CBS The People’s Choice On Wednesday. ITV Tops In UK. History Channel Tops Cable.

Jennifer Hudson Favorite Humanitarian Award Winner Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Jennifer Hudson Favorite Humanitarian Award Winner
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

CBS, behind the night’s top drawing program, ‘The People’s Choice Awards’ won the evening. At 8P, a rerun of ‘2 Broke Girls’ began with 6.03 million viewers and another rerun episode of the same series at 830P which drew slightly more, 6.23 million. But it was at 9P-11P The Tiffany Network began Wednesday domination. ‘The People’s Choice Award’ averaged 10.18 million for the balance of the evening against some strong competition from both ABC and NBC at 9P and NBC at 10P.

NBC had a very strong night as it used old programming and new to finished second. At 8P, ‘Revolution’ drew 6.05 million. At 9P, one of the great standard barriers of the Peacock Network ‘Law & Order:SVU’ drew 8.85 million, the tops for 30 Rock on this evening. But unlike ABC, it had a new program, ‘Chicago PD’ debut to very respectable numbers. A spin-off of ‘Chicago Fire’, it drew 8.56 million viewers. It was a great episode and one that certainly will keep the audience that tuned into the premiere for next week’s episode as the first person you met in the series was killed in action. Stunning. Shocking. Disturbing. Absolutely riveting. The lead character is not someone you totally trust. But it is like the Chief Petty Officer you first meet in the Navy. He’s experienced. He understands nearly everything. And, he is slightly shady because he understands how to maneuver along the border of right and acceptable vs wrong. Yet there is the lingering question that maybe, just maybe he is not the honest guy most lead characters are. Stay tuned. NBC has something that is beginning to look like ‘MustSeeTV’ here. Recommend you catch the pilot episode On Demand now. It was that good.

ABC in the meantime, was competitive the entire evening except when it counted the most…at the end. At 8P, ‘The Middle’ grabbed the top spot with 8.77 million viewers. Great start. At 830P, ‘Super Fun Night’ wasn’t and it dropped big time down to 4.92 million. But at 9P, ‘Modern Family’ with 9.54 million, the tops for The Alphabet Network on the evening pulled the network back up to respectability. But then at 930P, the suits at Alphabet put up another dismal episode of ‘Super Fun Night’ and it did what it always does, died. It drew 4.89 million. At 10P, a rerun of ‘David Blaine: Real or Magic’ died with 3.8 million viewers. Thought: can ‘Super Fun Night’ and make it a super fun night. And, don’t repeat Blaine specials. We already saw it once.

The History Channel, led by ‘American Pickers’ at 9P drawing 4.140 million viewers finished the evening as the #4 channel on all television.

Univision powered through with a strong night averaging 3.043 million viewers. If ABC had replaced on of their good programs with another episode of ‘Super Fun Night’, the leading Hispanic network in the nation might have finished #3.

FOX which was once one powerful, innovative network, is not any more. At 8-10P, ‘Stepbrothers’ died and averaged 2.88 million.

The CW began at 8P with a rerun of ‘Arrow’ and drew 1.32 million. At 9P, a rerun of ‘The Tomorrow People’ drew 860,000 viewers. Reruns on a night like this in the middle of a freezing winter? Understand your audience.

Late night had ‘Jay Leno’ on top with 2.9/7 while ‘David Letterman’ finished #2 with 2.6/7. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ finished last with 2.0/5. ‘Jimmy Fallon’ had a 1.6/5 while ‘Nightline’ drew 1.2/4 and ‘Craig Ferguson’ 1.2/4 an hour later. At 135A, ‘Carson Daly’ pulled in 09.4.

For the record, CBS won the evening with an average of 8.863 million viewers. NBC finished a strong second with 7.819 million. ABC finished with 5.952 million viewers while The History Channel drew an average 3.155 million viewers, good for the top cable channel on the evening and #4 overall. Univision finished #5 with 3.043 million viewers. FOX finished with 2.881 million. FX finished next with 2.55 million viewers while TBS was #8 as it averaged 2.363 million viewers. A&E drew 2.017 million average viewers during prime time while USA Network finished #10 on the evening and drew 1.934 million viewers. Telemundo drew 1.4 million for the evening while The CW finished with 1.091 million.

Across The Pond:

Big news is that BBC announced that ‘Sherlock’ will be back for a fourth year. ‘Sherlock’ episode one has a final, consolidated rating of 12.72 million. It’s added 3.54 million +7, which is believed to be a new time shifting record.

BBC One ‘EastEnders’ drew 6.67 million viewers (27.2% share of available audience). ‘Waterloo Road’ pulled in 3.41 million viewers (14.0%).

On ITV, ‘Coronation Street’ pulled in an evening high of 8.65 million (37.3%). at 7P, ‘Emmerdale’ drew 7.30 million viewers (34.2%). ‘Midsomer Murders’ was Wednesday’s most watched programme after news and soaps, with 5.44 million (22.5%) plus 357,000 viewers (1.7%) on ITV+1.

Channel 5 ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ pulled in 2.6 million (11.6%).

BBC Two’s ‘Stargazing’ drew 2.4 million (10%).

Channel 4 imported The CW’s ‘The Tomorrow People’ and made a great start at 9P, averaging 1.4 million (5.7%) up nearly 200% in the slot. ‘Benefits Street’ rerun drew 1.7 million (9.9%).

As you can see, no matter where people were watching television on Wednesday, people were…

Switching Channels!

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