48 Hours Drive CBS Over Football On Saturday. BBC One #1 In UK.

CBS and NBC decided to counter program on this Saturday in prime time, going away from college football. No Notre Dame on NBC; No SEC on CBS. However, for The Tiffany Network it worked and drove viewers with what will be a flood of historical programming as we enter one of the saddest periods in our nation’s history. At 9P, CBS brought ’48 Hours’ with ‘As It Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 Years’ drew 4.24 million viewers while at 930P increased to 5.02 million. At 10P, ’48 Hours’ continued its upward movement with 5.54 million while at 1030P, it peaked with 6.2 million. For the record, reruns of ‘2 Broke Girls’ led off at 8P and drew 2.69 million and at 830P, ‘Mom’ edged up to 2.77 million.

ABC had a premier football matchup with an exciting game featuring the #4 ranked Stanford Cardinal against USC in Los Angeles. It was a very good college game as the ‘Spirit of Troy’ came back. At 8P, the game drew 4.76 million, winning the time period. At 830P, it continued in the #1 position with 3.61 million viewers. At 9P it dropped to #2 with 3.39 million while at 930P, it came in with 3.03 million. At 10P, with game in doubt, 3.49 million tuned in and at 1030P, with the Trojans finishing strong and victorious (20-17), drew 3.98 million viewers.

FOX brought another brand of football as Baylor versus Texas Tech looked more like a basketball game than college football. As Baylor, ranked #5 went on to win, 63-34 it was #2 at 8P with 3.64 million; at 830P, it began to drop as the game became volleyball on turf with 3.22 million, yet still #2 in the time period. At 9P, it dropped to #3 with 3.18 million and further at 930P with 2.71 million, still #3 in the time period. At 10P, it jumped to 3.24 million and finished at 1030P with 3 million viewers, still #3 in the period. If you were a fan of the old AFL, you would have loved the first half of this game.

As for NBC, reruns didn’t go so well. ‘The Voice’ could only muster 2.08 million at 8P while a half hour later it dropped to 2.013 million. At 9P, the rerun of the singing competition moved up a bit to 2.65 million and at 930P, went to 2.7 million. At 10P, a rerun of ‘Saturday Night Live’ drew 2.48 million while The Peacock Network drew its biggest numbers of the evening with 2.74 million viewers. Honestly, NBC should try to convince Notre Dame to play every one of their games on Saturday night to boost the network’s ratings. Can they convince the Premiere League to  hold a match at 4AM in London so NBC has something competitive on Saturday night?

For the record, CBS was #1 with 4.41 million viewers; ABC finished #2 with 3.71 milion. FOX finished #3 with 3.17 million while NBC was dead last with only an average of 2.46 million viewers.


BBC One’s powerhouse, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ was tops again as it drew 10.44 million viewers at 630P good for a strong 44% share of the audience. It was an increase of 100,000 from last week. ‘Children In Need: The Best Bits’ highlights show drew 4.11 million (22.2%) while ‘Atlantis’ drew 4.24 million (18%).

On ITV, its once leader on Saturdays, ‘The X Factor’ could only draw 8.16 million at 8P, dropping again from last week and representing 34.9% share.

On ITV+1 ‘The X Factor’ pulled in an additional 324,000 (1.5% share).

ITV2 had ‘The Xtra Factor’ and drew 500,000 (2.5%).

BBC Two had the rugby match between England and France. It drew 1.26 million viewers (5.5%).

Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’ rerun could only muster 890,000 viewers (3.8%). The movie, ‘Black Swan’ made its network premiere with 920,000 viewers tuning in (4.7%). ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ pulled in 4.1 million (21.2%) with guests Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker and Sarah Millican good for a fourth place tie for the evening in the UK.

Channel 5 presented ‘JFK’s Secret Killer: The Evidence’ drew 1.19 million (1.19%).

What we found out, people watching television really weren’t…

Switching Channels!

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