Thursday Should Now Be Called CBSday

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, CBSday….” is the daily calendar people in the media will be talking about, just as in the distant past that very day was referred to as ‘MustSeeTV Night’. CBS again clobbered the competition all evening in nearly every hour beginning with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ pulling in an opening 17.19 million viewers (up 16.7% compared to the same day last year) followed by the two new comedies, ‘The Millers’ (11.91 million) and ‘The Crazy Ones’, up 9.09% vs last season on this day drew 9.92 million.  ‘Two and a Half Men’ was up 4.55% compared to last year drawing 9.031 million viewers. ‘Elementary, the only drama on the network’s schedule on this evening, was surprised (even though it was even with last year at this time) and beaten at 10P by ABC’s ‘Scandal’. ‘Elementary’ pulled in 8.94 million viewers. What was important in this time period was that ‘Elementary’ in the first half hour continued CBS’ dominance for the evening when it drew 9.38 million, ranking it #1. ‘Scandal’ drew 8.92 million for second place at that time. Then at 1030P, ‘Scandal’ pulled in 150,000 more viewers (9.07 million) as ‘Elementary’ lost 820,000 viewers. But, ‘Elementary’ did one important thing: it increased the audience lead-in from ‘Two and a Half Men’ by some 350,000.  All of CBS’ programs will exceed 10+ million viewers after +7 is released.

ABC pulled off the biggest shock of the evening with the strength of ‘Scandal’ at 10P being its highest rating program of the evening with 9.0 million viewers, a real boost to ABC affiliates across the nation giving the winning edge into the profitable local newscasts. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was a strong #2 at 9P, 47.37% above last year for this timeslot, drawing 8.72 million while ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’ premiered with a disappointing 5.74 million viewers but did improve in this comparable timeslot last season on this day, up 6.25%.

FOX showed strength as ‘X Factor’ was a solid #2 at 8P with 6.29 million and ‘Glee’s’ tribute show, up 40% compared to the same day last year at 9P drawing 7.04 million,  making that hour tighter than it has been for months.

As for NBC, the tired ‘Parks and Recreation’ needs to go out into the cancellation playground after a it battled for last place with a small 3.25 million viewers followed by a soon to be cancelled ‘Welcome to the Family’ (2.50 million); ‘Sean Saves The World’ (3.26 million); ‘The Michael J Fox Show’ (3.84 million) and ‘Parenthood’ (3.75 million). NBC has to do something on this night quickly before it becomes obsolete to viewers. Every program in their lineup was down compared to last season on this day. ‘Parks’ down 14.29%; ‘Welcome’ and goodbye, down 33.3%; ‘Parenthood’ down 41.45%; ‘Mikey’s’ back, down 47.83% and ‘Sean Saves’ nothing, down 56.52%. The Peacock Network needs saving. It’s time to put up another episode of ‘The Voice’ on this night. The building is burning and it is time to abandon it. If nothing else, put up the powerful programs from USA. Hey, Peacock suits: bring back ‘Burn Notice’.  What an audience you’ll get. It WOULD do better than all of these not so funny comedies.

Over at The CW, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ drew 2.49 million viewers at 8P and finished with a rerun of ‘The Originals’ with 1.92 million viewers.

For the evening, CBS was #1 with 10.988 million viewers and a 6.9 rating and a strong 11 share; ABC #2 with 7.819 million (5.2/8); NFL Network, with the Chicago Bears beating the New York Giants drew 7.809 million viewers for #3; FOX #4 with 6.850 million (4.3/7); TBS drew 5.445 million for the evening with Detroit Tigers beating Oakland A’s for the ALDS for #5; NBC #6 with 3.391 million (2.2/4); Univision was seventh with 3.3 million viewers (1.7/3); The CW #8 2.204 million viewers (1.5/2); ESPN drew 1.656 million with Rutgers at Louisville in college football for #9 while Telemundo finished with 1.2 million (0.7/1).

In late night, NBC’s ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ couldn’t win with the horrible NBC lineup preceding it. It could only muster a 2.3/6, finishing behind BOTH CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ (2.7/7) and ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (2.4/7). ABC’s ‘Nightline finished with a 1.5/5. In late, late night NBC’s dominance in late night continued. CBS’ ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ tied for #1 with a 1.3/5 to match NB’s ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ (1.3/5). With no competition, NBC’s ‘Last all with Carson Daly’ running an encore pulled in a 0.7/3. Finally, victory for the Peacock when no one is watching.

As you can see, there were a lot of people watching all types of programs (with the exception of NBC) and were battling for the all important 10P timeslot. On this CBSday, people were….

Switching Channels!

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