CBS Wins Thursday In The U.S. BBC One #1 In The UK. Seven Barely Edges Nine For #1 In Australia.

CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory' #1 in the ... world? On Thursday.

CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ #1 in the … world? On Thursday.

Thursday, 05.01.14 (Posted 05.02.14)
On the 8th day of the May Sweeps, The Tiffany Network triumphed again. CBS began with the #1 comedy in the….world as it was #1 not only in the U.S. but also in Australia on the same evening, if not half a globe away. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ drew 16.07 million viewers and a 10.3 rating and an 18 share of the available audience with super guest star, Bob Newhart bringing down the house. ‘The slit is usually in the back of the gown.’ At 830P, ‘The Millers’ pulled off a strong performance with 9.43 million viewers and a 5.9/10. At 9P, ‘Two and a Half Men’ kept pace with 8.87 million viewers and a 5.9/9 and remained on top of its time period. At 930P, ‘Bad Teacher’ crapped out and dropped the proud network from first to third in this time slot with 6.46 million viewers and a 4.3/7. At 10P, ‘Elementary’, with little lead-in help, but with an outstanding episode with a mysterious ending, drew 7.79 million viewers and a 4.5/9, regaining the top spot for Black Rock and winning its time slot. The second episode of this arc, was terrific as Holmes deduced in a most clever way who did what to whom and was on the verge of regaining Watson her kidnappers but the ending left much to be told, presumably next week. The bringing of the famed Sherlock Holmes story into the modern era is fascinating and no episode was better in doing this than Thursday’s episode. It was a Must See TV ON DEMAND episode.

Thursday is special in that we are given the opportunity to see two British actors bring their best to American home screens on this evening as both Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Kelly Reilly in Black Box are outstanding. This Thursday was no exception.

ABC began at 8P with a rerun of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and pulled 4.28 million viewers and a 3.1/5. At 9P, the Alphabet Network really began to climb upward to the #1 spot with an original episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which drew 8.81 million viewers and a 6.8/11. At 10P, the brilliant ‘Black Box’ drew 5.60 million viewers and a 4.6/8. This week’s episode, its second, was less frantic than the pilot but gave the story on the background of Dr. Catherine Black a fuller understanding of the disease she faces in everyday life. The subject matter may not be flavored to everyone’s cup of tea, but the performance of is exceptional. It is a Must See TV ON DEMAND episode.

FOX began the evening at 8P with ‘Hells Kitchen’ and it pulled in 4.47 million viewers and a 3.2/5. At 9P, Sam Wolff was eliminated in ‘American Idol’ and it broke the hearts of young girls everywhere. Now only 4 remain as ‘Idol’ pulled in 7.03 million viewers and a 4.8/8, tops for the Animal Network of Broadcast this evening. It was down 39% from the same day a year ago. At 930P, ‘Surviving Jack’ started with a bang…sort of on the kitchen island and it continued in one of the most hilarious episodes of this or any year. ‘Welcome to the hangout house.’ ‘Surviving Jack’ pulled in 3.92 million viewers and a 2.3/4. You gotta love a comedy without a laugh track, that and the fact that the kids outfox the parents every episode. If this were on CBS, it would be a huge hit. It was a Must See TV ON DEMAND episode.

NBC had an evening with ‘iHeartRadio Music Awards’ from 8-11P. Thinking that it was the property of The CW, nobody bothered to watch as it drew 5.48 million viewers and a 3.6//6. The suits at the Peacock Network were seen walking up more floors of 30 Rock because the jump would last longer. They realized on the 80th floor that this was May Sweeps period. However, halfway up the steps, the suits were texted: 71% improvement over your normal Thursday schedule. Biggest non-Olympic Thursday since December 19, 2013. You all get raises.

The CW at 8P presented ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and drew 1.84 million viewers and a 1.3/2. It was down 24% from a year ago on this evening. At 9P, ‘Reign’ brought in 1.40 million viewers and a 1.1/2. The Little Network That Could tried to be a player with the big boys but just didn’t have the power on this evening to do so.

Late Night
NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ had a 2.7/7. CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ had a 2.1/6. ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ drew a 2.2/6. At 1235A, ABC’s ‘Nightline’ was tops as it had a 1.4/5 beating NBC’s ‘Seth Meyers’ which pulled a 1.2/4. CBS’ ‘Craig Ferguson, featuring a very funny episode with guest star Cheryl Hines was outstanding and had a 1.1/4. At 135A, NBC’s ‘Carson Daly’ drew an 0.8/3.

For The Record
CBS won Day #8 of the May Sweeps with 9.429 million viewers and a 6.2 rating and a 10 share of the available audience. The Tiffany Network was down 2.588 million viewers compared to the same day last season. ABC came in #2 on Thursday with 6.080 million viewers and a 4.6/8. The Alphabet Network was down 672,000 viewers from the same comparable day last year. NBC was #3 with 5.48 million viewers and a 3.6/6. The Peacock Network was up, 2.909 million viewers from the same comparable day last season. Meanwhile, FOX drew 4.927 million viewers and a 3.4/5. The Animal Network of Broadcast was down 3.175 million viewers from the same day last season. Univision drew 2.880 million viewers and a 1.5/3. The CW drew 1.620 million viewers and a 1.2/2. The Little Network That Could was up 124,000 viewers from the same comparable day last year. Telemundo came in with a 0.6/1. The five English speaking broadcast networks were down 2.602 million viewers vs the same comparable day last year. Where did the viewers go?

Today In TV History
On this historic day in 1941, The Federal Communications Commission agreed to let regular scheduling of TV broadcasts by commercial TV stations begin on July 1, 1941. This was the start of network television.

Cable TV News
15 days before Lifetime launches the global simulcast of Sean Hanish’s film, ‘Return To Zero’ starring Minnie Driver, Paul Adelstein, Alfred Molina, Kathy Baker, Connie Nielsen, Andrea Anders, Sarah Jones and Colette Freedman.

Cable TV Ratings for Thursday

Game #6 Golden State defeated the LA Clippers as the #1 cable show on Thursday.

Game #6 Golden State defeated the LA Clippers as the #1 cable show on Thursday.

#1 NBA Playoffs TNT 4493 million viewers @ 1046P (Golden State Warriors defeated Los Angels Clippers)
#2 NBA Playoffs TNT 3844 million viewers @ 809P (OKC Thunder defeated the Memphis Grizzlies)
#3 Pawn Stars HIST 3939 million viewers @ 930P
#4 Pawn Stars HIST 3475 million viewers @ 9P
#5 VIKINGS HIST 3374 million viewers @ 10P
#6 Big Bang Theory TBSC 2541 million viewers @ 10P
#7 Big Bang Theory TBSC 2494 million viewers @ 930P
#8 Big Bang Theory TBSC 2436 million viewers @ 1030P
#9 American Dad ADSM 2163 million viewers @ 1030P
#10 Princess &The Frog DSNY 2482 million viewers @ 8P

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Sign of the Times

Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Guernsey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Kenya, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Across The Pond

BBC One's 'MasterChef' again #1 in the UK outside of soaps on Thursday.  Top soap? EastEnders on BBC One.

BBC One’s ‘MasterChef’ again #1 in the UK outside of soaps on Thursday. Top soap? EastEnders on BBC One.

BBC One at 8P had ‘MasterChef’ and drew 4.8 million viewers and a 22% share of the available audience was the top program of the evening outside of soaps. At 9P had ‘Parking Mad’ and it brought in 4.1 million viewers (20.0%) share of the available audience.

ITV at 9P, ‘Wanted: A Family of My Own’ brought in 2.1 million viewers (10.0%) share.

BBC Two at 9P, ‘Protecting Our Parents’ drew 944,000 viewers and a 5.0% share.

Channel 4 at 8P had ‘Posh Pawn’ with 1.5 million viewers (7.0%). At 9P, ‘Kevin’s Supersized Salvage’ took on an old Airbus A320 and drew 1.3 million viewers (6.0%).

BBC Four documentary ‘The First Georgians’ was the channel’s highest-performing program of the year, bringing in 1.2 million viewers viewers on Thursday, beating BBC2, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

For the record, the soaps pulled in the largest audience as ‘Eastenders’ on BBC One drew 7.5 million and a 37% share of the available audience and ITV’s ‘Emmerdale’ pulled in 5.8 million (33.0%) share.

Morning UK TV Ratings
TV’s new breakfast show, ‘Good Morning Britain’, has lost out to ‘BBC Breakfast’, scoring half as many viewers as its rival on its opening day. The first show, starring Susanna Reid, had an average audience of 800,000 viewers over two-and-a-half hours. ‘BBC Breakfast’ had almost double that figure, with an average of 1.5 million viewers tuning in. ‘Good Morning Britain’s’ first day audience is, however, an improvement on its predecessor ‘Daybreak’. Over the last year, ‘Daybreak’ had struggled in the ratings against its BBC One rival, with an average audience of 590,000.

Several commentators said Good Morning Britain had an American feel. The five-minute peak audience on Monday for ‘BBC Breakfast’ was 2.1 million, while ‘Good Morning Britain’s’ highest five-minute peak was 1.2 million. Peak and average viewing figures – the usual measure of TV ratings – really only give a snapshot of the breakfast audience, given that most people often only tune in for a short period of time. The more accurate “daily reach” figure adds up the total number of people watching at any time during the broadcast. For ‘BBC Breakfast’, the figure is currently 6.8 million. On ‘Daybreak’, which ended last week, it was 2.3 million.

‘Good Morning Britain’ ratings this week:
Monday 800,000 viewers
Tuesday 740,000 viewers
Wednesday 640,000 viewers
Thursday 740,000 viewers
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Good Morning Britain will be hoping to improve on that figure – but measurements are not yet available.
Down Under

'The Big Bang Theory' was #1 in Australia on Thursday.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ was #1 in Australia on Thursday.

Seven Squeaks By Nine in one close Thursday. Seven scored a 28.6% share of the available audience in Australia last night. Nine delivered a 28.3% share of the available audience throughout the nation. For the record, ABC1 delivered an 18.6% share while Ten had a 17.5%. SBS had a bigger than usual 6.9% share.

Seven had the #1 newscast and the #2 show ‘Seven News’ which drew 1,174,000 viewers. ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ had 1,097,000 viewers for the #4 show in the nation. #7 was ‘Home and Away’ with 997,000 viewers. And, ‘House Rules’ was the #8 program with 987,000 viewers.

But it was Nine that had the #1 show, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which delivered 1,253,000 million viewers. It was the second night in a row for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ took top honors in Australia. It also had the #3 program of the evening, ‘Nine News’ which came up with 1,130,000 viewers, just 44,000 viewers behind its rival. The #5 program was a rerun of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with 1,071,000 viewers. #6 was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with 1,018,000 viewers. #9 was ‘A Current Affair’ with 939,000 viewers. Nine had five of the Top Ten programs in the nation Thursday evening.

ABC1 had #10 with ‘ABC News’ which delivered 874,000. By the way, it also had #11, #12, #13 & #14.

In the end, Seven won because of the difference in its newscasts as it edged ahead of Nine in each of the competing shows.

As you can see, no matter where we live in the world today, people are…

Switching Channels!

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