CBS Dominates Tuesday In U.S. BBC One #1 In UK.

Every half hour of prime time in America on Tuesday belonged exclusively to CBS. Led at 8P by ‘NCIS’, the evening’s biggest program pulled in 19.2 million viewers, good for a 12.2 rating and a 19 share of the audience. ‘NCIS:LA’ at 9P delivered 14.75 million for a 9.2/15 while at 10P, in a stunning episode, ‘Person Of Interest’ pulled in 12.5 million viewers for a 7.8 rating and a 14 share, more than double all of the broadcast competition at that hour. It represented a 15% increase over last year’s ‘Vegas’ in this same comparable day time period. Next week it should draw even a bigger audience as the HR arc comes closer to a conclusion. Overall, CBS finished ahead of #2 NBC by 73% in total viewers.

NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ at 8P finished third for the hour by drawing 6.3 million viewers. At 9P, The Voice’ powered to #2 with 11.41 million while at 10P, ‘Chicago Fire’ finished #2 with 7.79 million viewers.

ABC’s 8P lead, ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ hit a season low, but finished a distant #2 with 6.63 million viewers. At 9P, ‘The Goldbergs’ (5.18 million) and at 930P ‘Trophy Wife’  (3.81 million) both drew series lows. At 10P, ‘Scandal for Real’ drew a horrible 2.82 million.

ESPN led all cable on Tuesday with 3.373 million viewers who tuned into college basketball. The first match where Michigan State (#2 in the nation) defeated #1 Kentucky with 4.002 million viewers. The second game from the United Center in Chicago, where Kansas defeated Duke, 2.977 million viewed. FX, while having the highest rated program on the night (‘Sons Of Anarchy’ with 4.381 million viewers at 10P), did little the previous two hours of prime time. TBS with its usual strong  rerun block of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ averaged 2.195 million viewers for the night, making it #2 on cable.

FOX finished nearly identical to the previous week. At 8P, ‘Dads’ drew 3.16 million; at 830P, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ upped it a bit to 3.28 million. At 9P ‘New Girl’ grew the audience to 3.33 million while ‘The Mindy Project’ at 930P dropped to 2.62 million viewers.

The CW’s ‘The Originals’ finished at 8P with 2.38 million viewers, a 42% increase over ‘Hart of Dixie’ in this same time slot a year previous. At 9P, ‘Supernatural’ drew 2.35 milion.

For the record, CBS was #1 with 15.478 million viewers and a 9.7 rating and 16 share (1.15 million ahead of last year on this comparable day); NBC #2 with 8.501 million had a 5.6/9 (1.3 million ahead of the same day a year ago); ABC #3 with 4.648 million and a 3.2/5 (down nearly 2 million viewers from the comparable Tuesday in 2012); Univision finished 3.6 million viewers and a 1.7/3; ESPN finished #5 with 3.373 million viewers; FOX brought in 3.094 million viewers and a 2.4/4 (down 360,000 from last year). TBS finished with 2.195 million viewers on an average half hour; and The CW had 2.367 million viewers and a 1.5/2 (800,000 more than last year). Telemundo finished with 1.4 million viewers and a 0.7/1.

In late night, ‘Leno’ drew a 2.9/8; ‘Letterman’ had a 2.6/7 while ‘Kimmel’ finished with a 2.0/5. ‘Fallon’ did a 1.5/6 followed by ‘Ferguson’ with 1.3/5 and ‘Nightline’ with a 1.3/4. ‘Carson Daly’ finished with 0.9/4 at 135A.

ACROSS THE POND: BBC One’s ‘Escape Artist’ reclaimed #1 in the ratings on Tuesday as it increased by 400,00 viewers from last week to finish with 4.55 million viewers or 20.4% share of the audience at 9P.

BBC Two at 8P had ‘MasterChef: The Professionals’ pulling in 3.37 million (14.7%) for the second best showing of the night. ‘Strange Days: Cold War Britain’ at 9P drew 1.26 milion (5.7%). The comedy ‘Hebburn’ fell to 1.09 million (6.2%) at 10P.

ITV at 8P had ‘Martin Lewis Money Show’ bring in 2.79 million viewers (12.1%) and at 9P ‘Missing: Without A Trace’ pulled in 2.55 million (11.4%).

Channel 4’s ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners’ at 8P brought in 1.7 million (7.4%). ‘The Sound of Musicals’ at 9P dropped slightly to 1.24 million (5.6%) while at 9P, its ‘Masters of Sex’ could only bring in 595,000 (3.9%).

Channel 5 brought CBS’ ‘The Mentalist’ at 9P and drew 1.21 million (5.4%) while ABC’s ‘Castle’ could only pull in 729,000 viewers at 10P.

BBC Three’s ‘Snow, Sex & Suspicious Parents’ at 9P had 814,000 viewers (3.7%).

BBC Four at 8P had ‘Lost Cities of the Ancients’ draw 787,000 viewers (3.4%).

DIGITAL: Amazon’s ‘Alpha House’ is available for free viewing through its first three episodes. The John Goodman comedy, created by Doonesbury’s Garry Trudeau, is drawing strong raves (

As you can see, everywhere people were watching television whether it is on legacy, terrestrial, digital or mobile, on Tuesday, they were…

Switching Channels!

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