note to Peacock Brass: Meyers is no Fallon. ‘Craig Ferguson’ finished #3 with 1.0/4. At 135A, ‘Carson Daly’ had a 0.8/3.

For The Record
ABC was #1 on Tuesday with 13.72 million viewers and a 9.5 rating and a 15 share of the available audience. NBC finished #2 with 10.18 million viewers and a 6.2/10. CBS was next with 4.86 million viewers and a 3.4/6. FOX came in next with 4.33 million viewers and a 3.1/5. Univision drew 2.39 million viewers and a 1.3/2. The CW drew 1.74 million viewers and a 1.2/2. Telemundo had a 0.7/1.

Today In TV History
On this day in 1979, Elton John began a series of Russian concerts that were videotaped for a cable-TV special and a videodisc. They were both titled “To Russia with Elton.” For a look at the concert, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkptszEYQfQ

Cable TV News
Sean Hanish’s feature film, ‘Return To Zero’ which aired on Lifetime on Saturday drew 1.5 million viewers, comparable to Lifetime’s top rated show on Sunday, ‘Devious Maids’. For the record, this is how it compared to other programming on both cable and broadcast on Saturday at 8P.#1 on cable was ‘Despicable Me’ DSNY 3.126 million viewers; #2 ‘Fast & Furious 6’ on HBO with 2.296 million viewers. #3 ‘NASCAR Qual’ on FS1 2.014 million viewers. #4 ‘The Big Bang Theory’ TBS 1.577 million; #5 ‘Return To Zero’ LIF 1.497 million viewers; #6 ‘Prime Movie’ FX 1.279 million viewers; #7 ‘Criminal Minds’ A&E 1.073 million viewers #8 ‘Big Picture Movie’ TNT 647,000 viewers; #9 ‘Comedy Central Movie’ CMDY 616,000 viewers. In addition, at 8P it beat FOX’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ which drew 1.34 million viewers and at 9P FOX’s ‘The Following’ which drew 790,000 viewers on broadcast.

Here are the Top Ten ad-sustained programs that aired in primetime on the broadcast and cable networks Saturday night, courtesy of TravisYanan: regardless of time period.
#1 48 Hours (10:00) – CBS 4.972 million viewers, #1; 1.010 million adults 18-49 (0.80 rating)
#2 Dateline NBC (8:00, 120 Minutes) – NBC 4.957 million viewers, #2; 1.098 million adults 18-49 (0.86 rating)
#3 NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing – FS1 3.482 million viewers, #3; 1.021 million adults 18-49 (0.80 rating)
#4 NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing Qualifying – FS1 2.014 million viewers, #4; 0.615 million adults 18-49 (0.48 rating)
#5 The Haunted Hathaways (8:00) – Nickelodeon 1.914 million viewers, #5; 0.435 million adults 18-49 (0.34 rating), #9
#6 The Haunted Hathaways (8:30) – Nickelodeon 1.508 million viewers, #6; 0.329 million adults 18-49 (0.26 rating), #12
#7 Return to Zero (8:00) – Lifetime 1.497 million viewers, #7; 0.446 million adults 18-49 (0.35 rating), #7
#8 House Hunters Renovation (10:00) – HGTV 1.406 million viewers, #8; 0.451 million adults 18-49 (0.36 rating),
#9 Sex Sent Me to the ER (9:00) – TLC 1.315 million viewers, #9; 0.436 million adults 18-49 (0.34 rating), #8
#10 OMG EMT! (10:00) – TLC 0.973 million viewers, #10; 0.326 million adults 18-49 (0.26 rating), #13

For the record, ‘Return To Zero’ was the second most popular show on Lifetime in the entire week, second only to Sunday’s airing of ‘Devious Maids’ which drew 45,000 more viewers. Lifetime Network on average for the week, was #19 in cable network rankings in prime time with an average of 782,000 viewers. ‘Return To Zero’ nearly doubled that total, lifting Lifetime’s average considerably.

Prime-time Cable Network Average Viewers (Live+SD) Week Ending May 18, 2014:
Network (000s)
#1 TNT 2912
#2 DSNY 1879
#3 HIST 1828
#4 USA 1816
#5 TBSC 1679
#6 FOXN 1464
#6 ESPN 1451
#7 HGTV 1177
#8 DISC 1136
#9 NAN 1125
#10 ADSM 1082
#11 TLC 1036
#12 A&E 1019
#13 FOOD 924
#14 FX 913
#15 NBCS 911
#16 FAM 897
#17 SYFY 864
#18 LIFE 782
#19 BRAV 758
#20 SPK 750
#21 ID 732
#22 AMC 723

Sports News
Major League Baseball holds its draft and the picks are based on records, the worst team gets to pick first. In the NFL, their draft is determined by the team’s performance during the past season, with the worst going first. In the NBA, the draft is determined by Ping Pong Balls. Lame. We should now call the pro basketball league the NPPBA, the National Ping Pong BasketBALL Association.

Television Research
Nielsen came out with a most interesting piece of research regarding Advertising and Audiences: Making Ad Dollars Make Sense. Americans spend more than one-fifth of their time watching traditional TV—and a lot of ads, as a result. Adding to this increased ad exposure is the fact that the number of commercial minutes each hour has increased year-over-year on broadcast television, according to Nielsen’s annual Advertising and Audiences report. In the past five-year period, despite network television’s climb, cable leads with 15 minutes and 38 seconds of commercial time during each hour on average in 2013, compared to network TV’s 14 minutes and 15 seconds.

Compounded by even more channels for ad spots to air, it’s an uphill battle for marketers to make it stick. So it’s no wonder that television ad spend is on the rise. In the U.S., expenditures topped $78 billion in 2013, up from $64 billion in 2009. The average cost of a 30-second prime time TV advertising spot across both broadcast and cable, however, has decreased slightly over the same period, costing $7,800 in 2013. The average prime time spot on broadcast alone, however, commanded nearly 10 times as much—$75,000 in 2013.

In addition to increased spend, advertisers have adapted to the changing video ecosystem by creating more ads that are shorter in length. Fifteen-second ads comprised only 35 percent of all aired television ads in 2000, but increased to 44 percent in 2013; meanwhile, 30-second ads decreased from 62 to 53 percent over the same time period.

There appears little doubt that sequencing shorter commercials are just as impactful as the old fashioned third (:30) second spot. It is time to become more than creative. It is time to be creative in media management.

New update on The Millennium Report can be found at http://bit.ly/1ljkQXc.


Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Kenya, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Across The Pond

BBC One & 'Happy Valley' were #1 on Tuesday in the UK.

BBC One & ‘Happy Valley’ were #1 on Tuesday in the UK.

BBC One with their big hit, ‘Happy Valley’ finished #1 on the evening in the UK outside of the soaps. They began the evening at 730P with ‘A Question of Sport’ and it pulled in 3.2 million viewers (16.2%). At 9P, ‘Happy Valley’ drew 5.8 million viewers and an excellent 26.7% share of the available audience.

BBC Two at 730P, ‘Great British Menu’ had 1.6 million viewers (8.0%). It was followed at 8P by coverage of the ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ with the network high for the evening of 2.7 million viewers (12.5%). At 9P, ‘Watermen’ fell a bit to 1.7 million viewers (7.7%).

ITV had a rerun at 8P of ‘Endeavour’ which was seen by 2.0 million viewers (9.0%).

Channel 4 at 8P presented ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ which brought in 898,000 viewers (4.2%). At 9P, ‘Mr Drew’s School for Boys’ increased the audience substantially to 1.3 million viewers (5.9%). At 10P it was followed by ’16 Kids and Counting’ which fell to 755,000 viewers (5.0%).

Channel 5 had at 8P, ‘Ben Fogle’s Animal Clinic’ which drew 599,000 viewers (2.8%). It was followed at 9P by ‘Behind Closed Doors’ which boosted the audience to 874,000 viewers (4.0%). Then the CBS import, ‘The Mentalist’ crowned the evening with 927,000 viewers (5.8%).

BBC Three at 9P had ‘The Call Center’ and it drew 850,000 viewers (3.9%). At 10P, ‘Sweat the Small Stuff’ had 458,000 viewers (2.6%).

MTV at 9P presented ‘Ex on the Beach’ and it brought in 256,000 viewers (1.6%).

Down Under

Nine and 'The Voice Australia' #1 on Tuesday.

Nine and ‘The Voice Australia’ #1 on Tuesday.

Nine was again as it drew 32.8% share of the nation’s available audience and again, the #1 program was ‘The Voice Australia’ which drew 1,714,000 viewers. The #3 program on Tuesday was ‘Nine News’ with 1,197,000 viewers. #5 was ‘Nine News 6:30′ which drew 1,163,000. #7 was ‘A Current Affair’ which came in with 1,097,000 viewers. The #9 program on the evening was ‘when Love Comes To Town’ and it drew 868,000 viewers.

Seven, with 28.8% share came in second on Tuesday. The #2 program on the evening was ‘Seven News’ with 1,375,000 viewers. #4 was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 1,172,000 viewers. #6 was ‘House rules’ and it pulled in 1,146,000 viewers. #8 was ‘Home and Away’ with 979,000 viewers. And the last of the Top Ten on Tuesday was #10, ‘Resurrection’ which pulled in 857,000 viewers.

Ten finished #3 with 17.9% share.

ABC1 finished fourth with 15.5% share.

SBS came in fifth with 5.0% share of the available audience.

As you can see, no matter where in the world you were watching television, people were…

Switching Channels!

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