CBS Powers On Tuesday

With the number one drama on television, and the world, CBS brought out the big guns on Tuesday, after finishing an embarrassing #5 on Monday, and crushed the competition. ‘NCIS’ brought in 18.33 million viewers at 8P, followed by ‘NCIS-Los Angeles’ with 14.84 million at 9P and finished with 11.65 million watching ‘Person Of Interest’ at 10P, which meant there were a number of happy CBS affiliates for their late local newscasts.

NBC with ‘The Voice’ drawing 10.2 million viewers followed by ‘Chicago Fire’ at 10P pulling in 7.43 million, finished #2 for the evening, up 10% over last year.

ABC’s new programs (‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ with 7.87 million; ‘The Goldbergs’ with 5.76 million) could not keep the Alphabet Network high enough when a ‘Scandal’ rerun only drew 3.04 million viewers.

However, ABC could be feeling better than FOX, which had another disastrous Tuesday with ‘Dads’ (3.10 million), ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (3.34 million), ‘New Girl’ (3.96 million) and ‘The Mindy Project’ (2.89 million) barely kept it above the Mendoza Line.

The CW with ‘The Originals’ pulling 1.92 million at 8P, up 125% over last year’s time period on this same week and the ‘Supernatural’ premiering at 9P, up 500% over last year  with 2.89 million, gave the little network that could a sign of new life.

For the record, CBS drew 14.776 million viewers on average and was #1 (with 9.3 rating and 15 share); NBC #2 with 9.211 million (5.9 rating and 9 share); ABC #3 with 5.384 million viewers (3.4/5); FOX tied with Univision for #5 as FOX drew 3.362 million average viewers for a 2.1/3 and Univision drew 3.4 million viewers (1.7/3); The CW #7 with 2.229 million viewers (1.4/2) and Telemundo last with 1.3 million viewers and 0.7/1.

TBS captured the #4 spot right behind ABC with Major League Baseball’s ALDS Boston Red Sox victory over the Tampa Bay Rays to clinch the final spot in the American League Championship Series with 5.159 million viewers.

In late night, NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ (2.7/7) barely edged out CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ (2.6/7), while ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ died with a 1.9/5. ‘Nightline’ dropped to 1.3/4. Late late night saw ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ on NBC win with a 1.7/6 easily out doing CBS’ ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ (1.2/4). It barely beat the 1:35A ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on NBC which pulled a 1.0/4, an hour later. There is something amiss with Ferguson’s show. After a strong debut a number of years ago, it has dwarfed itself into a lame version of ‘Soupy Sales’, giving no disrespect to a legendary show of decades ago. But a dancing cow behind a dutch window and a skeleton interacting with the host is not only strange but contrary to building a sustained audience, no matter what the time of day or night. As you can tell, people are….

Switching Channels.

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