CBS Dominates On Friday In The U.S. BBC Tops In The UK. Seven Wins In Australia.

Friday, 04.11.14 (Posted 04.12.14)
It is becoming to feel a bit like ‘Groundhog Day’. Another day, Another CBS win. Friday was no exception as the veteran lineup polished off the competition and took home the top network crown for the 9th time in the past 10 days. At 8P, ‘Unforgettable’ pulled in 7.66 million viewers. At 9P, ‘Hawaii Five-0’ began with a bang and an unusual twisting plot, never appearing exactly as one would think it would. In an exceptional episode where the two male leads, Steve and Dano were buried in their work for most of the program while love is in the air for both and McGarrett murders the mystery man at the end. This program continues to improve each week. It drew 9.08 million viewers. It is a Must See TV ON DEMAND episode. At 10P, the all-powerful cornerstone of Friday, ‘Blue Bloods’ was as good as advertised. Each member of the immediate family is involved as Erin, Danny and Frank provide the framework of a typical family…understandings…misunderstandings…protection…duty. And Jamie has also caught the love bug. Great episode that brought in 10.07 million viewers, the only program to top the 10 million mark on Friday. It again is Must See TV ON DEMAND.

ABC finished #2 for the evening. At 8P, ‘Last Man Standing’ pulled in 5.72 million viewers. At 830P, ‘The Neighbors’ dropped significantly to 3.87 million. At 9P, ‘Shark Tank’ drew 6.49 million, while an improvement of 2.62 million viewers, it was still 2.59 million viewers behind ‘Hawaii Five-0’. At 10P, while #2 in its time slot, ’20/20′ drew 5.65 million viewers, 4.42 million behind ‘Blue Bloods’. While squarely #2 on Friday, it finished so far behind CBS that the Alphabet Network has to figure out how to become competitive.

And that is not a possibility for NBC. The Peacock Network finished miles behind the leader. At 8P, a special, ‘ Brian Williams: 108 Hours: Inside the Hunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers’ drew 3.9 million viewers. At 9P, ‘Grimm’ pulled in 4.84 million viewers. And at 10P, ‘Hannibal’ died by bringing in only 2.40 million viewers. This is not a great way to win the hearts and minds of their network affiliates as local newscasts suffer with such a poor lead in.

FOX devoted their entire evening to the premiere of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ and for the Animal Network of Broadcast, it was just plain nightmare. At 8P it drew 2.92 million viewers. At 830P, it reached its peak for the evening with 3.12 million knife and fork lovers. At 9P, 2.85 million viewers tuned in and at 930P, it drew 2.83 million for a grand total average of…2.93 million viewers. Wow! There will be plenty of cable programs that out performed this network on Friday when those results come out.

The CW at 8P, ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ pulled in 1.51 million viewers. At 9P, ‘Hart of Dixie’ brought in 1.07 million viewers.

Late Night
‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ finished #1 with 3.0/7. ‘David Letterman’, delayed by 15 minutes due to ‘The Masters Review’, with guest Tom Selleck in a rerun finished with a 1.8/5. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live! rerun drew 0.7/3. ‘Nightline’ had a 1.6/5. ‘Seth Meyers’ had a 1.5/5. ‘Craig Ferguson’, again pushed back by ‘The Masters golf’ coverage, drew a 1.0/4. ‘Carson Daly’ finished with 0.8/3.

For the Record
CBS finished #1 with 9.24 million viewers on Friday. ABC was #2 with 5.62 million viewers. NBC was #3 with 3.72 million viewers and FOX finished with 2.93 million. The CW drew an average of 1.30 for the evening.

Today In TV History
On this date in 1967, Jim Brown, the great collegiate and professional football player made his TV acting debut on the NBC show ‘I Spy’, the ground breaking program that introduced Bill Cosby to television.

Cable News
Bubba Watson of the US reacts after maki
ESPN’s live telecast of the second round of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on Friday, April 11, earned a 1.8 U.S. household rating, averaging 2.5 million viewers, according to fast national data from Nielsen Media. The telecast aired from 3-7:30P. The rating and viewership rose from the first day of the event, which earned a 1.5 rating and averaged 2 million viewers, but did not surpass ESPN’s record-setting Friday from last year’s event. In 2013, ESPN had its highest-rated and most-viewed Friday telecast since it began airing the Masters in 2008, averaging a 3.0 U.S. household rating and 4.2 million viewers.

FOX Sports 1 (FS1) has aired 3 Major League Baseball games this season. The median age of audience is 57 years. Viewers 50+ now equal 63% of the viewing audience audience.

Coming Soon

April 15th is not just Tax's Fargo Is Here Day.

April 15th is not just Tax Day…it’s Fargo Is Here Day.

For a preview, go to:

North American Email Open and Click Rate Trends, Q4 2009-Q4 2013.
Open rates have been trending up, while click rates are moving in the opposite direction. The report also notes that about 45% of emails deployed during Q4 2013 could be characterized as marketing messages, with these seeing below-average open (29.2%) and click (12.8%) rates. Meanwhile, triggered emails continued to outperform business-as-usual emails in open (49%) and click (10%) rate. As for list performance, half of the average list had at least one open or click during the prior 12 months, though 62% of new subscribers (during the prior 3 months) had no opens or clicks.

Canadian TV News
The CBC on Thursday announced that it will “no longer compete with private broadcasters for rights to televise pro sports,” and that amateur sports such as the Olympics will only be bid on if the net “can be assured it will break even,” according to Curtis Rush of the TORONTO STAR.

Welcome to new viewers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Russian Federation, Switzerland and Australia.

Across The Pond

BBC One's 'Have I Got News For You'  with Ian Hislop and the panel had great fun sending up Nigel Farage. the Ukip leader , on Friday night. It was #1 in the UK on Friday.

BBC One’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ with Ian Hislop and the panel had great fun sending up Nigel Farage. the Ukip leader , on Friday night. It was #1 in the UK on Friday.

BBC One had a big night on Friday. At 7P, ‘The One show’ brought in 3.26 million viewers (19%) and at 730P, ‘A Question of Sport’ pulled in 2.85 million. ‘Have I Got News For You’ was once again Friday’s highest-rated show outside of soaps. Hosted by Green Wing and ‘Episodes’ actor, Stephen Mangan, the comedy panel show was seen by an average of 4.71 million people and a 22.1% share of the available audience. At 830P, ‘MasterChef’ drew 3.95 million viewers (17.6%) while at 930P, ‘Outnumbered’ brought in 3.05 million viewers (14.7%). At 1030P, ‘The Graham Norton Show’ pulled in 2.8 million viewers with 21.4% share of the available audience as Spider-Man stars Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield, along with musical guest Paolo Nutini were on the show.

ITV at 9P had ‘Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis’ brought in 2.61 million viewers (12.6%) while at 9P, ‘The Cube: Celebrity Special’ as Joey Essex and ‘Coronation Street’s’ Kym Marsh attempted to win £250k for charity. It brought in 2.91 million viewers (14.1%).

BBC Two at 8P had their highest-rated show of the evening, ‘Mastermind’ draw 2.40 million viewers (11.6%). At 9P, ‘Gardeners’ World’ pulled in 2.34 million viewers (10.4%). ‘Natural World’ followed with 1.55 million viewers (7.4%) and then ‘The Trip to Italy’ which brought in 1.08 million viewers (6%).

Channel 4 had at 9P, ‘Gogglebox’ which drew 2.01 million (9.5%). At 10P, ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ drew 1.44 million viewers (9%). At 10P, ABC’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ drew 840,000 viewers (4.2%).

Channel 5 at 8P, ‘Ice Road Truckers’ had 758,000 viewers (3.5%). At 9P, ‘Gypsies on Benefits & Proud’ doubled the audience with 1.45 million viewers (6.9%).

BBC Three at 9P presented the movie ‘Tropic Thunder’ which was seen by 371,000 (1.9%).

ITV 3 presented at 8P, ‘A Touch of Frost’ which had 588,000 viewers (2.8%).

Down Under

'The Doctor Blake Mysteries' was the #1 drama in Australia on Friday.

‘The Doctor Blake Mysteries’ was the #1 drama in Australia on Friday.

Seven with 32.9% share of the available audience captured the top network crown on Friday in Australia. Nine, with the top newscast, came in #2 with 28.6% share; ABC1, with the top drama, was #3 with 18.12% share; Ten pulled in 15.1% share and SBS had 5.2% share.

Seven without either the top newscast or top drama won the evening. ‘Seven News’ was the network’s top program but #2 program on the evening across the nation with 1,131,000 viewers with 318,000 viewers in Sydney; 304,000 viewers in Melbourne, 240,000 in Brisbane; 117,000 in Adelaide and 151,000 in Perth. #4 was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 984,000 viewers, some 24,000 viewers less than its rival on Nine. #6 on Friday was ‘Better Homes ad Gardens’ with 767,000 viewers.

Nine had the #1 program which was the #1 newscast in the nation on Friday. ‘Nine News’ drew 1,142,000 viewers, 11,000 more than its rival ‘Seven News’ as 363,000 viewers were in Sydney (+46,000 more than ‘Seven News’); 362,000 in Melbourne (+58,000); 261,000 viewers in Brisbane (+144,000); 86,000 in Adelaide (-31,000) and 69,000 in Perth (-82,000). The early news competition was also won by Nine as the #3 program of the evening, ‘Nine News 6:30’ finished with 1,008,000 viewers. #7 was ‘A Current Affair’ which drew 747,000 viewers. The #10 program on Friday was ‘Hot Seat’ which drew 627,000 viewers.

ABC1 came in with the #5 program of the evening but the #1 drama on the night with ‘The Doctor Blake Mysteries’ which drew 906,000 viewers as the second season finale ended with the episode titled ‘An Invincible Summer’. #8 on the evening was ‘ABC News’ which finished with 717,000 viewers.

Ten entered the Top Ten programs on Friday with #9, ‘Ten Eyewitness News’ which brought in 660,000 viewers.

Australian Digital News
second screen_CEB40640-C117-11E3-9778005056A302E6
Despite the continuing growth of tablets and smartphones, Aussies are spending more time watching conventional TV than they did a year ago, according to a new report. In the fourth quarter of 2013, Australians spent an average of 92 hours 39 minutes of broadcast television each month, up year-on-year by 1 hour 34 minutes, according to the latest Australian Multiscreen Report by OzTam, Regional Tam and Nielsen. Viewing of TV content that is recorded and played back within seven days also rose by 15 minutes compared to the same period in 2012, now accounting for 6 hours 47 minutes per month.

Australians also now spend an average of 5 hours 52 minutes per month viewing online video, such as internet-delivered catch-up TV, on a PC or laptop. Viewing online videos on smartphones has risen to an average of 1 hour 56 minutes per month, from 1 hour 20 minutes the previous year, and on tablets it’s grown from 50 minutes per month at the end of 2012 to 1 hour 47 minutes at the end of last year.

Meanwhile, the proliferation of tablets and smartphones is continuing to grow. About 40% of homes now have at least one tablet (up from 27% the previous year) and 68% of over 16s now own a smartphone (up from 59% a year earlier). A total of 23% of homes now have an internet-capable TV, up from 20% the previous year, and PVRs are now in 53% of homes, up by just 1% on 2012. The report states: “Amid the steady adoption of new technologies, Australians of all ages use their traditional TV sets for the overwhelming majority of time they spend consuming TV and other video.” OzTam CEO Doug Peiffer said: “Even with extensive new screen and platform options, Australians are viewing as much broadcast television as they have in years. The report draws on Australia’s best audience measurement sources to provide a unique and holistic view of how Australians are actually watching TV and other video content across various screens.”

Saturday, 04.12.14
Seven Wins Saturday night in Australia with a 31.5% share of the available audience as it beat Nine (28.7%), ABC1 (18.5%), Ten (15.6%) and SBS (5.8%). It had the #1 program which was the #1 newscast of the evening with ‘Seven News’ which drew 1,151,000 viewers.

ABC1 had the top drama of the evening with ‘Death in Paradise’ which drew 1,017,000 viewers. #4 was ‘ABC News’ with 856,000 viewers. #6 was ‘Gardening Australia’ with 480,000 viewers. The #7 program on Saturday was ‘The Gods of Wheat Street’ which drew 458,000 viewers.

Nine had #3 with ‘Nine News Saturday’ with 953,000 viewers. #5 was also on Nine. ‘The Blind Side’ drew 601,000 viewers. The #8 program was ‘Getaway’ with 457,000 viewers.

Ten got into the game with the #9 program of the evening which was ‘Ten Eyewitness News Saturday’ with 438,000 viewers. It also had the #10 program with ‘David Attenborough and the Giant Egg’ which drew 408,000 viewers.

As you can see, no matter where we live in the world today, people are…

Switching Channels!

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