CBS Is #1 On Thursday In The U.S. BBC One Again Is #1 In The UK. Nine Is Top Network In Australia.

CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory' was #1 in the U.S. on Thursday.

CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was #1 in the U.S. on Thursday.

Thursday, 04.24.14 (Posted 04.25.14)
CBS won Day #1 of the May Sweeps and the night, Thursday, with America’s #1 comedy, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which topped the night with 15.96 million viewers and an 11.0 rating and huge 19 share of the available audience to lead off the night at 8P. At 830P, ‘The Millers’ were dominant with 10.15 million viewers and a 6.3/10. At 9P, veteran ‘Two and a Half Men’ drew 9.46 million viewers and a 6.1/10. Then at 930P, a new series, ‘Bad Teacher’ fell into a second-place with 7.87 million viewers and a 5.1/8 for the series-premiere. It finished 42% above the finale of ‘The Crazy Ones’ one week earlier (3.6/ 6 on April 17). All in all, it may be one of the worst sitcoms in sitcom history. There is absolutely nothing to recommend this. It is curious how THIS could end up on CBS, a network that usually stand for quality. This can’t be compared with anything else except that which you threw out in the can this morning. At 10P, CBS got back into its groove with an absolutely interesting episode of ‘Elementary’. What feels slow at first roars to continuation into next week as Holmes faces his biggest hurdle of all…losing Watson. It won its time period with 8.12 million viewers and a 5.3/9, despite it bad lead-in. It was, however, Must See TV ON DEMAND.

David Chisum and Kelly Reilly in 'Black Box'

David Chisum and Kelly Reilly in ‘Black Box’

But the real story of the night belonged to ABC and their new 10P series, ‘Black Box’. It opened with one of the most exciting 14 minutes in television series history. Explosive. Astounding. Riviting. Sensational. Absolutely absorbing. And starring one of the great new faces in U.S. television, an English actress, Kelly Reilly, as Dr. Catherine Black a famous neuroscientist who explores and solves the mysteries of the brain, ‘the black box’ as she called it, while hiding her own bipolar disorder from the world. But it is that time when she goes off the meds that bring the world a brilliant new talent. A star on British stage and in the Top Ten movie, Greg Kinnear’s ‘Heaven Is For Real’, Reilly explodes on the screen and the audience is left breathless. Surrounded by a terrific cast of David Ajala, Ditch Davey, David Chisum and Vanessa Redgrave. This is a Must See TV ON DEMAND NOW! program. Earlier in the evening on ABC at 8P was a rerun of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind the Scandelabra’ which proves that Kimmel belongs at late night and now in prime time as it finished with 2.75 and a CW type 2.1/3. At 9P, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was the top show of the evening on The Alphabet Network with 7.64 million viewers and a 6.0/9. At 10P, ‘Black Box’ finished #2 behind competing ‘Elementary’ with 6.60 million viewers and a 4.6/8. The retention out of lead-in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was strong at 74%. And there was only a 4% decline at 1030P (4.6/8 to 4.4/8).

Univision's 'QUÉ POBRES TAN RICOS' beats NBC at 10P on Thursday.

Univision’s ‘QUÉ POBRES TAN RICOS’ beats NBC at 10P on Thursday.

Univision powered ahead of NBC as it clearly understands the audience better than the Peacock’s do. At 8P, ‘Por Siempre Mi Amor’ finished with a 1.0 A18-49 ratings. At 9P, ‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robo’ also had a 1.0 A18-49. At 10P, it was ‘Que Pobres Tan Ricos’ which pulled up the network to #3 with a 1.2 A18-49 rating, leaving Peacocks in the dust.

NBC had a ‘Thanksgiving’ of its own as it had the season-finale, a one-hour installment of ‘Parks and Recreation’ featuring a cameo appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama. It drew 2.71 million family, friends and White House staff and a 2.1/3 which was actually up by 24% from the 1.7/3 one week earlier thanks completely to the First Lady. Next at 9P on the Peacock Network was two-hour ‘Saturday Night Live’ special and tanked with 2.46 million viewers and a 2.0/3.

FOX began at 8P with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ which drew 4.82 million viewers and a 3.6/6. At 9P, it is now down to the final five as ‘American Idol’ drew an Animal Network of Broadcast high with 7.60 million viewers and a 5.2/8, as Keith Urban wore a suit and a ’60s tie. It was down by 35% from the 8.0/13 from a year ago. It finished #3 in its time period. At 930P, ‘Surviving Jack’ drew 3.93 million viewers. It can thank the heavens for CBS putting that thing up against it. It could very well survive to another season. If it were on CBS or ABC, it would probably do very well. It is extremely well written and if you hadn’t noticed, it has no ‘laugh track’. This episode was hilarious and should be on everyone’s Must See TV ON DEMAND list. But because it is on FOX….

The CW scored began at 8P with ‘The Vampire Diaries’ with 1.79 million viewers and a 1.5/2. At 9P, ‘Reign’ drew 1.38 million viewers and a 1.1/2.

Telemundo had three hours of ‘Premios Billboard de la Musica Latina’ or the ‘Billboard Latin Music Awards’ beginning at 8P and drew a strong 2 million viewers and a 1.1/2 for the evening, beating out The CW on Thursday.

Late Night
NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ finished #1 with a 2.5/6 which was 9% above Leno last year on the comparable date. CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ came in #2 with a 2.3/6. ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ finished with a 2.0/5. At 1235A, NBC’s ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ (1.3/ 5). CBS’ ‘Craig Ferguson’ drew a 1.1/4, which was 8% below the year-ago evening. ABC’s ‘Nightline’ scored a 1.1/4. NBC’s ‘Carson Daly’ finished at 130A with 0.8/3.

For The Record
CBS finished #1 on Thursday with 9.94 million viewers and a 6.5 rating and an 11 share of the available audience. ABC finished #2 with 5.66 million viewers and a 4.2/7. FOX was next with 5.29 million viewers and a 3.7/6. Univision came in #4 with 2.88 million viewers and a 1.4/2. NBC was #5 with 2.54 million viewers and a 2.1/3. Telemundo finished with 2 million viewers and a 1.1/2. The CW had 1.59 million viewers and a 1.3/2.

Today In TV History
On this date in 1940, W2XBS (now WCBS-TV) in New York City presented the first circus on TV. Contrary to popular belief, he was not the man on the high wire. However, if he was there, he would have been the dude holding up the tent. And there were no BAD TEACHERS in his tent at that time.

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In 22 Days, Lifetime will simulcast globally Sean Hanish's film, 'Return To Zero' at 8P (EST), 7 (CST), 6 (MST), 5P (PST).

In 22 Days, Lifetime will simulcast globally Sean Hanish’s film, ‘Return To Zero’ at 8P (EST), 7 (CST), 6 (MST), 5P (PST).

22 days before the worldwide simulcast of ‘Return To Zero’ on Lifetime.

Cable News
Cable Top 10 Program Ratings for Thursday

NBA Playoffs on TNT #1 on Cable on Thursday

NBA Playoffs on TNT #1 on Cable on Thursday

#1 NBA PLAYOFFS TNT 4.167 million viewers @ 809P
#2 NBA PLAYOFFS TNT 3.875 million viewers @ 1106P
#3 Pawn Stars HIST 3.767 million viewers # 930P
#4 Pawn Stars HIST 3.200 million viewers @ 9P
#5 Vikings HIST 3.109 million viewers @ 10P
#6 Big Bang Theory TBS 2.433 million viewers @ 1030P
#7 Big Bang Theory TBS 2.353 million viewers @ 10P
#8 Pawn Stars HIST 2.371 million viewers @ 830P
#9 Judy Moody DSNY 2.261 million viewers @ 8P
#10 Big Bang Theory TBS 2.094 million viewers @ 930P

Welcome to new viewers in all 50 States of the U.S., all of the Provinces in Canada, all of the States in Mexico, the UK, Ireland, Guernsey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Malta, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Across The Pond

BBC One's 'MasterChef' was once again #1 in the UK on Thursday.

BBC One’s ‘MasterChef’ was once again #1 in the UK on Thursday.

BBC One at 8P presented ‘MasterChef’ and it topped the ratings outside of soaps once again on Thursday with 4.7 million viewers and an excellent 22.2% share of the available audience. At 9P, ‘Parking Mad’ brought in 4.1 million viewers 19.7%. At 1035P, the final ‘Life and Death Row’ rerun was seen by 1.7 million viewers (14.7%).

ITV at 830P brought ‘Ade at Sea’ which brought out the #2 program in its time slot with 2.2 million viewers (10.5%). At 9P, Nicky Campbell’s new series ‘Wanted: A Family of My Own’ intrigued 2.1 million viewers (10.1%).

Channel 4 at 8P began with ‘Posh Pawn’ and it drew 1.5 million viewers (6.9%). At 9P it was followed by ‘Kevin’s Supersized Salvage’ with 1.3 million viewers (6.3%).

BBC Two at 8P had ‘Digby Jones: The New Troubleshooter’ and it drew 892,000 viewers (4.2%). It was followed at 9P by ‘Protecting Our Parents’ with 943,000 viewers (4.5%).

E4 brought out their power at 8P, CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which drew 1.2 million viewers (5.6%) and was the #4 program in the time slot. It was followed at 830P by another CBS hit, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ which drew 611,000 viewers (2.9%). At 1130P, FOX’s ‘Family Guy’ brought in a strong 826,000 viewers (9.8%) at that time of the night.

Channel 5 at 8P presented ‘Beware Cowboy Builders’ and it didn’t draw very well with only 723,000 viewers (3.4%). At 9P, Harold Shipman documentary ‘Catch Dr Death’ increased the audience a bit to 869,000 viewers (4.1%). At 10P, CBS’ ‘Person Of Interest’ drew 698,000 viewers (4.4%).

ITV2 at 9P, had ‘Tom Daley Goes Global’ with only 390,000 viewers (1.9%). At 10P, the latest ‘Celebrity Juice’ triple squeezed with the network’s high of 968,000 viewers (5.8%).

Sky1 at 8P had The CW’s ‘Arrow’ and it drew 373,000 viewers (1.7%).

Down Under

'Seven News' was the #1 program and newscast in Australia on Thursday.

‘Seven News’ was the #1 program and newscast in Australia on Thursday.

Nine, despite not having the top program of the evening, was the top network in Australia on Thursday. With a strong 27.8% share of the available audience, it had the #2 program, being ‘Nine News’ with 1,057,000 viewers, most of which were dominant in Sydney and Melbourne and the #3 program, ‘Nine News 6:30’ with 972,000 viewers. #7 was ‘A Current Affair’ with 857,000 viewers.

Seven, with 25.7% share of the available audience, had the #1 program and the #1 newscast in the nation on Thursday as ‘Seven News’ pulled in 1,088,000 viewers, thanks to Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. It finished ahead of its rival, “Nine News’ by 31,000 viewers. The #4 program was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ which drew 971,000 viewers, just 1,000 viewers behind its rival, ‘Nine News 6:30’. The #8 program was ‘Home and Away’ with 819,000 viewers.

ABC1, with 20.9% share of the available audience, had the #5 program, ‘ABC News’ with 876,000 viewers. The #6 program of the evening, ‘Call The Midwife’ pulled in 871,000 viewers. The #9 program of the evening was ‘The Checkout: Factory Seconds’ with 814,000 viewers. And, the #10 program was also on ABC1, ‘7:30’ which drew 753,000 viewers.

For the record, Ten had 19.5% share of the available audience on Thursday, its largest being #13, ‘Ten Eyewitness News’ with 605,000 viewers.

SBS had 6.1% share of the available audience on Thursday, with it’s top program coming in #20, a rerun of ‘French Food Safari’ which drew 394,000 viewers.

As you can see, no matter where we live in the world today, people are…

Switching Channels!

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