NBC Olympics Again #1 On Tuesday. BBC One Has ‘Death For #1 In UK. Seven Kitchens It To The Top In Australia.

NBC scored again with coverage of the Winter Olympics.

NBC scored again with coverage of the Winter Olympics.

NBC with the ‘Winter Olympics’ pulled in 23.72 million viewers and drew a 14.4/22. It was filled with the failure of Shaun White in the half pipe and the unexpected medal in the women’s luge, women’s freestyle skiing, women’s ski jumping and of course the old standby, figure skating. In all, it was up against a host of reruns giving it plenty of room to win.

CBS had reruns at 8P of ‘NCIS’ which drew 9.74 million viewers and a 6.1/9. At 9P, a rerun of ‘NCIS:LA’ drew 7.95 million viewers and a 5.1/8. At 10P, a rerun of ‘Person Of Interest’ drew 5.77 million and a 4.1/7.

ABC had reruns as well. At 8P, a rerun of ‘The Goldbergs’ drew 4.05 million viewers and at 830P, another rerun of ‘The Goldbergs’ pulled in 3.4 million. At 9P, a third rerun of ‘The Goldbergs’ drew 2.86 million. In total it drew a 2.4/4. At 930P, a rerun of ‘Trophy Wife’ pulled in 1.99 million viewers and a 1.7/3. At 10P, an original episode of ‘Killer Women’ had 3.03 million viewers and a 2.3/4.

FOX decided to go all new. At 8P, ‘Dads’ drew 2.74 and a 2.3/4, while at 830P had 2.49 million. At 9P, ‘New Girl’ had 2.97 million look in and a 2.3/3. At 930P, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ had 2.88 million, a 2.1/3 top for the night on FOX.

The CW presented ‘Attack the Block’ drew 798,000 viewers an 0.6/1.

For The Record
NBC was the winner on Tuesday with 23.684 million viewers and a 14.4 rating and a 22 share of the available audience. CBS finished #2 with its total rerun schedule drawing 7.76 million on average and had a 5.1/8. ABC with 3.07 million and FOX with 2.765 million tied with a 2.2 rating and a 3 share. Univision finished 3.1 million viewers with a 1.7/3. Telemundo had 1.3 million viewers and a 0.7/1. The CW finished with a disappointing 798,000 viewers and a 0.5/1.

An Olympic moment to remember. On this date, Torvill & Dean skate to 'Bolero' in Sarajevo.

An Olympic moment to remember. On this date, Torvill & Dean skate to ‘Bolero’ in Sarajevo.

Today In TV History
In this date, Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean skate “Bolero” at the 1984 Winter Olympics Olympics.

Breaking News
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will play tribute to the late Shirley Temple Black, who passed away at age 85 on Monday evening, with a night of nine of her films on Sunday, March 9. TCM’s tribute to Temple will open with “Heidi” (1937) at 4:30P, followed by “Stowaway” (1936) at 6:15P, “Bright Eyes” (1934) at 8P, “The Little Princess” (1939) at 9:30P, “I’ll Be Seeing You” (1944) at 11:15P, “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” (1947) at 12:45A, “A Kiss for Corliss” (1949) at 2:30A. and “That Hagen Girl” (1947) at 4:15A.

Welcome to new viewers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, The UK, France, Germany and Australia.

'Death in Paradise' was again #1 on Tuesday for BBC One.

‘Death in Paradise’ was again #1 on Tuesday for BBC One.

Across The Pond
Death in Paradise jumped to a new high for this series on Tuesday.

BBC One was the big winners as at 9P, it rolled out another superb episode of ‘Death in Paradise, which drew the evening’s high with 7.19 million viewers (31.3%). At 1035P, ‘A Question of Sport’ drew 2.38 million (18.1%).

BBC Two’s ‘Winter Olympics’ was seen by 2.75 million (12.4%) at 7P. At 8P, ‘Children’s Emergency Rescue’ 1.83 million (8.2%). At 9P, ‘Inside the Animal Mind’ had 1.37 million (5.9%) within they were canines. At 10P, ‘House of Fools’ had only 677,000 (3.6%).

ITV at 7:30P, ‘River Monsters’ pulled in 2.45 million (11%) and at 8P had Chris Tarrant’s final look back at ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?’ and it scored with 2.21 million viewers (9.8%). At 9P, ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’ held the audience with 2.15 million (9.3%).

Channel 4 at 8P presented ‘Location, Location, Location’ and it drew 2.11 million (9.4%). At 9P, ‘The Taste’ dragged the network down with only 834,000 viewers (3.6%). At 10P, ‘Secrets of the Pickpockets’ did likewise with 840,000 (5.0%).

Channel 5 at 8P had ‘Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun’ and it brought in 1.09 million viewers (4.8%). At 9P, ‘200 Nips & Tucks & I Want More!’ got more with 1.07 million (4.7%). NBC import, ‘Law & Order: SVU had 853,000 (4.9%) at 10P.

BBC Three at 8P presented ‘Tough Young Teachers’ as it drew only 466,000 viewers (2.1%). At 9P, ‘Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents’ increased viewership to BBC Three to 609,000 (2.6%).

On Sky1 at 9P, Ross Kemp’s ‘Extreme World’ pulled in only 253,000 (1.1%).

Seven uses 'My Kitchen Rules' to win again on Tuesday in Australia.

Seven uses ‘My Kitchen Rules’ to win again on Tuesday in Australia.

Down Under
The Winter Olympics didn’t make the Top 10 in Australia on Tuesday evening. In fact, it came in #13 with less than 775,000 viewers. But what was on top was the same program that was #1 on Monday.

On Seven, which was the big network of the evening with 30.3% share of the available audience, ‘My Kitchen Rules’ ruled Australia with 1,792,000 viewers, with Sydney having 475,000 kitchens lovers; in Melbourne, 501,000 devotees; In Brisbane, 337,000 viewers; in Adelaide, 209,000 worshipers and in Perth, 271,000 peeps. #5 on Tuesday was ‘Seven News’ which pulled in 1.051 million, narrowly missing the #4 spot. #7 was ‘Seven News/Today Tonight’ with 1.015 million watchers. #8 on Tuesday, ‘Home and Away’ pulled in 965,000 viewers. And #10 program on Tuesday was ‘Winners & Losers’ which had 930,000 viewers.

Network 9 with 26.9% share had the #2 program which was the CBS import, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which pulled in 1,104,000 viewers. It also had the #3 program on the night with ‘The Block: Fans v Faves’ drawing 1.1 million. And to make sure they were strong, the #4 program ‘Nine News’ drew 1.055 million viewers. #6 was a rerun of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which joined the million plus club drew 1.035 million. #8 program of the night was ‘Nine News 6:30’ which drew 999,000 viewers.

Basically, the top 11 programs on Tuesday were on just to networks in Australia, Seven and Nine.

As you can see, no matter where people were watching television, they were…

Switching Channels!

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