CBS Tops On Thursday. BBC Two #1 In UK.

With television’s #1 comedy leading off the CBS lineup on Thursday, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, victory was obvious immediately. The comedy, with guest star and Emmy Award winner Bob Newhart, drew 16.59 million viewers and afforded a grand lead into ‘The Millers’ which drew 10.68 million, but dropped to second in the 830P period. ‘The Crazy Ones’ could only draw 8.07 million but finished second at 9P. At 930P, the once all powerful ‘Two and a Half Men’, even with Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) as a guest star, could only draw 8.14 million viewers, the lowest of the evening on The Tiffany Network. But at 10P, ‘Elementary’ powered CBS back on top with 9.03 million viewers, although it did drop to #2 at 1030P with 8.48 million. ‘The Crazy Ones’ was an exceptional episode. With Josh Groban guest starring, it was one for any advertising creative’s memory lane. As usual, the outakes in the end credits are one of the best in all of television and this week’s were no exception. ‘Elementary’ may have had one of its best episodes of the season. Sherlock really did deduce something few viewers expected. Extraordinarily well written and acted by the two principal players, ‘Elementary’ will be with us for years to come.

ABC finished second among broadcast networks on Thursday thanks in large part to their 9P and 10P dramas. At 8P, ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ ran a distant third with 3.71 million viewers. At 830P it dropped to fourth with only 3.36 million. Then at 9P, there was amassive switch as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ jumped The Alphabet Network to #1 with 8.43 million viewers. This was an astonishing increase of 5+ million viewers a couple of seconds. At 930P it increased its leadership position with 8.67 million viewers, the largest half hour for the network on this night. At 10P, ‘Scandal’ finished #2 with 8.52 million, more than 500,000 viewers behind the CBS entry but at 1030P, moved ahead by 17,000 viewers (8.65 million). ABC’s surge from 9P-11P was the story of the night.

NBC gave a very spirited showing with it’s #1 reality show, ‘The Voice’ bringing in 9.61 million at 8P and increasing the total to 10.85 million for the #1 position at 830P. But at 9P, The Peacock Network lost 5+ million viewers (guess where they went) with ‘Sean Saves the World’ (but he didn’t) with 5.58 million viewers and at 930P, ‘The Michael J. Fox Show’ made certain NBC was dead, dead, dead for the evening with only 4.24 million worshipers. At 10P, ‘Parenthood’ really didn’t stand a chance and it could only muster 4.61 million viewers and at 1030P, it dropped to 4.45 million. This is not a happy time for NBC affiliates across America. With such a weak lead in, it has to play upon its past leadership at the local news hour to maintain respectability. The network is giving their affiliates no fighting chance with this lineup.

Cable programming was viewed by huge numbers on Thursday evening. while the broadcast networks battled, cable exploded. The NFL Network, featuring the Washington eleven against the Minnesota Vikings in the Humphrey Dome, brought in 6.473 million for the game. On the evening, the average was 5.832 million viewers for #1 on cable and #4 overall. ESPN’s college football game pulled in 5.732 million viewers as their entire prime time average was 4.161 million. FOX News Channel finished #3 on cable with 2.661 million viewers. TNT was #4 on cable, featuring the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers edging the Houston Rockets with 2.393 million; The History Channel drew 2.306 million; FOX Sports 1 with college football finished with 2.110 million. TBS with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ reruns dominating their schedule finished the evening averaging 1.095 million. USA Network with their two major original drama series, ‘White Collar’ a 9P drawing 2.243 million and ‘Covert Affairs’ running smack into all of the sports programming could only draw 1.627 million with a fantastic episode continuing the chase for Henry’s capture failing again, finished with an evening average of 2.024 million. At 10P, the top eight cable channels on Thursday drew 25.842 million viewers versus 21.43 million on broadcast.

FOX. This is a network which insists on continuing ‘The X Factor’ when the entire world is saying “No”. At 8P, Simon Cowell’s disaster pulled in 3.56 million viewers. That’s about 30% of what he does in the UK on weekends and barely edging out whatever The CW has to offer. At 830P, ‘The X Factor’ did 3.71 million. Just for the sake of making sure everyone understand how terrible this show is, it finished down 47.83% in the A18-49 demo vs last year in this time slot. Obviously it didn’t help that on the previous night, an on-screen gaffe forced the producers to scrape that night’s polling results and the contestants had to sing all over again on Thursday. Cowell in an un-Cowell-like tweet after the show stated “Mistakes happen. But now I have 24 hours to prepare my groups for tomorrow night. Let’s hope they all deliver.” Truth is, he didn’t deliver the audience.   At 9P, ‘Glee’ pulled in an extra million viewers to finish with 4.17 million folks watching but at 930P, it could only draw 3.83 million. ‘The X Factor’ is now officially an overwhelming embarrassment for The Animal Network. They need to Cowell-ate it immediately. Ban all t-shirts from television, now.

As for The CW, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ puled in 2.61 million at 8P but dropped a bit to 2.53 million at 830P. At 9P, ‘Reign’ tanked with 1.78 million and dropped even further at 930P with 1.61 million.

In late night, ‘CBS’ ‘David Letterman’ won the period with 2.5/7, followed by ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ with 2.4/6 while NBC’s ‘Jay Leno’ was dead last with 2.3/6. Do you think the power of the prime time lineup on this evening didn’t have a play in the late night results? In late, late night, ABC’s ‘Nightline’ won with 1.5/5 and even CBS’ ‘Craig Ferguson’ tied NBC’s ‘Jimmy Fallon’ with a 1.3/5. Of course, when neither CBS nor ABC were offering network fare, NBC’s ‘Carson Daly’ won unopposed at 135A with a 0.8/4. Hurray for the Peacock. They won a time slot.

For the record, CBS was #1 with 10.17 million viewers and a 6.3 rating and a 10 share; ABC was #2 with 6.89 million and a 4.8/8 edging ahead of NBC which had 6.559 million and a 4.2/7. NFL Network drew 5.832 million; ESPN was #5 with 4.161 million viewers; FOX drew 3.817 million and a 2.4/4; Univision finished with a 1.7/3 while The CW had 2.134 million viewers and a 1.4/2. Telemundo finished with its usual 0.7/1.

ACROSS THE POND: BBC Two’s ‘MasterChef: The Professionals’ topped all shows with 2.87 million viewers, good for 13.0% audience share at 8P. In its sixth year, ‘MC:The Pros’ continues to amaze in a spirited battle throughout the evening. At 9P, ‘Don’t Panic: The Truth About Population’ brought in 1.37 million (6.6%) and ‘Mock the Week’ pulled in  1.05 million (5.7%) at 10P.

ITV had the #2 and #3 shows on the night. At 830P, ‘Britain’s Secret Treasures’ finished #2 with 2.41 million (11.7%). At 9P, ‘Breathless’ was viewed by 2.39 million (11.4%).

BBC One had the fourth top show on Thursday, ‘Truckers’ which was viewed by 2.37 million (11.4%).

Channel 4 at 8P had ‘Amazing Spaces’ and 1.9 million viewed it (8.6%). At 9P, ‘Bedlam’ drew 1.48 million (7.1%). At 10P, ‘Bouncers’ pulled in 1.3 million (8.1%).

Channel 5 didn’t fare as well. ‘Benidorm ER’ could only pull in 798,000 (2.6%) at 8P; ‘Countdown to Murder’ upped it a bit to 989,000 (4.7%) at 9P but ‘Person Of Interest’ could only pull in 773,000 (4.6%) viewers.

E4 ran ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and brought in 980,000 (4.5%) at 830P.

ITV 2 had ‘Tricked’ at 9P which drew 560,000 (2.7%) while at 10P, ‘Celebrity Juice’ jumped up to 933,000 viewers (5.4%).

No matter where you were viewing on Thursday evening, people were…

Switching Channels!

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