CBS Dominates Friday For #1 In US. BBC One #1 In UK.

On Day#2 of the November Sweeps period 2013, CBS dominated Friday’s prime time line up and swept each and every half hour beginning at 8P with ‘Undercover Boss’ with 8.95 million. Their 2.7 million viewer lead was held up at 9P with ‘Hawaii Five-O’ which pulled in 9.61 million. Then at 10P, the hammer was lowered when ‘Blue Bloods’ increased the lead over the closest competition by nearly 3 million viewers as it finished with 10.69 million. While the Tom Selleck cop drama set in Manhattan had its usual multi story twists and turns, it was the Hawaii bunch that brought down the house with a masterful story that left all guessing on the conclusion until the very end. Corbin Benson aside, the story was inventive and that is all you can ask for in a weekly series. This series has found its home on Geritol Night and could run for years to come. However, ‘Blue Bloods’ is the power on this evening for The Tiffany Network and its crushing victory over the NBC  newcomer by 7 million viewers was complete testament.

ABC  beginning with ‘Last Man Standing’ at 8P drew 6.22 million while at 830P, ‘The Neighbors’ fell to 4.59 million. At 9P, ‘Shark Tank’ came back with 7.11 million and The Alphabet Network finished at 10P with ’20/20′ with 7.65 million viewers.

NBC continued its two-day battle from oblivion in an attempt to draw more than 5 million viewers on a single night without football or ‘The Voice’. On Friday it couldn’t do that, again. At 8P ‘Why We (Heart) Vampires’ was terrible with only 2.65 million viewing it. Why the suits at this network decided to run this special is faintly obvious as it did come a day after Halloween. But don’t they know that Halloween ends on Halloween? You simply don’t extend this ‘everybody makes a fool out of themselves night’ and expect people to tune in AFTER the event. But this is NBC! At 9P, ‘Grimm’ was grim and could only muster 4.95 million. Just for finishing that close to 5 million should insure it with an extension by the suits at 30 Rock. At 10P, the newcomer, ‘Dracula’ on Halloween weekend bled out with only 3.44 million viewers. This has to be a major disappointment for The Peacock Network as they saw their 10P hope drop 1.8 million viewers (that’s more than half, folks) one week after it debuted. Stop the bleeding now. Chop it off the schedule or have it try to take a bite out of Saturday’s death valley.

FOX in search of some hits, has ‘Master Chef Jr’ which isn’t a hit. It drew 3.88 million while a rerun of ‘Sleep Hollow’  could barely finish above the basement with only 1.82 million. This network needs to identify itself, shake itself to its very core until they stop blubbering a mess of a schedule all over themselves.

NBC and FOX can thank goodness for The CW. It died with ‘The Carrie Diaries’ at 8P with only 940,000 viewers while at 9P, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ jumped up to 990,000 viewers to allow the other two networks (NBC & FOX) to at least say they didn’t finish in the Friday basement.

On late night, with the power of the CBS line up, ‘David Letterman’ pulled off its first victory of the sweeps period with 2.7/7; ‘Leno’ on NBC finished with 2.4/6 and ‘Kimmel’ on ABC pulled a 2.3/6 with a rerun. Late, late night, ABC’s ‘Nightline’ and NBC’s ‘Fallon’ tied for the top spot at 1235A with 1.5/5 while ‘Ferguson’ on CBS was last again with 1.2/4. Late, late, late night at 135A, NBC’s ‘Carson Daly’ averaged 0.8/3. The power on late night begins with one, Jay Leno. But in the wisdom of NBC (Not Bright Cats), they have decided to remove the man who has dominated late night for decades and replace him because he simply looks old. Ladies and Gentlemen of NBC: no matter how good Fallon is at 1135P, you will always be looked at as the network who throws out the old. With 50% of the buying power in America being a group of older folks, you don’t get it. Broadcast television is a mass medium, not a selected few medium unless you are a niche network somewhere on cable like ASXTV.

While all of this was going on, ABC made some decisions in its prime time lineup by canceling ‘Back In The Game’ and allowing, for whatever reason, ‘Trophy Wife’ and ‘The Goldbergs’ to have full seasons. Plus, these suits at The Alphabet Network decided to give more episodes to ‘Super Fun Night’.

For the Record, CBS finished #1 with 9.74 million; ABC #2 with 6.72 million; NBC had 3.66 million viewers; FOX pulled in 2.85 million while The CW finished with an average of 966,000 viewers.

ACROSS THE POND: If its Friday in the UK, it must be BBC One. ‘HIGNFY’ (Have I Got News For You) featuring Kirsty Young as guest hose, with panelists Ian Hislop, Paul Merton, Max Keiser and Tony Law, brought in 4.49 million viewers at 9P for 20.6% share of audience. At 930P, ‘Citizen Khan’ brought in 2.86 million (13.9%) Then ‘The Graham Norton Show’ finished up with 3.59 million viewers (26.4%).  Over on ITV, ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ with Riverdance star, Michael Flatley, brought in 3.82 million (18%) at 930P, winning that period. But the Friday night film, ‘closer’ could only draw 610,000 viewers (6.5%). Channel 4’s comedy lineup continued to fall with less than a million tuning in between 9P-10P. ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’ pulled in only 900,000 viewers (4.1%) while ‘Jimmy Carr’s panel show ‘Man Down’ could only draw 800,000 (3.9%). ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ with Tom Hiddleston, Joan Collins, James Corden and Tinie Tempah was viewed by 1.17 million (7.2%). 239,400 watched the rerun of this program an hour later. BBC Two’s nature lineup led  by ‘Gardeners World’ drew 2.5 million viewers (11.2%). ‘Autumnwatch’ brought in 2.23 million  (10.1%) while ‘QI’ drew 1.92 million (10.5%).  Channel 5’s ‘Britain’s Funniest Comedy Characters’  was seen by 843,000 (5.1%). BBC Three had 212,000 viewers (1%) watch ‘Orphan Black’  ITV 3’s repeat of ‘A Touch of Frost’ at 8P was viewed by 482.500 (2.2%).

No matter where you were watching television on this second day of the November Sweeps, people were…

Switching Channels!

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