Tuesday Is CBSday In U.S. BBC One #1 In UK.

How do you remake one of televisions leading programs in the middle of a season? Bring in a new character that people find refreshing and interesting. That is exactly what ‘NCIS’, America’s leading drama on all of television, did on Tuesday as they introduced to the world a smart, young woman to take the place of Ziva who took the place of Kate. A lot like Kate, but younger, Ellie doesn’t exactly ignore Gibbs but with her mind, brings logic to the famous ‘gut feel’ of the team. Tony is of course, enamored. McGee is wide-eyed, not believing what he is seeing. Ducky is smiling with that famous twinkle in his eye and Abbey accepts her while Gibbs sees a star in the making. ‘NCIS’ led off the evening at 8P with 19.66 million viewers. At 9P, ‘NCIS: LA’ had history making on its side as well. The romance between Deeks and Kensi finally was brought out into the open and left us hanging as the episode ended with that bit of romance in the air. It pulled in 14.99 million viewers. At 10P, one of the most gripping episodes of the new season saw the loss of one of its stars in ‘Person Of Interest’. With HR on the ropes, one of the best-loved characters was shot and killed at the very end, leaving the phone ringing with another number unanswered. Truly a spectacular episode, ‘POI’ nailed down this time slot with 12.07 million viewers and leaving the audience with much to contemplate as John will most assuredly seek vengeance for Joss Carter’s murder. 12.28 million viewers tuned in. All three programs won their time slots with ‘NCIS’ providing more than double all of the competing broadcast network totals; ‘NCIS:LA’ finished more than 3.7 million ahead of its nearest competition while ‘POI’ finished more than 4.4 million ahead of its nearest competitor. It should draw huge numbers next Tuesday.

NBC began the evening with ‘The Biggest Loser’ which pulled in a third ranking 6.33 million at 8P. At 9P, ‘The Voice’, NBC’s biggest reality show finished #2 with 11.22 million. At 10P, ‘Chicago Fire’ finished third with 7.44 million viewers.

ABC at 8P had ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ lead off the evening with a second place 6.85 million viewers. At 9P, ‘The Goldbergs’ put The Alphabet Network in big trouble by only being able to draw 5.14 million, finishing third for the time slot. The at 930P, ‘David Blaine: Real or Magic’ powered up by drawing 7.6 million viewers, good for #2 in the final hour of the evening in prime.

FOX was left out of the big boys table on Tuesday. At 8P, ‘Dads’ drew #4 with only 3.2 million viewers. AT 830P, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ pushed up the total to 3.36 million. At 9P, ‘New Girl’ fell back a tad to 3.28 million and at 930P, ‘The Mindy Project’ fell out of bed with 2.41 million. Its sad with you top show of the evening only draws 3.36 million.

The CW did worse. At 8P, ‘The iHeartRadio Album Release Party: Lady Gaga’ gaga’d its way to 890,000 viewers. Luck for The CW, ‘Supernatural’ at 9P pulled up the viewership to 1.96 million.

On cable, FX’s ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ was the top rated show with 4.173 million viewers at 10P. The USA Network was #1 on cable with an average of 2.259 million viewers with three hours of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ reruns.

In late night, were not available at post time. They will be added later.

For the record, CBS was far and away #1 with 15.452 million viewers and a 9.7 rating and whopping 15 share of viewers. NBC was #2 with 8.33 million viewers which equated to a 5.3/8; ABC finished Tuesday #3 with 6.942 million, a 4.3/7; Univision was #4 and had 3.7 million viewers with 1.9/3; FOX drew 3.06 million, good for a 2.0/3; The USA Network finished with 2.259 million viewers. The CW finished with 1.426 million (0.9/1) and Telemundo finished with 1.4 million and 0.7/1.


There was a battle in the UK on Tuesday as ‘Last Tango In Halifax’ returned on BBC One at 9P by pulling in 5.97 million viewers (24.3%). But it had to face, ITV’s coverage of England’s loss to Germany as 6.2 million viewers tuned in (25.7%) to the disappointing match. This did not leave much viewership for anything else as these two networks pulled in over 50% share.

Other highlights included BBC Two’s ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip’ which brought in 2.29 million viewers (10.3%) at 7P. ‘MasterChef: The Professionals’ increased the audience at 8P to 2.8 million viewers (11.3%). At 9P, ‘Strange Days: Cold War Britain’ dropped to 863,000 (3.5%) as ‘Tango’ and football dominated this hour. ‘Hebburn’ followed at 10P with 1 million viewers or 5.3% share of the audience.

Channel 5 had ‘The Mentalist’ at 9P and drew 988,000 viewers (4%) while at 10P, ‘Castle’ aired and drew 647,000 viewers (3.8%).

BBC Three at 9P had ‘Snow, Sex & Suspicious Parents’ being viewed by 582,000 (2.4%) and at 11P, ‘Family guy’ dropped to 668,000 viewers (6.5%).

ITV2 at 10P had ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here Now! brought in 1.09 million (6.5%)

For the record, overall for the evening, BBC One squeaked through with the victory on Tuesday with an overall audience share of 22.6% while ITV had 19.7%. BB Two finished third with 7.7% while channel 4 finished the evening with 4.0% share of the audience.

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