Islands Win As CBS Takes Friday

There was only one program that drew more than 10 million people on premiere Friday. It was CBS’ ‘Blue Bloods’ at 10P as CBS took every hour of the night, beginning with ‘Undercover Boss’ at 8P with 8.13 million viewers followed by ‘Hawaii 5-0’ with 9.38 million. For ‘Hawaii 5-0’ moving to Friday at 9P, it was an improvement of 36.4% over last year (‘Made in Jersey’). ‘Blue Bloods’ was up 13.3% over their debut in 2012. The islands (Oahu & Manhattan) won Friday.

CBS has long depended on ‘stars’ for their programming dating back to when William Paley created the network on radio. He bought the stars from NBC, which at the time had no competition. As they shifted into television, star vehicle’s drove viewers and few have done better than CBS and at the top is Tom Selleck. He is one of CBS’ biggest star. Since dominating with ‘Magnum, P.I.’ to the made-for-TV movies ‘Jesse Stone’ to ‘Blue Bloods’, this Emmy & Golden Globe winner produces viewers in nearly every turn for CBS.

ABC’s top show was ‘Shark Tank’ at 9P with 6.75 million viewers. ‘Last Man Standing’ finished 2nd at 8P with 5.66 million. ‘The Neighbors’ was the network’s poorest performer with only 4.11 million while ’20/20 at 10P drew only 4.62 million.

NBC got off to a horrible start at 8P with a rerun of the disappointing ‘The Michael J. Fox show’ reruns while ‘Dateline improved to the #3 position at 9P with 6.53 million.

FOX’s ‘Master Chef’ finished #3 at 8P with 4.22 million while ‘Sleepy Hollow’ rerun finished #4 at 9P with only 2.77 million viewers.

The CW’s top program was at 9P, as ‘America’s Next Top Model’ drew 990,000 viewers. The ‘Perfect Score’ finished with 810,000 viewers.

For premiere Friday, CBS drew 9.631 million viewers on average for the evening, far outpacing NBC with 5.686 million, ABC with 5.422 million, FOX with 3.499 million and The CW with 852,000 viewers.

Late night brought another win for NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ (2.8/7) over CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ (2.4/6). ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ in a rerun on ABC finished with a 1.8/5. Later in the evening, ‘NBC’s ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (1.5/5) beat CBS’ ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ (1.2/4). 

Switching channels!

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