Unprecedented Monday Victory For FOX With Baseball

St. Louis was the sports capital of the world on Monday as both baseball and football squared off. Game #5 of the World Series at 8P won the evening with an overwhelming 14.45 million viewers and a 9.2 rating and 14 share with the audience peaking at 11.8/19 at 10P. While the baseball game between the Boston Red Sox claiming victory over the St. Louis Cardinals was packed with a sell out crowd, the football game looked like a studio sport once suggested in the movie ‘Rollerball’. Very few camera shots of the stands above the first deck was amusing as even punts were not covered to their apex with the camera. FOX finished up 441% over last year when a rerun of ‘The X Factor’ was running in the same time period.

On ABC, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ drew an impressive 13.28 million viewers and a 9.1/14. To insure its audience stays during next week’s first against non-baseball competition, guest judge Cher will fill in for Len Goodman. Regardless, the network finished down 13% compared to last year on this same evening. ‘Castle’ at 10P drew 10.69 million viewers, slightly ahead of ‘The Blacklist’ in preliminary overnight ratings. Yet, the trend was down from last season while its primary competition in this time slot was even with last season. There may be a chink in the armour of ABC’s key 10P program. The program took a big twist from the fun-loving relationship between Castle and his daughter. It will be interesting to see if this bodes well for the program in the future.

On NBC, which finished up 11% over last year, was led by ‘The Voice’ at 8P which pulled 13.22 million and a 8.3/13. ‘The Blacklist’ at 10P finished just 28,000 viewers behind ABC’s ‘Castle’, with 10.51 million viewers and had a 7.0/12 (a growth of 27% from year-ago occupant ‘Revolution’ which drew a 5.5/9 on 10/29/12). ‘The Blacklist’ had a powerful episode that really finished much different than many viewers anticipated. Sets up the following weeks with a number of questions. Does he or doesn’t he continuously set her up.

ESPN, with ‘Monday Night Football’ featuring the Seattle Seahawks against the St. Louis Rams, about a mile north of Busch Stadium where the World Series was being played, finished with 10.762 million viewers. This is the second consecutive evening that FOX has outdrawn football with baseball. The Seattle eleven eaked out a victory, 14-9.

On CBS, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ drew 7.75 million with a 5.6/9; ‘2 Broke Girls’ pulled in 7.71 million with a 5.4/8; an a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ rerun drew 8.01 million and a 5.5/8 for The Tiffany Network’s high on Monday and ‘Mom’ finished with 6.64 million viewers and a 4.7/7. ‘Mike & Molly’ returns for its fourth season next Monday at 9P ‘Hostages’ continues to be a bust at 10P. It drew a last place with 4.90 million and a 3.3/5. A year ago, ‘Hawaii Five-O’ was much stronger with 5.3/8 (on 10/29/13). Lucky for CBS, The CW exists or it would finish at the bottom during this hour.

The CW didn’t do so well on this Monday. ‘Hart of Dixie’ finished with 1.05 million viewers and a 1.2/2 and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ had 830,000 viewers and a 0.8/1.

For the record, FOX was #1 with 13.186 million viewers and a 9.2 rating with a 14 share; ABC was #2 with 12.207 million viewers and an 8.4 rating for the evening and a 13 share; NBC finished #3 with 12.198 million viewers and a 7.9 rating along with a 12 share; ESPN finished with 10.762 million viewers; CBS finished with 6.615 million and a 4.6/7; USA Network finished with 4.118 million; Univision had 3.3 million viewers; VH1 drew 1.638 million while Telemundo drew 1.2 million and The CW ended up with 999,000 viewers and a disappointing 1.0/2.

In late night, ‘Jay Leno’ had a powerful night with a 3.1/8 while ‘David Letterman’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel) tied and finished far behind with a 2.0/6. ‘Jimmy Fallon’ continued on the NBC wave with a 1235A leading 1.5/6 while ABC’s ‘Nightline’ pulled in 1.2/4 and ‘Craig Ferguson’ could only manage 1.0/4. It appears the crowd may be tiring of the Ferguson antics with the skeleton and the horse along with the sexual overtones running throughout the show. After all, an hour later at 135A, NBC’s ‘Carson Daly’ nearly beat it with a 0.9/4.

On the renewal front, extremely popular drama series, ‘Strike Back’, which follows the actions of a secretive branch of the British Defense Intelligence service, who operate several high risk, priority missions throughout the globe, has been renewed for a fourth and final season in 2014. Ten new episodes have been ordered. Cinemax will again air the series in the U.S. while Sky will air the series in the U.K.

On the social front, the special presentation of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” on Oct. 15 drew the most attention on Twitter for the week ending Oct. 20, with 6.34 million distinct accounts viewing any of the 1.16 million tweets generated on that evening. And that benefited the series premiere of lead-out “Ravenswood,” which attracted 3.04 million viewing at least one tweet from the 200,700 available. Comparably, that placed the “Pretty Little Liars” spin-off fifth overall for the week.

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