CBS Stuns Sunday To Be #1.

Sunday is usually football dominated, especially in prime time. While football did influence the numbers, news, reality and drama made CBS #1. With a very strong lead in at 7P with the overrun of the Denver victory over Kansas City, drawing 27.23 million viewers, at 8P, the venerable ’60 Minutes’ powered as the most popular program of the evening with 16.14 million watched Amazon’s new prototype delivery system of the future being unveiled. At 9P, ‘The Amazing Race’ drew 10.04 million viewers while at 10P, a revitalized ‘The Good Wife’ pulled in 10.11 million. The episode featuring the new law firm’s holiday party and the bizarre courtroom fight over an excentric’s numerous Last Will & Testament, brought out a superb edge to the program as there were 20 minutes of tremendous writing that brought out the preparation of discovery and what eventually happened in court. This section begins at about 25 minutes into the program. Its worth viewing. At 11P, once again delayed because of the football overrun, a superb episode of imaginative plot twisting brings Patrick Jane into a whole new ballgame. It drew well, even at this hour with 8.58 million viewers.

NBC drew the bad luck of bringing a rather good ball game with losing teams. The New York Giants against the Washington Redskins obviously was not what the majority of the country wanted to follows.  The pre-game show at 7P drew 5.28 million and at 730P could only pull it up to 6.66 million. It was no contest for ’60 Minutes’ at 8P as The Peacock Network could only draw 11.51 million. The game itself only averaged 15.51 million viewers. I reached a high of 16.28 million a 9P. But it dragged on well past 11P on the East Coast and frankly it appears fans were footballed out by this time.

ABC didn’t do much all night. At 7P, ‘America’s Funnies Home Videos’ pulled in 6.7 million viewers and at 8P, ‘Once Upon A Time’ drew 6.6 million. AT 9P, a special ‘Christmas In Conway’ drew 6.45 million.

FOX ran reruns. At 7P, ‘Bob’s Burger’ pulled in 3.54 million while ‘American Dad’ had 2.73  million viewers at 730P. At 8P, ‘The Simpsons’ drew 3.54 million viewers while at 830P, ‘Bob’s Burger’ drew 3.38 million. AT 9P, ‘Family Guy’ boosted the viewership with 3.46 million while at 930P, ‘American Dad’ finished the evening with 3.45 million viewers. The Animal Network of Broadcast had a very steady night.

For the record, CBS pulled in 15.97 million viewers and a 9.7 rating with a powerful 15  share, a 2.6 million boost over last year’s comparative day. NBC was #2 with 12.62 million and a 7.7/12. ABC finished next with 6.56 million viewers and a 4.1/6. While an all rerun FOX drew 3.35 million viewers and a 2.0/3. Univision finished with 2.0 million viewers and a 1.42 while Telemundo drew one million viewers and a 0.4/1.

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