CBS Wins Saturday Behind ’48 Hours’. BBC One’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ #1 In UK.

Twas the Saturday before Christmas, and all through the house, no sports were available, not even on the Mouse. Thus, CBS dominated with reruns at 8P & at 9, while ’48 Hours’ dominated at 10P, their time. ‘Two and 1/2 Men’ led off with 2.3 million then at 830P, with 3.61 million, while ‘Hawaii Five-O’ came in with 3.53 million and led its time slot by nearly a million. Then at 10P, ’48 Hours’ was original, no reruns here separating fact from subliminal. 4.64 million was the night high, and St. Nick watching CBS could lean back and with relief, and a sigh.

Over at the Mouse’s home on broadcast last night, the 8P program, ‘I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown’, with 3.54 million viewers was the brightest light. The rest of the shows, 9P ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ with 2.68 million, brought on a good fight, but at 10P, ‘Castle’ with 3.39 million, ended the night.

NBC was there, with ‘The Sing-Off’s at Eight, 2.89 million would indicate its fate. A ‘Saturday Night Live’ rerun at Ten, died with 3.15 million, and finished its time slot, last again.

Over at FOX, they just threw in the proverbial towel, ran reruns of ‘Almost Human’ which drew 1.93 million while ‘Bones’ brought in 1.67 million, thank goodness, no Simon Cowell.

So for the night, CBS was king, with 3.828 million viewers, the cash register would still ring. For ABC with 3.204 million, the result would be less clear as NBC finished third, with 2.575 million, quite nearly in the rear. But they were all lucky as FOX finished with 1.796 million. All their suits could ask Santa for was sugar plum dreams in the zillions.

So that was Saturday, we just have a few days more, when we will all say ‘Thank You’, there were no gifts left in the store.


BBC One’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ finale pulled in 11.48 million viewers (48.1% share of available audience), the largest audience in the English speaking world last night. It peaked at 12.57 million or 48.7% share of audience. Taking out the results shows, it has averaged 10.93 million viewers for the season, the highest it has recorded. ‘Atlantis’ followed with 5.9 million viewers (24.6%).

On ITV, to challenge the onslaught of ‘Strictly’, ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ drew 4.04 million (17%).

Match of the Day drew 4.47 million (27.8%) and peaked with 5.38 million viewers.

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