CBS Wins Christmas Eve As Few Creatures Were Stirring…Not Even The Mouse.

Christmas Eve is one of those wonderful days of the year, full of anxiety, preparation and smiles….lots and lots of smiles. People shake hands on Christmas Eve. There are ‘Thank You’s’ and ‘Great Seeing You’s’. And while preparation is being made, a few watch television.

On this, the 2013th such night, the Columbia Broadcasting System’s programs led the network to the #1 position. First, with all reruns, there was the cornerstone of all that is Tuesday, ‘NCIS’ and it drew 6.83 million folks as Tony and his Dad, the incredible Robert Wagner, wished each other ‘Merry Christmas’. Then at 9P, ‘NCIS: LA’ became the top program of the evening drew 7.03 million as a 50 year old Scotch was broken out and two glasses raised after miscommunication of Hedi’s motherhood. ‘Person Of Interest’ drew 5.81 million to finish the prime time television evening before Santa arrived.

National Broadcasting Company brought out, once again during this Christmas season, Frank Capra’s eternally fantastic, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and brought with it 4.66 million people throughout the evening.

The American Broadcast Company, Mickey’s own, presented a wonderful rerun of ‘Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ for the evening and it was watched by 4.08 million at 8P and then 4.02 million for the balance of the night.

The Animal Network of Broadcast, FOX, ran a series of forgettable reruns throughout the evening. At 8P, ‘Dad’s’ pulled in 1.4 million; at 830P, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ drew 1.08 million; at 9P, ‘New Girl’ was watched by 970,000 viewers while at 930P, ‘The Mindy Project’ grabbed 1.01 million people’s attention. Perhaps the lazy suits at The Animal Network of Broadcast could understand that it is Christmas Eve. It’s about Christmas Eve. In that vein, Merry Christmas to the folks at FOX.

The CBS/Time-Warner Network, The CW, challenged FOX and nearly beat them with a rerun of ‘The 12 Dogs of Christmas’ and drew 1.01 million for the evening.

For the record, CBS was #1 with million, followed by NBC with million. ABC drew million while FOX limped in with million. The CW drew 1.01 million for the evening.

On this day, and on this night, we wish you all Merry Christmas, and all hopes for delight.

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