On Monday, NBC Was #1 In The U.S., ITV Was #1 In The UK and Nine Was #1 In Australia.

NBC's 'The Blacklist' starring James Spader was the #1 drama on television on Monday.

NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ starring James Spader was the #1 drama on television on Monday.

Monday, 03.03.14
NBC won on Monday and brought out its big gun at 8P with ‘The Voice’ for two hours and it pulled in 15.65 million viewers and a 9.0 rating and 13 share of the available audience. It peaked at 930P with 9.5/14. And then at 10P, a lot of strings became tied together as ‘The Blacklist’ set up an arc that will be one of the most thrilling of the year. “War is coming”, James Spader’s character stated. And you can bet, war it will be. It drew 11.07 million viewers and 7.0/12, tops for the time period. Super episode that is Must See ON DEMAND. It is up 93% in total viewers from last year, 11.065 million v 5.746 million viewers.

CBS came in slightly ahead of ABC for second on the evening. At 8P CBS began with the soon departing, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as it drew 9.11 million viewers and a 6.1/9. At 830P, ‘2 Broke Girls’ pulled in 8.43 million viewers and a 5.7/8 while at 9P, ‘Mike & Molly’ had 8.88 million viewers and a 6.0/9. At 930P, ‘Mom’ had 8.38 million viewers and a 5.7/9. Then at 10P, ‘Intelligence’ had a bazaar episode where the chip in our hero’s brain was manipulated by the bad guys and drew 5.27 million and a 3.9/6. The writers let this series down on Monday. After pulling it up with the last couple of episodes, this one was a clunker. It brought down the entire Tiffany Network on Monday. And that’s the way it seems to go for this series, one week brilliant and the next silly…silly in a depressing sense…depressing in a bad way. If it isn’t in the script, it can’t be made great by the actors. Content begins with great writing. Got it? Idea: have these writers take a look at ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘Castle’, their main competition, and they will see great writing.

ABC got the evening started with the 8P ‘The Bachelor’ which drew 7.91 million viewers and a 6.1/9 for a special 90 minute program. Then at 930P, a rerun of ‘Mixology’ had a horrific 3.688 million viewers and a 2.4/4, bringing down the Alphabet Network on Monday. At 10P, with all of this horrible lead in against it, a brilliant episode of ‘Castle’ pulled up the network and drew 8.13 million viewers and a 5.5/9, Kate goes on an assignment that wasn’t really thought out nor part of how she felt her day off would proceed. What the viewers received was one of the most interesting episodes in the series. This is a Must See ON DEMAND. But it does need a better lead in to push this Disney broadcast network into second place.

Fox at 8P, presented the season finale of ‘Almost Human’ drew 5.65 million viewers and a 4.1/6. It just began a few weeks ago and it already has it final program of the season. At 9P, ‘The Following’ could only muster 5.14 million viewers and a 3.6/5, down 36% from a year ago. The suits at the Animal Network of Broadcast have to understand this program is dead.

USA Network was an all-WWE evening. At 8P, WWE drew a cable high on Monday with 4.677 million viewers. At 9P, it drew 4.620 million. At 10P, WWE drew 4.438 million. Overall, USA averaged 4.577 million viewers.

Univision's 'Lo Que La Vida Me Robo' (What Life Took From Me') is a power at 9P.

Univision’s ‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robo’ (What Life Took From Me’) is a power at 9P.

Univision and a bit of a down Monday as at 8P, ‘Por Siempre Mi Amor’ drew its typical 0.9 A18-49 rating. At 9P, the power of the network, ‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robo’ (‘What Life Took From Me’) came up with another 1.4 A18-49 rating finishing well ahead of Telemundo’s ‘En Otra Piel’ (0.5) and The CW’s ‘Beauty & the Beast’ (0.3). And at 10P, ‘Que Pobres Tan Ricos’ finished up from last week with a 1.1 A18-49 rating.

On The CW at 8P, ‘Star-Crossed’ drew 1.19 million viewers and a 0.9/1, 12% above last year. At 9P, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ died with 879,00 viewers and a 0.7/1. Bye, bye B&B.

Late Night
The lip sync duet between Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’ was hilarious. It will become an instant classic on late night. Along with guest, Randy Newman who with Roots sang ‘I Love L.A.’, ‘Tonight Show’ had a 4.2/11. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ had the much publicized Toronto Mayor Ford, as the guest with Kimmel showing a series of strange videos of the Mayor, some with him speaking in a Jamaican accent. Kimmel asked, ‘Have you ever been to Jamaica?’ to which the Mayor stated, ‘No’. It still isn’t funny. But it shows how American television on one day can be so great (Kimel’s tremendous short clips with ‘A’-list stars on Sunday) and so bad (with Mayor Ford on Monday). This brought a 2.5/6. ‘David Letterman’ drew a 2.0/5. The second Monday of ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ finished #1 at 1235A, with a 2.0/7. On ABC, ‘Nightline’ drew a 1.6/ 5, and CBS’ ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ did 1.0/3. Carson Daly had an 0.4/3 at 135A.

For The Record
NBC drew 14.122 million viewers and a 8.3 rating and 13 share of the available audience. CBS drew 7.556 million viewers and a 5.2/8. ABC drew 7.281 million viewers and a 5.3/8. FOX drew 5.258 million viewers and a 3.9 rating and a 6 share. USA Network finished #5 and was the #1 cable network with 4.577 million viewers. Univision drew 2.745 million viewers and a 1.6/2. The CW had 1.032 million viewers and a 0.8/1. Telemundo had a 0.7/1.

Today In TV History

ABC's long running hit, 'The Practice' began on this date in 1997.

ABC’s long running hit, ‘The Practice’ began on this date in 1997.

On this date in 1997, the first episode of David E. Kelley’s ‘The Practice’ aired on ABC. It ran for eight seasons and produced a milder spin-off ‘Boston Legal’ which continued until 2008.

Broadcast News
FOX will revamp its Thursday and Friday night line-ups in March. Veteran cooking competition ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, with Chef Gordon Ramsay, will return for its 12th edition on Thursday, March 13 at 8P, followed by the relocated ‘American Idol’ results show from 9-10P ‘American Idol’ will trim back to a half-hour format effective on March 27, leading into new sitcom ‘Surviving Jack’ at 9:30P. Set in 1990s Southern California, ‘Surviving Jack’, based on Justin Halpern’s book ‘I Suck at Girls’, centers on an ex-military man and no-nonsense guy (Chris Meloni) who becomes a full-time parent when his wife decides to go to law school. Now on Thursdays at 9P, the legal drama ‘Rake’, starring Greg Kinnear, will move to Fridays at 8P beginning on March 14 taking the place of ‘Bones’.

Soap Ratings for the Week of February 17th, in Total Viewers (just released today) are: #1. ‘Young & The Restless’ with 5,226,000 viewers; #2 ‘Bold & The Beautiful’ drew 3,797,000; #3 ‘General Hospital’ finished with 3,039,000 and #4 ‘Days of Our Lives’ drew 2,836,000 viewers on average M-F.

Cable News

AMC's 'The Walking Dead' was the #1 program on cable opposite the 'Academy Awards' on Sunday.

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ was the #1 program on cable opposite the ‘Academy Awards’ on Sunday.

AMC was the top cable network on Sunday bringing in an average of 6.698 million viewers. At 8P, a rerun of ‘The Walking Dead’ brought in 2.483 million viewers, second only in this time slot on cable to FX’ ‘Prime Movie’ which drew 2.825 million. But at 9P, ‘The Walking Dead’ brought in a whopping 12.607 million viewers, tops on all cable programming. At 10P, ‘Talking Dead’ brought in 5.005 million viewers.

Welcome to new viewers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Vietnam and Australia.

Across The Pond

Stephen Tompkinson as DCI Banks, the top non-soap in the UK on Monday.

Stephen Tompkinson as DCI Banks, the top non-soap in the UK on Monday.

Soaps rule in the UK. But for this post, we highlight those programs not committed to that art form.

In non-soap programming on Monday, ITV had the big drama on the first night of the working week with ‘DCI Banks’ as it pulled in 4.92 million and a 21.0%, again which was #1 outside of the soaps. The first of two episodes of an arc named ‘Bad Boy’ got off to a good start.

BBC One on Monday a 9P, had ‘Silk’ which drew 4.13 million and a 17.6% share of the available audience. It ranked #2.

On BBC Two, ‘Mary Berry Cooks’ had a great start as it averaged 3.20 million viewers and 13.2% share of the available audience at 830P.

Channel 4’s top show was ‘One Born Every Minute’ as it pulled in 2.38 million viewers and a 10.2%.

Speaking of Soaps in the UK
On Monday in the UK, soaps finished with a strong night with ITV’s Coronation Street’ at 730P with 8.63 million viewers and a 38.7% share of the available audience leading the way. BBC One’s ‘EastEnders’ finished nearly a million viewers behind with 7.70 million viewers and a 32.7% share; ITV’s ‘Emmerdale’ brought 7.08 million viewers and a 34.1% to Yorkshire Dales. 42 years and still going strong.

Down Under

Naughty Nanna Deb and her husband Rick were sent to the sudden death elimination round after finishing last overall on 'My Kitchen Rules' which was the #1 program in Australia on Monday.

Naughty Nanna Deb and her husband Rick were sent to the sudden death elimination round after finishing last overall on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ which was the #1 program in Australia on Monday.

Even with Seven’s powerhouse, ‘My Kitchen Rules’ finishing #1, Nine ruled on Monday.

Nine had the ‘Academy Awards’ early on Monday morning, which finished #19 considering the hour of the day with 560,000 viewers (162,000 in Sydney; 224,000 in Melbourne; 69,000 in Brisbane; 52,000 in Adelaide and 55,000 in Perth) but it was the strength of having 5 of the top 10 shows in Australia that allowed it to pull in 34.1% share of the available audience on Monday. The #2 show and the top news program of the day was ‘Nine News’ with 1.235 million viewers. #3 was ‘The Block: Fans v Faves’ with 1.197 million and #4 with ‘Nine News 6:30’ with 1,181,000 viewers. To make the point, the #5 program on Monday was ‘Love Child’ again on Nine with 1,166,000 viewers. Finally, the #8 program was ‘A Current Affair’ with 1,077,000 viewers.

Seven, as mentioned earlier, had the #1 program in ‘My Kitchen Rules’ which pulled in 1,695,000 million viewers (456,000 in Sydney; 493,000 in Melbourne; 308,000 in Brisbane; 200,000 in Adelaide and 238,000 in Perth). The #6 program was ‘Seven News’ with 1,151,000 viewers and #7, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 1,103,000 viewers. Finally, the #10 program was ABC’s import from the U.S., ‘Revenge’ with 855,000 viewers.

ABC1 had the #9 program on Monday in ‘ABC News’ with 893,000 viewers.

As you can see, no matter where you are in the world, we are…

Switching Channels.

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