If It’s Tuesday…You Get The Idea. CBS #1.

CBS again ruled Tuesday with its powerful ‘NCIS’, ‘NCIS-Los Angeles’ and ‘Person Of Interest’ dominating all three hours of prime time. NBC even threw in their #1 program during the week (‘The Voice’) to try to break up the trio from the middle of the lineup. But in the end, it did not. ‘NCIS’ came out of the box at 8P with 18.58 million which allowed a great lead-in to ‘NCIS-Los Angeles’ at 9P with 14.87 million viewers. It defeated ‘The Voice by over two million viewers, an impressive feat. Then ‘Person Of Interest’ dominated at 10P with 12.94 million, more than doubling the rest of the broadcast lineup  at that time on this night. The truth was the strong story lines for each of these dramas. ‘NCIS’ faced a continuing dilemma as one of its characters, the beloved Tony D, suffering from continuing doubt about his actions with his relationship with Diva. If they ever want to end this series, getting Tony D back with Ziva would be a clincher. As for ‘NCIS-LA’, we are witnessing Dekes becoming one of the most beloved characters on this series. In a well crafted story about a former Navy techie being sucked into a Chinese plot but understanding, more than we, how he can avoid disaster, one of television’s best teams of actors fly us through an hour of real television drama. But it was ‘Person Of Interest’ that rang the craftsmanship bell the most on this evening. The journey of a 10-year-old and the exposing of a key new character on the show was fantastic. The competition simply could not match these efforts.

NBC tried to throw in a wrench on CBSday but got beaten back. Starting slowly in 3rd place at 8P with ‘Biggest Loser’ (6.64 million. Is this program losing steam?), The Peacock Network through in ‘The Voice’ to see what damage it could do. Sure it grabbed a big share of the 18-49 crowd but when it came to total viewers, its 12.84 million couldn’t match ‘NCIS-LA’. Finally, their Tuesday hope, ‘Chicago Fire’ took a beating as it could only muster 7.59 million viewers vs ‘POI’. It couldn’t even hold the 18-49 that ‘The Voice’ delivered to it. It’s lingering ‘fire the chief removal’ got real old, as did the rest of the storylines. It lost nearly 1.3 million from 10P to 11P, all in the last half hour. Point made.

ABC, outside of its rookie program, ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ at 8P (drew 7.13 million for #2 in that hour), went MIA for the rest of the evening. Their ‘The Goldbergs’ is the fastest dropping new show of the season. It could only draw 5.26 million at 9P. Then at  930P, ‘Trophy Wife’ died with 4.03. ‘Shark Tank’ in a rerun filled in at 10P but also bit the dust with an Alphabet Network low of 3.45 million. ABC needs to rework the last two hours of its Tuesday nights. The ’80s were crap. No wonder no one wants to relive this period via ‘The Goldbergs’. Can Dad yell any more? Can he continuously insult his oldest son and have people enjoy it? Bye-bye Goldbergs.

FOX did not do well on this Tuesday. ‘Dads’ had only 3.61 million viewers at 8P while ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ had an Animal Network high of 3.78 million at 830P. The established ‘New Girl’ trailed in fourth place at 9P with 3.76 million while ‘The Mindy Project’ turned into ‘The Gone Project’ with only 2.86 million viewers. Baseball’s World Series should help FOX during these difficult days.

PLEASE STAND BY FOR THIS PHILOSOPHICAL ARGUMENT: If television is a mass medium, why are we constantly trying to shove micro-slices of ratings information in front of clients in an ill-advised attempt to make a case for a program that does NOT deliver the audience or that the network does NOT deliver the audience for the price of advertising? As media management professionals, it should be the goal to get the biggest bang for the buck. Attempting to reach a slice of 3.501 million, no matter what anyone says, is not as good as attempting to reach 15.462 million. The point of advertising is to move product… make sales…. generate revenue for the client. Wake up: 50% of the audience is 50+ years old and control the majority of wealth. They CAN buy products. Make sure the price measures up to maximum client benefit for their quick Return On Investment.


The CW with ‘The Originals’ at 8P drew 2.15 million and improved greatly over last years ‘Hart of Dixie’ in this time slot while ‘Supernatural’ at 9P jumped up to 2.3 million viewers. It held its own compared to last week and is a major, major improvement over last’s years ‘Emily Owens, MD’.

For the record, CBS was #1 with 15.462 million viewers and a 9.8 rating and a 16 share, big by any standards. NBC pulled in 9.023 million for #2 with a 5.7/9. ABC drew 5.075 million viewers and finished #3 with 3.2/5; FOX had 3.501 million viewers and a 2.3/4 for #4; Univision #5 drew 3.4 million and a 1.7/3; The CW #6 with 2.225 million viewers had a 1.4/2 and Telemundo finished in the basement with 1.1 million and a 0.7/1.

For the late night rundown, NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ original barely beat CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ rerun with Tom Hanks from a week earlier, 2.8/8 to 2.6/7. ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ was #3 with a 1.8/5. ABC’s ‘Nightline’ averaged 1.0/4 at 1235A while both ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ on NBC (1.4/5) and CBS’ ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ (1.3/5) finished ahead of ABC’s offering of news in the early morning. NBC’s ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ finished with a 0.8/4 at 135A.

ACROSS THE POND: BBC2’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ was #1 on Tuesday as it pulled in an average 8.4 million viewers (32% share) at 8P. The home cooking show, which will switch to BBC1 when it comes back next year, peaked with more than 9.1 million viewers watching Frances Quinn win. It was one of the channel’s biggest audience for a least a decade.  Last year, John Whaite’s win drew 6.5 million which was three times more than the 2.8 million viewer in 2010’s finale. As for the competition, 4.1 million viewers (17.1% share) watched ITV’s UEFA Champions League as Arsenal was beaten 2-1 by Borussia Dortmund from 730P-10P. Chelsea fans rejoice. BBC1’s ‘Holby City’ averaged 4.1 million at 8P. Point of this night was that BBC2 beat BBC1 so badly that BBC1 is taking BBC2’s biggest toy away and playing with it next season. Proving once again, if you can’t beat ’em, take it away.

So on Tuesday, no matter where you were watching television, people were…

Switching Channels!

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2 Responses to If It’s Tuesday…You Get The Idea. CBS #1.

  1. Susan Byran says:

    “Their ‘The Goldbergs’ is the fastest dropping new show of the season. It could only draw 5.26 million at 9P.” They were up in the ratings, how can you call it the fastest dropping show. It was the only one that gained viewership. Come on.

    • When considering that ‘The Goldbergs’ began the season with 9.11 million viewers (09/24/13) and declined steadily with 6.16 million (10/01/13); 5.76 million (10/08/13); then to 5.05 million when they were down 44% from the comparable time period on ABC last season on this day (10/15/13) before barely bouncing back to 5.2 million (10/22/13), the program was still down 10.53% compared to the same time period last year on this day for the network. For the record, it was NOT the only program that gained viewership. The CW’s ‘Supernatural’; NBC’s ‘The Voice’; The CW’s ‘The Originals’; CBS’ ‘Person Of Interest’; ABC’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’; FOX’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ were all up over the program running in the same time slot a year previous. However, ‘The Goldberg’s’ was done in comparison to the program on ABC in this timeslot last year (‘Happy Endings’).

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