Blue Blood Brings CBS To #1 On Friday in U.S. BBC#1 in UK.

With all of the buzz NBC was pushing regarding their premiere of ‘Dracula’ at 10P, someone forgot to remember that the number one program on Friday, ‘Blue Bloods’, is #1 for a reason: it delivers big audiences on a not so big audience night. And once again, ‘Blue Bloods’ was the #1 program for the evening in all of television with 11.02 million viewers at 10P, bringing the finishing touch to CBS on an evening that saw ‘Undercover Boss’ win it’s time period at 8P with 8.58 million and ‘Hawaii Five-O’ increased the number of viewers to 9.32 million. That’s the way you want to see an evening build. On the evening, the highlight was the superb storyline on ‘Five-O’. It was an exciting episode, perhaps the best of the evening outside of ‘Strike Force: Origins’ on Cinemax.

NBC began the evening with ‘Dateline’ and delivered 6.07 million. At 9P, the season three premiere of ‘Grimm’. It dropped to the third position for that hour. Then at 10P, ‘Dracula’ premiered with 5.26 million, also third in its hour.

ABC began with ‘Last Man Standing’ rerun at 8P with 5.02 milion followed by another rerun for ‘The Neighbors’ (3.52 milion before ‘Shark Tank’ took over the second spot in the time slot with 7.32 milion. Finally at 10P, ’20/20′ drew 6.68 million viewers.

The Disney Channel was the top rated cable channel on Friday, with ‘Toy Story of Terror’ drawing 2.349 million at 8P followed by cable’s top rated program on Friday, ‘Monsters, Inc’ at 830P having 3.555 million viewers. At 1010P, ‘Good Luck Charlie’ pulled in 2.715 million viewers.

FOX led off with an original episode of ‘MasterChef Jr’ at 8P with 3.85 million and then ran reruns of ‘The Simpsons’, first at 9P (1.93} million and again at 830P with 1.78 for a less than spectacular evening of programming.

Over at The CW, , ‘The Carrie Diaries’ drew 840,000 viewers while at 9P ‘iHeartRadio: Katy Perry’ finished nearly off the map with only 710,000 viewers.

‘Strike Back: Origins’, a six episode starring Richard Armitage (‘Hobbit’) arc that was shown before ‘Strike Back’ (seasons 1, 2 & 3 with Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton that ran in the U.S.) in the UK, this prequel gem began its showing in the U.S. on Friday. It did not disappoint. Co-Starring Andrew Lincoln (Rick from ‘The Walking Dead’) is not the buddy movie that Winchester and Stapleton bring to the Section 20 story. This original six parter is much darker and really is centered around the title character, Armitage’s John Porter. He is much more psychologically damaged then most characters we have seen on television before. It is a darker show. But this version which is so British, is riveting. If there is a single reason for OnDemand, ‘Strike Back’ could be that. As for ratings, Season Three which began airing in the U.S. at 10P on Friday, August 9, 2013, premiered with 493,000 viewers, 100,000 more than watched the premiere of Season 2’s ‘Strike Back: Vengeance’. The 2011 premiere of the show was the best on Cinemax in six years.

For the record, CBS was #1 with 9.64 million; ABC was #2 with 6.09 million; NBC finished #3 with 5.83 million; Disney finished #4 with 2.873 million viewers while FOX drew the #5 position with 2.85 milion and The CW was #6 with 773,000.

Across the Pond, BBC One dominated the primetime ratings with ‘Have I Got News For You’ and ‘The Graham Norton Show’. Norton drew 3.6 million (25.9%) at 1045P with Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher as guests. . ‘HIGNFY’ with Jo Brand as guest host and politicians Gyles Brandreth and John Prescott as panelists drew 4.57 million viewers at 9P. ‘Citizen Kahn’ drew 2.85 million (14.1%).  On ITV, ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ featuring music producer Pete Waterman had 3.46 million (15.8%) viewing. The Friday night movie, ‘Basic Instinct’ only drew 584,000. Channel 4’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD at 815P drew 1.56 million  (67.1%). It was up 200,000 over last week. An additional 231,000 watched the show on Channel4 +1. Comedies was a slight drop in viewers . ‘i Out of 10 Cats’ drew 166,000 while a new comedy ‘Man Down’ was viewed by 1.07 million. ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’  at 10P drew 1.19 million (7.2%) BBC Two’s ‘Gardeners’ World’ at 830P drew 2.35 milion (10/5%) Stephen Fry’s ‘QI’ drew 1.94 million (10.6%). ‘TV’s 50 Greatest Magic Tricks’ on Channel 5 at 9P drew 949,000 viewers (5.7%) while on BBC Three ‘Orphan Black’ pulled in 245,000 on the first episode and 209,800 for the second episode of the evening.  On ITV2 at 9P, ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ brought in 500,000 viewers. For the record, led by ‘HIGNFY’s 4.57 million brought BBC One to the #1 position on Friday.

As you can see, people were really…

Switching Channels!

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