Harmon & Gang Lead CBS Sweep On Tuesday

Not a star who steps into the public limelight as so many do in an attempt to take famous to immortality, Tom Harmon’s son has seen his share of headlines on the gridiron. Yet quietly, he leads his fellow players in one of the world’s most watched television show, ‘NCIS’. Result? The program is #1 again. This Tuesday it drew 18.43 million viewers at 8P, easily beating all comers handily and 11% ahead of last week’s top audience draw. It also allowed their fellow Tuesday programs on The Tiffany Network to win all of their time slots as well. ‘NCIS-LA’ pulled in 14.68 million (an increase of 13.04% over last year’s performance) fighting off a challenge by NBC’s ‘The Voice’ at 9P. At 10P, ‘Person Of Interest’ won as well, drawing 12.42 million and equal to last year’s performance in this time period. It was another Tuesday win for CBS and Mark Harmon led the way with a very exciting episode that again showed his character’s grit and steel against the odds. The program, which could have been called ‘Gibbs Being Gibbs’ actually added viewers from 8P to 830P by nearly 300,000 viewers. In addition, ‘NCIS-LA’ also was riveting with an exceptional episode that was full of twists and turns.

NBC finished #2 for the evening despite their 8P lead off program, ‘The Biggest Loser’ in its season premiere. It could only draw 7 million viewers and it was 52.17% lower than the same time period on this day last year. But, ‘The Voice’ pulled up the entire schedule with 12.69 million for #2 at 9P, but it too was down vs last year by 22%. ‘Chicago Fire’ drew 8.25 million also finishing #2 at 10P and was down 46.7% compared to last year in this time slot. However, ‘Chicago Fire’ will have to analyze as to how they approach the arch of the internal turf war between Station 51 vs The State. It becomes redundant and  people begin switching channels. The program dropped nearly 1.2 million viewers from  its start at 10P to 103P.

TBS featuring MLB’s National League Championship Series featuring the St. Louis Cardinals win over the Los Angeles Dodgers pulled in a #3 winning 5.792 million people, tops in all of cable for the evening.

ABC’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ was The Alphabet Network’s biggest show of the night and drew 7.68 million at 8P, a 28.57% increase over last year in this time slot. ‘The Goldbergs’ dropped big time (44.8% vs last year) with only 5.08 million at 9P while ‘Trophy Wife’ at 930P dropped another million viewers and finished with 4.07, down a whopping 55.17% compared to last year’s time slot. That gave little lead-in support when a rerun episode of  ‘Scandal’ could only pull in 2.77 million viewers. ‘The Goldbergs’ ’80s sameness is beginning to wear thin on the audience.

FOX  was also light for the night. Beginning at 8P with ‘Dads’ 3.40 million (-16.65% vs last year) followed by ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ equaling that number with 3.41 million (+25% vs last year). At 9P, ‘New Girl’ drew 3.48 milion (+5.88% vs last year) and at 930P ‘The Mindy Project’ only drew 2.83 million (-17.65% compared to last year). This is a tough night for The Animal Network.

The CW experienced one of its better evenings in the last four years when at 8P ‘The Originals’ pulled in 2.20 million viewers (up 83.3% vs this time period last year) and at 9P, ‘Supernatural’ drew 2.31 million and finished 120% above last year’s program in this time period.

Late night, ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘David Letterman’ tied for the top spot with 2.7/7 while ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ had a 2.0/5. ‘Nightline’ averaged 1.2/4 and ‘Jimmy Fallon’ with a rerun program tied with ‘Craig Ferguson’ in late, late night with 1.3/5. Late, late, late night had ‘Carson Daly’ average 0.8/4 and was unopposed by any other network. The lesson we can learn here is that when CBS dominates so completely on a given evening, their late night programs do very well, often winning their time periods.

For the record, CBS was #1 with 15.175 million viewers (up nearly 7 million viewers compared to this day last year). NBC was #2 with 9.314 million (down nearly 3 million vs last year). TBS finished #3 with 5.792 million who watched the NLCS. ABC was #4 with 5.010 million (down 5.6 million vs last year). Deportes Telemundo’s ‘Rumbo al Mundial’ averaged 4.64 million total viewers between Mexico and Costa Rica. Meanwhile FOX #6 drew 3.281 million (down 800,000 vs last year). Univision #7 drew 3.0 million viewers while Telemundo #8 had 2.8 million viewers. The CW 2.256 million viewers (+700,000 vs last year). Reason for the differences from this year to last year was that in 2012, the Presidential Debates ran on this Tuesday.

What we know for sure is this: CBS is king of Tuesdays and people are ….

Switching Channels!

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