NBC Again #1 In The U.S. ITV Soared In The UK. Nine Tops In Australia On Thursday.

Again, for the ninth straight day, NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics was the #1 program throughout the nation.

Again, for the ninth straight day, NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics was the #1 program throughout the nation.

Thursday, 02.14.14
NBC did it again with another victory due to the ‘Winter Olympics. This make eight straight days that the ‘Olympics’ have driven NBC to the top. On Thursday it drew 22.89 million.

CBS beat back ABC with a full schedule of reruns. At 8P, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ rerun did 11.77 million viewers. At 830P, ‘The Millers’ rerun did 7.53 million. At 9P, a rerun of ‘The Crazy Ones’ finished with 5.07 million and at 930P, a rerun of ‘Two and a Half Men’ did 5.49 million. At 10P, a rerun of ‘Elementary’ did well by pushing the viewership up to 6.14.

FOX rode ‘American Idol’ at 8P but something funny happened. When is the last time you saw ‘Idol’ finish #3? On Thursday it did by drawing only 9.88 million. At 9P, ‘Rake’ drew a respectable 4.04 million.

And when was the last time you saw ABC finish #5? At 8P, it led off with ‘The Taste’ and it could only draw 3.03 million viewers. At 10P, ‘Scandal’ only drew 2.26 in a rerun.

The CW at 8P had a rerun of ‘The Originals’ and only drew 1.06 million. At 9P, a rerun of ‘Arrow’ drew 1.05.

For The Record
NBC stayed #1 on Thursday with 22.89. CBS finished #2 with 7.02 million. FOX was third with 6.96 million. Univision was #4 with 3.07 million. ABC finished #5 with 2.78 and The CW finished with 1.06 million.

Today In TV History
On this date in 1958, on CBS television Walter Cronkite reported that the Iranian government has banned rock & roll because it is against the concepts of Islam and also a hazard to health.

Television News
CBS boss Les Moonves told analysts in a conference call on Thursday that ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the nation’s biggest comedy, will launch next season “on some other night”, confirming the sitcom’s move away from CBS’ newly acquired ‘Thursday Night Football’.

Welcome to new visitors from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, The UK, France, Germany, Indonesia and Australia.

ITV's 'Benidorm' with guest Joan Collins was #1 in the UK on Thursday.

ITV’s ‘Benidorm’ with guest Joan Collins was #1 in the UK on Thursday.

Across The Pond
BBC One presented ‘Inspector George Gently’ and it had a big audience as it drew 5.49 million (23.6%) on Thursday but it was not enough to beat ITV’s ‘Benidorm’ though which drew 5.78 million (24.9%). Also on ITV, ‘Birds Of A Feather’ held the audience with 5.46 million (23.2%).

BBC One with ‘Pound Shop Wars’ lost audience with 4.35 million (19.4%).

Down Under
Where there is no ‘Kitchen’, strange things happen in Australia. Other networks and programs are heard from.

Nine took advantage of ‘Kitchen’s’ absence and became #1 on Thursday in Australia. The top program of the evening was ‘Nine News’ which drew 1.077 million viewers, less than 900,000 from what ‘My Kitchen Rules’ the night before. Where did all the viewers go? #2 was ‘The Block: Fans v Faves’ which drew 1.070 million. #4, ‘Nine News 6:30 drew 976,000. #8 was ‘A Current Affair’ which drew 830,000. The #9 program was ‘The Block: Fans v Faves Unlocked’ which pulled in 830,000.

Seven recovered and had the #3 program, ‘Seven News’ which drew 989,000 viewers. The #5 program, ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ had 920,000 viewers. And in #6, ‘Home and Away’ pulled in 870,000 viewers.

ABC1 had #7 with ‘ABC News’ that brought in 843,000 on Thursday.

Ten gained the #10 spot with a program that often does not make the top ten list. ‘Socki Live Men’s Ski Slopestyle Final at the Winter Olympics’ drew 700,000 to see an American sweep.

As you can see, no matter where people were watching television, they were…

Switching Channels!

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