CBS Wins On Strange Sunday Night In U.S. BBC One #1 In UK.

In the Fall, many things happen to the redesigned programming schedules. Football is all-powerful on Sundays as the NFL games often run longer than expected (or on the part of the network, hoped for). This Sunday was stranger than most. First, CBS had the national late games that created an overrun at 7P. It drew 23.107 million viewers in that time period. Meanwhile, the always powerful ’60 Minutes’ was bumped back until 8P but still managed to draw 15.087 million, well ahead of the beginning of the regularly schedule game on NBC. That meant that the CBS schedule at 9P featured ‘The Amazing Race 23’, again pushed back yet drew 9.398 million as contestants were put through a singing grinder in attempting to master a German concerto in D Minor with the Vienna Boy’s Choir. This portion of the episode could have been sub-titled, ‘How To Murder A Song’. All of this pushed ‘The Good Wife’, with a very good episode, back until 10P, delivering 9.792 million in that time period. This program is finding its legs as the star is becoming more independent and each new episode is proving stronger. However, all of this pushed ‘The Mentalist’ to 11P, outside of the prime time period in the Eastern and Central time zones and thus was not counted into the network’s overall measurement. It was an exceptional program as it focused the attention on one of the cast members relationship with his father who was murdered while going to visit his grandson for the very first time. This program should be rerun, in prime time, as an original episode. It was excellent and it deserves that placement. In total, The Tiffany Network was up 700,000+ for the evening.

As for the usual winner on Sunday evenings, NBC had the misfortune of having the NFL overrun on CBS while attempting hold an audience in a fascinating game between the Indianapolis Colts visiting the Houston Texans. Unfortunately, the Texans’ coach, Gary Kubiak, dropped to the ground as he was walking off of the field at the end of the first half, causing the team to enter an entirely unexpected position as it was leading the heavily favored Colts 21-3 at half time. The game really didn’t matter that much after the coach’s collapse and the Texans lost the game, 27-24, as their field goal kicker missed the tying points at the end.  The game drew 15.354 million viewers. The Peacock Network was down 3.2 million compared to the same day last season.

Number three for the evening went to cable network, AMC. At 8P, last week’s airing of ‘Walking Dead’ was viewed by 2.942 million. However, it’s top program for the evening at 9P was ‘Walking Dead’ which drew 13.314 million viewers. At 10P, ‘Talking Dead’ finished with 4.335 million viewers.

ABC led off the evening with ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ with 6.972 million viewers at 7P followed by ‘One Upon A Time’ at 8P which was the biggest draw on the Alphabet Network on this night with 7.478 million. At 9P, ‘Revenge’ fell off over a million viewers and ended up with 6.292 while ‘Betrayal’ betrayed the network with a stunning drop of nearly 2.8 million, ending up with only 3.507 million viewers. The Alphabet Network was down 1.16 million for the evening compared to the same night in 2012.

FOX just couldn’t muster up much on their all animation domination evening. At 7P, Bob’s Burgers’ drew 4.258 while at 730P, an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ drew 3.484 million. ‘The Simpsons’ episode at 8P powered with the highest number of the evening for the network with 5.457 million but another ‘Bob’s Burgers’ at 830P dropped the network back with only 3.745 million viewers looking in. At 9P, ‘Family Guy’ boosted the total by over one million viewers and ended up with 4.865 million while ‘American Dad’ at 930P finished the evening on FOX with only 3.738 million. It was a tough night for the cartoon crowd. The Animal Network was down a fraction from last year on this same day by only 120,000 viewers.

For the record, CBS was #1 with 14.346 million viewers on average and a 8.9 average overnight rating and a 14 share of audience. NBC was #2 with 12.624 million and a 7.7/12; AMC was #3 and completed the evening on Sunday with an average of 6.864 million viewers; ABC finished with 6.062 million with a 2.8/6 while FOX finished with an average of 4.258 million viewers for a 2.5/4. Univision had 3.4 million viewers for a 1.9/3 while Telemundo finished with 1.3 million and a 0.6/1.

ACROSS THE POND: ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on BBC One continues to dominate the #1 spot on Sunday in the UK. It attracted 10.12 million (38.7% share of the audience) at 715P. At 8P, ‘The Paradise’ pulled in 4.73 million (18%) and at 9P on BBC One, ‘Richard Hammond Builds A Planet’ drew 2.06 million.

Over on the competition, ITV’s ‘Surprise Surprise’ grabbed 3.75 million (15%) at 7P while its two big program of the evening did fairly well. ‘The X Factor’ dropped a half million viewers from last week and finished with 8.35 million viewers (31.7%) at 8P for #3 program for the evening. But at 9P, ‘Downton Abbey’ jumped up by over 800,000 viewers from last week and finished with 9.49 million viewers (36.7%) making it #2 program on Sunday.

Channel 4 ‘The Bigfoot Files’ at 8P drew 1.33 million viewers (5%) while the latest import from the U.S., ‘Homeland’ increased the network’s total by drawing 1.71 million viewers (6.6%) at 9P.

Channel 5 presented ‘2012’ at 9P and drew 1.59 million.

On BBC Three, ‘Family Guy’ was watched by 1.08 million (5.4%) at 10P and 829,000 (5.2%) a 1030P.

ITV2’s ‘Xtra Factor’ at 9P was watched by 809,000 viewers (3.1%) while at 10P, ‘TOWIE’ drew 729,000 viewers (4.1%).

Sky1, Kari Pikington’s ‘Moaning of Life’ limped in with 648,000 viewers (2.5%) at 9P.

As you can see, no matter where you lived in the U.S. or in the UK, people were…

Switching Channels!

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