NBC #1 With Olympics. BBC One #1 With ‘Voice’ In The UK. ABC1 #1 With ‘Doc Martin’ In Australia.

Sage Advice. Park City Brings 1st Gold Of The Games To America.

Sage Advice. Park City Brings 1st Gold Of The Games To America.

Saturday 02.08.14
NBC continues its run in Sochi as the Winter Olympic coverage pulled in 25.03 million viewers and a 6.2 raging with a 20 share. It was down vs the same day four years ago. The top local markets in the overnights came from Minneapolis (22.4 household rating/41 share), Portland (20.7/34), Salt Lake City (20.6/39), Denver (20.3/37) and Milwaukee (19.8/34).

CBS at 8P reran ‘Two and A Half Men’ and drew 2.81 million while at 830P, another rerun of ‘The Millers’ drew 2.17 million. At 9P, a rerun of ‘The Mentalist’ drew 2.4 million viewers and at 10P, an original episode of ’48 Hours’ drew 3.85 million viewers, the largest non-Olympic program audience on Saturday. It was a ‘throw-away’ night for The Tiffany Network.

ABC from 8-1030P, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ drew 2.17 million viewers. At 1030P, ‘The Middle’ rerun pulled a 1.59 million folks. It was a ‘throw-away’ for the Alphabet Network.

FOX however did something few broadcast networks do or for that matter, can do. It could not average over a million viewers for an evenings worth of programming. And despite that, the new series starring Greg Kinnear in ‘The Rake’ at 8P with a rerun of the pilot program which has been run at least twice before, pulled in 1.15 million viewers. But it was at 9P that caused concern. The lauded or loudly promoted ‘The Following’ with a rerun could not even pull poor CW numbers as it had 780,000 friends and neighbors watching it. There is something seriously wrong with a program that nobody wants to watch. Is this an indicator of bad times ahead? Is Kevin Bacon kryptonite like Michael J Fox? Are three degrees of Kevin too close? Maybe that’s called overexposure. The suits at the Animal Network of Broadcast have to remember this number: 780,000 viewers. Awful!

For The Record
NBC was #1 with 25.03 million viewers. CBS finished a distant #2 with 2.912 million viewers. ABC was #3 with 2.234 million. FOX finished #4 with one of the lowest Big 4 performances in a long time with only 963,000 viewers.

'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'

‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’

Today In TV History
On this date in 1964, The Beatles made the first of three record-breaking appearances on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ on CBS. 73 million people watched the show. It was their American TV debut.

Welcome new visitors from the U.S., Canada, The UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal and Australia,

Jade Mayjean Peters wowed the judges on 'The Voice UK'  Photo: BBC

Jade Mayjean Peters wowed the judges on ‘The Voice UK’ Photo: BBC

Across The Pond
BBC One ‘6 Nations Rugby match between Scotland v England’ drew 5.40 million (28.4%) viewers (peak 6.78 million and a 31.4% share; ‘Ireland v Wales’ drew 3.42 million and a 25.6% (peak 4.81 million 32.2%). But it was at 710P that ‘The Voice UK’ continued to rule Saturday night with 8.44 million and a 36.5% share of audience. At 835P, ‘National Lottery: Who Dares Wins’ drew an audience of 5.38 million (24.5%), while at 925P, the latest episode of ‘Casualty’ was watched by 5.31 million (25.5%).

ITV at 7P had ‘Splash!’ and it dropped to 2.87 million (12.4%). At 840P, ‘Take Me Out’ drew 3.24 million (14.9%), while later 2.1 million viewers (11.41%) watched ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ with Kiefer Sutherland, Chris O’Dowd, Emily Mortimer and Kevin Bridges.

On BBC Two, ‘The Winter Olympics’ helped BBC2 beat ITV yesterday. At 945A, the men’s slopestyle final peaked with a big, early morning 2.51 million (30.5%) viewers. At 8P, ‘Torvill & Dean: The Perfect Day’ brought in another 2.13 million viewers (9.38%), while at 9P, ‘Dad’s Army’ pulled in 1.73 million (7.91%).

Liverpool’s thrashing of Arsenal peaked with 1.44 m (13.9%_ on BT Sport. ‘Match Of The Day’ averaged 3.97 million (28.7%), peaking with 5.04 million (28.2%).

Channel 4 biggest primetime rating came at 8P from Tony Robinson’s ‘Walking Through History’. The first episode of the new series was viewed by 1.21 million (5.34%). CBS import ‘Hostages’ drew a disappointing 680,000 (3.19%), same as it did in the U.S. before it ended.

Channel 5 at 730P had CBS’ ‘NCIS’ which drew 818,000 (3.53%). at 1015P, ‘Willed to Kill’ was watched by 553,000 (3.86%).

On the multichannels, at 9P, BBC Four’s new crime thriller ‘Salamander’ drew 1.03 million (4.7%) for the premier, while at 945P, 928,000 (4.6%) watched for the second episode.

ITV3 at 8P had ‘Doc Martin’ and it pulled in 794,000 (3.49%).

BBC Three’s at 9P presented Will Smith’s ‘Enemy of the State’ which attracted 778,000 (3.91%).

'Doc Martin' on ABC1 #1 In Australia On Saturday.

‘Doc Martin’ on ABC1 #1 In Australia On Saturday.

Down Under
Again, the time difference made the Olympic coverage an also ran as ABC1’s ‘Doc Martin’ was the #1 show in Australia on Saturday with 1.119 million viewers. Sydney led viewership with 326,000 followed by Melbourne with 322,000 viewers. Brisbane pulled in 195,000 while in Adelaide had 128,000. While in Perth, 148,000 viewers watched. ABC1 Network also had the #3 program, ‘Dream Build’ rerun which drew 919,000 viewers. The #4 program was ‘ABC1 News’ which drew 913,000 viewers. #5 ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ pulled in 855,000 viewers.

Network 7 had the #2 program with ‘Seven News’ which drew 972,000 viewers.

Network 9 had #6 with ‘Nine News Saturday’ which drew 802,000 viewers. The #9 program was on Nine and it was the movie ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’ which drew 544,000 viewers.

Network 10’s coverage of ‘Sochi Live D1’ in the early evening drew 697,000 viewers. Sydney viewership was tops with 261,000 viewers. #8 was ‘Sochi Live D1’ in the evening which drew 686,000 viewer with once again Sydney viewership topping all others with 267,000 viewers. Ten also has the #10 top program of the day with ‘Australia’s Funnies Home Videos’ which drew 539,000 viewers.

As you can see, no matter where people were watching television, they were…

Switching Channels!

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