Baseball Leads FOX To #1 On Saturday. BBC One #1 In UK.

The exciting game #3 of this years World Series brought FOX to #1 with an overwhelming 11.59 million viewers, 150% more than the entire broadcast competition on Saturday evening. With a wild bottom of the 9th inning, fans in St. Louis were going crazy while the fans in Boston were in disbelief. But, rules are rules. Obstruction was the call and obstruction it was. FOX finished 3 million viewers ahead of last year’s World Series Game #3 on this day last year.

While ABC ran football, it could only muster 4.20 million viewers. It finished 3.4 million less than this day last year for a Notre Dame vs Oklahoma football game.

CBS, with the majority of its schedule in reruns on this Saturday (‘Two and a Half Men’ @ 3.13 million; ‘2 Broke Girls’ @ 3.11 million and ‘Elementary’ at 3.6 million), an original episode of ’48 Hours’ topped all non-baseball with 5.14 million, making it the #2 show of the evening. CBS finished 1.27 million less than it did on this day a year ago.

NBC with an entire lineup of reruns including ‘Grimm’ with 1.34 million at 8P; ‘The Blacklist’ with 2.38 at 9P and ‘Saturday Night Live’ at 10P with 2.47, finished last. The Peacock Network finished 300,000 viewers less than it did last year on this same day.

For the record, FOX was #1 with 11.752 million; ABC was #2 with 4.202 million; CBS was #3 with 3.952 million while NBC finished #4 and last with 2.063 million viewers. NBC was down 300,000 for the night compared to the same night last season.

Across The Pond: Saturday evening is a big night in the UK primarily due to the huge competition between two shows, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘The X Factor’…BBC vs ITV. This Saturday ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ drew 9.69 million viewers, again finishing on top. It drew  44.4% of the audience share from 630P, holding a steady margin over ‘The X Factor’ it gained last week. ‘The X Factor’ on ITV1 moved up to 7.73 million viewers (33.7%) at 8P. For the balance of the evening, BBC One’s ‘Atlantis’ drew 4.39 milion and was renewed for a second series. ‘Casualty’ had 3.8 milion  viewers (16.9%). ‘ Following ‘The X Factor’ on ITV, ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ brought in 3.16 million (17.2%). Channel 4 imitated NBC in the US by not doing so well. ‘Die Hard 2’ brought in 1 million viewers at 9P. Channel 5 with ‘Stephen King’s Bag of Bones’, also at 9P, drew 422,000 (2.4%) viewers. On ITV2, ‘The Xtra Factor’ drew only 256,000.

On this Saturday, people really weren’t…

Switching Channels!

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