ABC Wins With Dancing In The U.S. On Monday. ITV Was #1 In The UK. Seven Has Kitchen & Tops In Australia.

ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars' was #1 on Monday.

ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ was #1 on Monday.

Monday, 03.24.14 (posted 03.25.14
ABC began strong at 8P with the #1 program of the evening as ‘Dancing with the Stars’ drove 14.55 million viewers while at 10P, ‘Castle’ came in second with 9.78 million.

NBC led off with their strongest singing show at 8P with ‘The Voice’ but came in second with 12.85 million viewers, falling behind by 1.6 million. But at 10P, ‘The Blacklist’ drew 10.8 million viewers, gaining back 1 million but just fell a bit short for the evening.

CBS began Monday at 8P with one of the final episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and drew 9.04 million viewers. But at 830P, ‘2 Broke Girls’ fell down with only 7.4 million watching. At 9P, ‘Mike & Molly’ could only pull up a little with 7.83 million viewers while at 930P, ‘Mom’ dropped back a bit to 7.35 million. At 10P, The Tiffany Network fell out of bed with ‘Intelligence’ which could only muster 4.99 million viewers.

FOX at 8P had the venerable ‘Bones’ which pulled in an Animal Network of Broadcast hight of 5.82 million viewers while at 9P, ‘The Following’ dropped down considerably with only 4.07 million.

Univision began the evening at 8P with ‘Por Siempre Mi Amor’ had a 1.4 rating (A-18-49). At 9P, ‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robo’ finished with a strong 1.5 (A-18-49) while at 10P, ‘Que Pobres Tan Ricos’ finished with a 1.1 rating (A-18-49).

For The Record
ABC won Monday with 12.75 million viewers and an 8.2 rating and a 13 share of the available audience while NBC came in #2 with 12.11 million viewers and a 7.4/12. CBS finished #3 with 8.91 million viewers and a 4.3/7. FOX had 4.95 million viewers and a 3.2/5. USA Network finished #5 with 4.273 million viewers. TBS finished #6 with 2.686 million viewers on Monday. Univision finished with million viewers and a 1.6/3. Telemundo finished with a 0.7/1. The CW finished with an average of 870,000 viewers and a 0.6/1 to finish last.

Today In TV History
On this date in 1954, RCA manufactured its first color TV set and began mass production. Now the world would have ‘Living Color’.

Cable News
Top Cable Programs on Monday
#1 WWE USA 4.393 million viewers @ 9P
#2 WWE USA 4.218 million viewers @ 8P
#3 WWE USA 4.207 million viewers @ 10P
#4 The Big Bang Theory TBS 3.188 million viewers @ 1030P
#5 SpongeBob NICK 3.008 million viewers @ 7P
#6 The Big Bang Theory TBS 2.981 million viewers @ 10P
#7 The Big Bang Theory TBS 2.857 million viewers @ 930P
#8 Swamp People History 2.787 million viewers @ 9P
#9 Sam & Cat NICK 2.751 million viewers @ 730P
#10 The O’Reilly Factor FOX News 2.747 million viewers @ 8P

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Across The Pond

ITV's 'The Widower' was #1 in the UK on Monday.

ITV’s ‘The Widower’ was #1 in the UK on Monday.

ITV was big on Monday. At 8P, it had ‘I Never Knew That About Britain’ brought in 3.42 million viewers (14.4%) but it had the #1 program, ‘The Widower’ as it came out on top in the Monday ratings outside of soaps. The Reece Shearsmith’s drama climb to 5.15 million viewers (22.2%).

On BBC One at 730P, ‘Bang Goes the Theory’ drew 3.35 million viewer (15.5%), followed at 830P by ‘Panorama’ with 2.53 million viewers (10.9%). At 9P, ‘Silk’ drew 3.81 million viewers (16.4%), while at 1035P, ‘The Michael McIntyre Chat Show’ fell to 1.77 million viewers (16.0%).

BBC Two at 8P presented ‘University Challenge’ which pulled in a strong 3.02 million viewers (13.4%). At 830P, it was followed by ‘Mary Berry Cooks’ brought in 2.73 million viewers (11.8%). At 9P, the documentary ‘The Plantagenets’ fell further with 1.64 million (7.1%). But at 10P, the comedy series ‘Rev’ returned for a new season with 1.53 million viewers (8.5%).

Channel 4 at 8P had ‘Shop Secrets’ which was viewed by 966,000 viewers (4.2%). At 9P, ‘One Born Every Minute’ increased the channel’s pull with 1.63 million viewers (7.0%) . At 10P, ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’ fell back to 952,000 viewers (5.8%).

Down Under

Sometimes it's tough work as 'My Kitchen Rules' was #1 on Monday.

Sometimes it’s tough work as ‘My Kitchen Rules’ was #1 on Monday.

It was a two network battle on Monday in Australia as Seven with a 33.1% edged out Nine’s, 33.1% powerful showing’. The networks battled back and forth all night.

Seven had the top program with ‘My Kitchen Rules’ with 1,648,000 viewers with 434,000 watching in Sydney; 446,000 watched in Melbourne; 342,000 in Brisbane; 195,000 viewers in Adelaide and 231,000 in Perth. #4 was ‘Seven News’ which had 1.232 million viewers. #7 was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 1.139 million. Seven also had the #10 with ‘Home and Away’ with 953,000 viewers.

Nine pulled up the #2 program, ‘The Block: Fans v Faves’ which drew 1,455,000 viewers where 466,000 viewers watched it in Sydney, 32,000 more than its rival; 439,000 in Melbourne, 7,000 viewers less than ‘MKR’; 278,000 or 17,000 less in Brisbane; 122,000 or 73,000 fewer in Adelaide and 150,000 or 81,000 less in Perth. But Nine had the best newscast as the #3 program was ‘Nine News’ which finished with 1,261,000 viewers. The #5 program was ‘Nine News 6:30’ with 1,182,000 million. #6 was ‘Love Child’ with 1,166,000 viewers. #8 was ‘A Current Affair’ which drew 1.122 million viewers.

ABC1 came in with the #9 program with ‘ABC News’ which drew 955,000 viewers.

As you can see, no matter where you are in the world, we are…

Switching Channels.

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