CBS Back To #1 On Sunday. BBC One Is Number One In The UK. Nine On Top In Australia.

CBS with the '49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards' was #1 on Sunday.

CBS with the ’49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards’ was #1 on Sunday.

Sunday, 04.06.14 (Posted 04.07.14)
CBS has been #1 broadcast network on five of the past six nights and Sunday was no exception. Throwing out most of its strong Sunday night lineup, at 7P, ’60 Minutes’ led it off and pulled in 9.98 million viewers and an 7.5 ratings and a 13 share of the available audience. Not a bad way to start an evening. But it was at 8P that the ’49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards’ came front and center. It pushed the Tiffany Network to the top with 14.4 million viewers and a commanding 8.2/13 for the evening. It peaked at 9P with an 8.5/13. All in all, it was a good night to be an exec at the Tiffany Network and a great night for a CBS affiliate.

ABC at 7P presented the veteran show, ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ as it placed second in its time slot with 6.03 million viewers and a 3.3/6. At 8P, ‘Once Upon A Time’ drew 6.68 million viewers and a 4.1/6. At 9P, ‘Resurrection’ drew 7.54 million viewers and a 5.0/7. Tracking this program over five-weeks: 8.5/13 – 7.0/10 – 6.2/10 – 5.5/8 – 5.0/7, could this spell trouble for the Alphabet Network? At 10P, ‘Revenge’ finished #2 in its time slot with 4.93 million viewers and a 3.5/6.

NBC opened the night at 7P with a news special, ‘Ann Curry Reports: Our Year of Extremes – Did Climate Change Just Hit Home?’ and in not only having the longest title in the history of television it also finished third in its time slot with 4.1 million viewers and a 2.9/5 at 7. At 8P, a series-low of 2.91 million viewers and a 2.0/3 for ‘American Dream Builders’ put the Peacock Network execs scurrying for cover. At 9P, ‘Believe’ drew 4.14 million viewers and a 2.8/4. At 10P, ‘Crisis’ was exactly that for the suits at 30 Rock as it drew 4.43 million viewers and a 3.1/5, the highest rated program on the night for NBC.

FOX, with its line-up of animation domination, began at 7P with ‘Bob’s Burgers’ which drew 2.27 million viewers and a 1.5/ 3. At 730P, ‘American Dad’ had 2.71 million viewers and a 1.5/3. At 8P, the classic ‘The Simpsons’ pulled in 4.3 million viewers and a 2.4/4. Check out the tribute to David Letterman’s retirement ( And at 830P, ‘Family Guy’ drew the top viewership of the night on the Animal Network of Broadcast with 4.72 million viewers and a 2.8/4. At 9P, ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’ had a series-low, but a still respectable number for FOX on Sunday, of 4.01 million viewers and a 2.5/4.

For The Record
CBS was #1 on Sunday with 13.10 million viewers and an 8.0 rating and a 13 share of the available audience. ABC finished #2 with 6.29 million viewers and a 4.0/6. NBC was next with 3.91 million viewers and a 2.7/4. FOX drew 3.67 million viewers and a 2.2/3. Univision finished with 2.10 million viewers. Telemundo had a 0.7/1.

Today In TV History

The first public demonstration of television  in 1927.

The first public demonstration of television in 1927.

On this date in 1927, the first long-distance TV transmission was sent from Washington, DC, to New York City. The audience in the AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories auditorium saw an image, the live picture and voice of then of Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover. They were stunned. It was transmitted over telephone lines. Television in those days was mechanical. Hoover was scanned by a narrow beam of light passing through tiny holes in a large, spinning disk that was set in front of his face. The image appeared in New York as tiny dots of light on the 2×2.5 inch face of a neon glow lamp. The picture tube hadn’t been invented yet.

Broadcast TV News
Barbara Walters (84) has announced she will retire from television on May 16, 2014, with her final co-hosting appearance on ‘The View’ and a two-hour ABC primetime special celebrating her life and her career that evening from 9-11P.

Telemundo‘s news shows delivered double-digit growth in the first quarter. ‘Enfoque con Jose Diaz-Balart’ and ‘Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste’ saw increases of 26% (106,000 vs. 84,000) and 10% (483,000 vs. 440,000), respectively, among A18-49 compared to the Q1 2013, according to Nielsen. Morning show, ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ reported its best quarterly ratings ever among A18-49, up 18% (110,000 vs. 93,000).

Cable News
The Wisconsin Badgers vs. Kentucky Wildcats NCAA Final Four baseball game on Saturday drew 16.3 million total viewers (11.0 household rating and 17 share of the available audience) to become the most-viewed college basketball game ever on a cable TV network. The telecast peaked with an average of 18.6 million total viewers and a 12.7 HH coverage rating from 11:00-11:30P. Top local markets for Kentucky/Wisconsin were Louisville, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton.

Coverage of Connecticut vs Florida across the three networks grossed 11.7 million total viewers and a 8.2 HH coverage rating to become the second most-watched college basketball game ever on a cable television network. The Connecticut/Florida telecast peaked with an average of 16.2 million total viewers and a 10.9 HH coverage rating from 8:00-8:30P.

More Cable News

HBO's 'Game Of Thrones'

HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

According to Eric Dodds on Time Magazine’s website, Sunday’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ season 4 premiere crashed HBO Go (just like ‘True Detectives’ finale did) even with extra capacity servers. The program drew 6.6 million viewers for its fourth-season premiere, which was up 50% from its opener last year (4.37 million).

'Turn' debuts on AMC with 2+ million number.

‘Turn’ debuts on AMC with 2+ million number.

The premiere of ‘Turn’ drew 2.1 million viewers at 9P on AMC. Including an encore showing, ‘Turn’ grossed 3 million viewers over the course of the night.

According to Social Guide, the National Final Four NCAA basketball games on Saturday tallied more than 1.8 million tweets that were seen by nearly 200 million followers, for a 36% increase over last year. The two games, including Connecticut against Florida as the first game of the doubleheader, netted 3.8 million live streams for an increase of 76% over last year. The doubleheader also combined to register more than one million hours of live video consumed, up 37% over 2013.

Cinema News

Let The Force Be With Them

Let The Force Be With Them

Big news out of Hollywood is that the Disney movie chief confirms ‘Star Wars VII’ has started filming with casting not done yet but the script is set.

The Box Office For The Weekend of April 4-6, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier #1 In The World

Captain America: The Winter Soldier #1 In The World

#1 ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ $96.5 million (domestic) $110 million (international)
#2 ‘Noah’ $17 million (domestic)
#3 ‘Divergent’ $13 million (domestic)
#4 ‘God’s Not Dead’ $7.26 million (domestic)
#5 ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ $6.3 million (domestic)
#6 ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ $6.285 million (domestic)
#7 ‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ $5.3 million (domestic)
#8 ‘Sabotage’ $1.908 million (domestic)
#9 ‘Need For Speed’ $1.836 million (domestic)
#10 ‘Non-Stop’ $1.827 million (domestic)

Joseph Yule Jr., better known as Mickey Rooney, went on to visit Judge Hardy, this past weekend. The legendary actor, made famous by his leading role in the “Andy Hardy” series of films, was the No. 1 star in at the box office, and perhaps the brightest star at MGM, a whole studio made up of “more stars than there are in heaven”. From 1939 through 1941, Rooney was the #1 box office draw in the United States. He said, “I keep going because if you stop, you stop,” he told the UK’s The Guardian newspaper in 2009. He continues his journey because in the film, ‘Andy Hardy Meets Debutante’ he stated, ‘I’ve never before really appreciated the advantage of being dead.’ Make them laugh, Andy. Make them laugh.

Welcome to new visitors from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Russian Federation, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Mauritius, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

Across The Pond

BBC One's 'The Crimson Field' debuted on Sunday. BBC One finished as the top rated television network in the UK.

BBC One’s ‘The Crimson Field’ debuted on Sunday. BBC One finished as the top rated television network in the UK.

BBC at 7P began the evening with ‘Countryfile’ and it was the #1 program in the UK on Sunday evening with 7.1 million viewers and an extraordinary 32.6% share of the available audience. At 8P, ‘Antiques Roadshow’ fell a bit to 5.7 million viewers and a 24.7%. But at 9P, ‘The Crimson Field’ debuted and the Oona Chaplin period drama attracted 6.1 million viewers with 26.1% share. It won the battle of the dramas on Sunday night for BBC One and lifted the audience for the network back up over 6 million viewers. At 1035P, ‘Match of the Day 2’ came in with 2.4 million viewers and a 17.5% share of the available audience at that hour.

ITV at 645P, presented ‘Catchphrase’ and it came in with 3.7 million viewers (18.2%). At 8P, ‘Endeavour’ increased the audience and giving ‘AR’ a run for its money with 5.1 million viewers (21.9%). At 1035P, ‘Off Their Rockers’ returned with 2.4 million (17.5%) and tied ‘MOD2’ during this time period.

BBC Two at 8P had ‘Border Country’ and it could not reach the million mark with only 989,000 viewers(4.3%). At 9P, however, finale of ‘Louis Theroux’s LA Stories’ did by drawing 1.6 million viewers (6.8%). Coverage of the F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain brought in a solid number, 2.4 million viewers (15.3%) at 10P. It was a very competitive late evening on Sunday in the UK with three networks battling it out, all drawing 2.4 million viewers.

Channel 4 at 8P presented ‘Secret History’, a documentary which brought in 1.4 million viewers (5.9%). It was followed at 9P by Liam Neeson film ‘The Grey’ which drew 1.2 million viewers (6.2%).

Channel 5 at 8P had John Travolta’s movie ‘Ladder 49’ and it could only pull in 598,000 viewers (2.6%). Now let see, at $7.50 per ticket, that would mean an entirely different thing, now wouldn’t it.

Down Under

Nine's 'The Block: Fans v Faves' has topped Sunday's television ratings in Australia with 1.829 million viewers.

Nine’s ‘The Block: Fans v Faves’ has topped Sunday’s television ratings in Australia with 1.829 million viewers.

Nine was back on top on Sunday in Australia drawing a very large 34.9% share of the available audience. Seven finished second with 30.4% share. ABC1 was third with a 15.4% while Ten came in fourth with a 14.2% share. SBS came in fifth with 5.0%.

Nine had the #1 program, ‘The Block: Fans v Faves’ which pulled in 1,829,000 total viewers (565,000 in Sydney; 552,000 in Melbourne; 358,000 in Brisbane; 151,000 in Adelaide and 201,000 in Perth. It also had the top rated newscast of the evening as ‘Nine News Sunday’ was the #2 program in Australia on Sunday with 1,550,000 viewers. The #3 program was ’60 Minutes’ which drew a strong 1.372 million viewers.

Seven finally got on the board with their newscast as the #4 program as ‘Seven News’ drew 1,233,000 viewers. ‘Sunday Night’ was #5 with 892,000 viewers. #6 was ‘My France with Manu’ which drew 813,000 viewers. #8 on the evening was ‘Downton Abbey’ which had 694,000 viewers tuning in.

ABC1 came in with the #7 program of the night as ‘ABC News’ finished with 808,000 viewers. The #9 program was ‘ABC News Update’ with 581,000 viewers. And, #10, ‘Ice Age Giants’ was viewed by 580,000.

It was a good night to be a suit at Nine.

As you can see, no matter where we live in the world today, people are…

Switching Channels!

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