CBS With Reruns Wins Tuesday. BBC One #1 In The UK. Network 7 Tops In Australia.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads the 'NCIS' crew to another victory on Tuesday.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads the ‘NCIS’ crew to another victory on Tuesday.

It was an all rerun Tuesday for CBS. And no matter what the others through at it, The Tiffany Network had the answer in ‘NCIS’; NCIS: LA’ & ‘Person Of Interest’ even if they were all reruns. At 8P, ‘NCIS’ reran the sordid episode of a marine being killed by US construction workers and it finished with 13.94 million viewers. They draw 14 million and they did it with an old rerun. At 9P, ‘NCIS:LA’ finished an old arc with the terrifically evil Christopher Lambert playing Callen’s nemesis and it drew 10.36 million viewers. At 10P, ‘Person Of Interest’ reran the cold episode out on Long Island during a storm featuring all of the old players. Problem is that when you kill off a main character, they probably should stay killed for a couple of months before rerunning her back into the story line. It drew 7.33 million viewers and still won their time slot.

Note: When it comes to Billion Dollar Programs, you have to have programs that draw consistently over the 10+ million original viewing episodes. CBS has two such programs, even in reruns, on Tuesday. No other network came close on this day.

NBC finished second as at 8P, ‘The Biggest Loser’ in its two hour run pulled in 6.63 million viewers to finish a distant second in their time slot. At 10P, ‘Chicago Fire’ had 7.03 million viewers, again to finish second in their time slot with an original episode against a rerun which finished above them.

FOX at 8P had ‘Dads’ which drew 3.89 million viewers good for the #3 position in its time slot followed by ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ which had 4.55 million viewers. At 9P, ‘New Girl’ finished with 3.73 million viewers while at 930P, ‘The Mindy Project’ drew 3.03 million viewers.

ABC began at 8P with ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ and pulled in 3.67 million viewers with a rerun. At 9P, ‘The Goldbergs’ brought in 4.73 million to finish second. At 930P, ‘Trophy Wife’ had 3.48 million viewers while at 10P, the now cancelled ‘Killer Women’ pulled in 3.59 million viewers.

The CW at 8P, ‘The Originals’ pulled in 2.35 million viewers while at 9P, ‘Supernatural’ drew 2.7 million viewers.

For the record, CBS finished with 10.545 million viewers and a 6.0 ratings and a 10 share of available audience. NBC drew 6.762 million viewers and finished with a 4.6 rating and 7 share. FOX finished with 3.798 million viewers and a 2.7/4 while ABC drew 3.791 million viewers and had a 2.8 rating and 4 share. Univision drew 3.191 million viewers. The CW drew 2.526 million viewer and had a 1.6 rating and 2 share. Telemundo finished with a 0.8/1.

The top syndicated programs for the week ending January 12, 2014 are listed below. Check out where your favorite program finished.

Bill Cosby Is Coming Back to NBC.

Bill Cosby Is Coming Back to NBC.

NBC has made a deal with Bill Cosby to develop a new family comedy. Cosby, of course, turned NBC into a Thursday night powerhouse back in the 1980s with his comedy The Cosby Show. Now, however, Thursdays are the weakest night n the network’s schedule. He will team up with Tom Werner, who produced ‘The Cosby Show’ and is now one of the owners of the Boston Red Sox. For anyone who ever watched ‘The Cosby Show’ this will be a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity for rediscovery. NBC needs it.

Syfy’s new reality series ‘Opposite Worlds’ became the channel’s most watched reality premiere in six months among Adults 18-49, averaging 645,000 viewers in that key demographic. The series, hosted by Luke Tipple (Capture), delivered one million total viewers during its telecast Tuesday evening at 10P.

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Across The Pond:

BBC One 'Death In Paradise' Was #1 In The UK on Tuesday.

BBC One ‘Death In Paradise’ Was #1 In The UK on Tuesday.

BBC One at 9P ‘Death in Paradise’ continued good ratings Tuesday, drawing 6.87 million (28.7%). Later at 1035P, ‘The Naked Rambler’ pulled in 2.16 million (18.1%).

BBC Two at 8P, ‘Winterwatch’ pulled in 2.65 million (11.5%). It was followed by the documentary ‘The Search for Alfred the Great’ at 9P with 1.7 million viewers (7.1%). At 10P, ‘Vic & Bob’s House of Fools’ pulled in only 936,000 (5.1%).

ITV at 730P had ‘River Monsters’ and 2.52 million (11.2%) watched to get a glimpse of the monster. At 8P, ‘Weight Loss Ward’ drew 3.23 million (9.7%) and at 9P, Paul O’Grady’s ‘Animal Orphans’ was viewed by 2.84 million (11.9%).

Channel 4 at 8P had ‘Location, Location, Location’ and 2.35 million (10.2%) watched. It was followed by ‘The Taste’ at 9P with 867,000 (3.6%). At 10P, ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA’ drew 1.02 million (6.0%).

Channel 5 at 8P had ‘Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun’ and it was seen by 1 million folks (4.4%). At 9P, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continued to pull in big number as 2.27 million viewer (9.5%) were drawn in. ‘Autopsy’ at 10P drew 1.29 million (7.6%).

On Sky1 at 9P, Ross Kemp’s ‘Extreme World’ returned with only 251,000 viewers (1.1%).

Down Under:

Australian Open Tennis Tournament Day #10 Topped Viewership

Australian Open Tennis Tournament Day #10 Topped Viewership

On Tuesday it was all Australian Open and Network 7 had it all. On night #10 it drew 1.279 million with Melborne drawing 490,000 viewers and Sydney pulling in 373,000 viewers. Brisbane had 224,000 viewers while Adelaide pulled in 113,000. Perth had 79,000 viewers for the first of the Grand Slam Tennis tournaments.

Network 7 ‘Seven News’ finished #2 on the night with 1.169 million viewers. ‘Today Tonight’ finished #6 with

Network 9 ‘Nine News’ came in #3 with 1.066 million viewers. ‘Nine News at 6:30’ was #4 with 1.033 million. ‘A Current Affair’ was #5 with 970,000 viewers.

ABC 1 ‘ABC News Evening’ finished #7 with 803,000 viewers.

'Wheel Of Fortune' Is #1 Syndicated Television Show For Week Ending 01.12.14

‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Is #1 Syndicated Television Show For Week Ending 01.12.14

Syndicated Program Ratings for the Week Ending January 12, 2014 (Millions Of Viewers) M-F Only:
#1 ‘Wheel Of Fortune’……..12.781 million viewers
#2 ‘Jeopardy’………………….11.616 million viewers
#3 ‘Judge Judy’………………11.065 million viewers
#4 ‘The Big Bang Theory’..10.660 million viewers
#5 ‘Family Feud’……………… 8.637 million viewers
#6 ‘Modern Family’…………..7.463 million viewers
#7 ‘Two & One Half Men’…..6.065 million viewers
#8 ‘Entertainment Tonight’.5.815 million viewers
#9 ‘Family Guy’………………..5.227 million viewers
#10 ‘Inside Edition’…………..4.789 million viewers
#11 ‘Dr. Phil’…………………….4.706 million viewers
#12 ‘Live w Kelly & Michael’4.510 million viewers

As you can see, no matter where you were watching television on Tuesday evening, be it Aarhus or Burbank, people were …

Switching Channels!

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