Surviving Criminal Investigations Lead CBS To Wednesday Win

The lasting power and strength of three older programs, ‘Survivor’, ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘CSI’ sometimes baffles perception. Why do these three programs continue to fascinate and draw the numbers they do? For whatever reason, these three drove CBS to victory on Wednesday evening of Week #2 of the television season. ‘Survivor’ pulled in 10.054 million viewers while ‘Criminal Minds’ was the night’s top performing program by attracting 11.010 million. ‘CSI’, the original, brought in 9.525 million. Each of these programs beat all of their competition for their hour in households. For the evening, the network increased its audience by some 400,000 over the comparable day and week a year previous.

FOX finished the evening with an unusual mix of programming…’X Factor’ at 8P and ‘X Factor’ at 9P. Interestingly, the second time slot outdrew the first 8.433 million to 7.078 for the first. It too increased its total audience compared to the previous year’s comparable day and week by some 400,000 viewers.

The CW even increased is audience by 200,000 viewers. ‘Arrow: Year One’ drew 1.747 million viewers, representing a 67% increase for this timeslot over a year ago on this day.

So, who are the big losers?

Look no further than ABC and NBC. First, for the Alphabet Network, led by its horse, ‘Modern Family’s’ 5% increase over last year’s performance on this evening (it drew 10.913 million) simply couldn’t match the rest of the scheduled competition, as it dropped 1.2 million viewers to the comparable day and week of last year. While NBC dropped 1.7 million viewers from this year to last. No Peacock Network program toped 7 million viewers.

For the record, CBS averaged 10.196 million viewers for the evening (with a 6.4 rating and 10 share average) while FOX topped 7.755 million (4.8/8); ABC had 7.590 million (4.8/8); NBC finished with a dismal 6.343 million (4.1/7); Univision (1.8/3); The CW had 1.452 million (0.9/1) and Telemundo (0.8/1).

Telemundo’s ‘Porque el Amor Manda’ tied NBC’s ‘Revolution’ for 4th at the 8P timeslot with  a 1.5 rating in the (18-49 demo).

NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ won the late night timeslot with a 2.8/8 household rating and sare,followed by CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ (2.3/6) and ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimel Live’ (0.8/4). ABC’s ‘Nightline’ averaged a 1.4/5. In the late, late slots, NBC’s ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ finished with a 1.5/5 followed by CBS’ ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ that delivered a 1.2/4. ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on NBC finished with an average of 0.9/4.

Switching Channels!

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